Tuesday, December 26, 2023

Stop the Surrey RCMP Fraud

So there we have it. The world revolved from night to day. We survived another Christmas and look forward to a Brave New Year. Once again the Surrey RCMP have raised their ugly head and revealed their petty agenda. Pride cometh before the fall so it does.
Once again the Surrey RCMP boldly embrace the Happy Bunny Syndrome and loudly declare it's all about them. This flyer they sent out and are putting up on billboards is shameful.The Surrey RCMP doesn't give a flying f*ck about the cost of anything. They only care about themselves. That's all they care about. If they only cared about policing it wouldn't be so bad but they don't. They only care about self preservation. That's all they care about. It's time to get rid of the RCMP.
Quebec and Ontario are the largest provinces in Canada and they both formed municipal police forces. BC is the largest province left and the RCMP will do anything to stop BC from following Quebec and Ontario's lead. Their campaign is not about policing. It's about self preservation. That is all and now they are trying to infiltrate the BC Conservatives and lead them astray.

IHIT completely destroyed the Surrey Six investigation. We need to examine that. First it was the misconduct. It wasn't one investigator having an inappropriate relationship with one witness. It was a climate of unprofessional that permeated E Division and went back to the Friends of Craig Callen. Letting Jamie Bacon into Witness protection was the straw that broke the camel's back.

The amount of money the BC RCMP gave to Blaze and the Rat pack was obscene. The amount of money they waste on an ongoing basis is obscene. They are not fiscally responsible.

When those IHIT clowns were getting drunk with witnesses they charged taxpayers overtime for their partying. The RCMP are very protective of their school anti gang gig because they charge overtime for it while Kal Dosanjh from Kidspaly does it for free as a volunteer.

Surrey Mountie denounced as predator for abusing power to pursue teenage sex worker


  1. It is rather odd that a federal police force is getting involved in local/provincial politics.
    Federal employees have limitations on what they can do or say politically. Their Unions can be about as involved as they want, but the employees themselves.
    Who is fronting all this money for these ads?

    No city the size of Surrey ought to be policed by the RCMP. Surrey needs its own police force that reports to a local board. When an organization reports to Ottawa, that is where their allegigence is, not the local people/politicians.

    1. Last time their Union was putting paid ads on Facebook. No doubt they are using the Union to launder their advertising budget.

  2. The Surrey RCMP are corrupt as everyone who reads this blog can see. The Surrey RCMP have had so many scandals, it is time to give them the boot.

  3. https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/justice/criminal-justice/bc-prosecution-service/media-statements/2022?bcgovtm=news

    1. Interesting. Evidently the sexual assault charges against the former mayor of Kelowna were stayed:

  4. Typical RCMP style of Policing, lay charges, yell from the hill top that they have laid charges, then when disclosure comes to the defense council and the defendant wants to go to trial. The RCMP stay the charges. Yet they already have damaged his public reputation. Everything is political with the RCMP. Its all about getting a pro RCMP mayor in office.

    1. Perhaps. It doesn't appear that he wanted to form a municipal police force in Kelowna. He was complaining about repeat offenders to Victoria and said the RCMP need more mental health support. However, I wouldn't put anything past them.

      What they did to Doug McCallum was obscene. They laid bogus charges against him which failed because he wanted to form a municipal police force.


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