Saturday, December 9, 2023

Two kilos of Drugs Seized in Whalley

The Indo Canadian Voice is reporting that "RCMP’s North Community Response Unit (NCRU) has seized a large quantity of illicit drugs from two locations in North Surrey. On November 30, police executed two search warrants under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. The first was at a residence in the 9900-block of 138 Street and the second was at a storage unit in the 11500-block of 132A Street." Well done.

"Two individuals were arrested during the execution of the search warrants. Surrey RCMP seized over two kilograms of bulk controlled substances, along with buffing agents consistent with drug trafficking, cash, and digital scales used to divide the suspected drugs into smaller packages for resale. The two individuals arrested were released pending further investigation."

OK so this wasn't the CFSEU it was the RCMP’s North Community Response Unit. Nice. Kelowna has an independent RCMP unit that was making drug busts for a while. As I've said initially I was neutral on replacing the RCMP in BC with Regional police. It wasn't until I saw all the dirty politics from upper management that I was convinced they have to be replaced.

This unit is doing good work. So what's going to happen? The upper management of the RCMP is going to disband them. I saw that repeat in south Seattle back in the /80's and I saw that repeat in BC after I started my blog. Forming Regional Police isn't a magic wand but it is a step forward and a step away from the toxic RCMP management that has plagued BC for so long.


  1. What's the deal with shakers show lounge aka t bars is it really a hells angels hangout biker bar ?

    1. No, Shakerz is not a Hells Angels hangout biker bar. It is owned by Randy Jones who is a member of the Hells Angels. They tried to claim after they changed their name from Tbaz to Shakerz it was under new management but that was just a farce so the Americans wouldn't seize it under proceeds of crime through the US indictment.


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