Saturday, November 25, 2023

IHIT and the Surrey Six Investigation

As we discuss why BC and Alberta should move away from the RCMP towards Regional policing, let's take a look at how they completely destroyed the Surrey Six Investigation. My website and blog started because of the Surrey six murder. It was a gang hit where two innocent bystanders were executed for simply being witnesses. That atrocity created a public outrage that continues to this day. It is worth noting how the RCMP investigators completely destroyed that case and why.

Derek Brassington was a lead investigator on that case. He was a married man who had a sexual affair with one of the witnesses. The police cover up of that fact caused Jamie Bacon to be tried separately from the others and created huge delays which originally saw him get off. The crown appealed and won. Jamie Bacon was finally convicted for ordering the hit. Then IHIT let Jamie Bacon out of prison into the Witness Protection Program. That was the final nail in the coffin.

The cover up wasn't about one cop having sex with one witness. It went far beyond that. He had an ongoing sexual relationship with Jamie Bacon's girlfriend. He also had an ongoing sexual relationship with DK's girl friend. All the other RCMP investigators knew about it. In fact one of his coworkers watched while he had a threesome with Jamie Bacon's girl friend and another witnesses. It might have been DK's girlfriend or it might have been yet another witness.

The point is this wasn't one cop with one witness. It was one cop with several witnesses and the other officers not only knew about it but they also participated in it. Cody Haevischer’s former girlfriend admitted she frequently drank to excess in the company of police while under witness protection and exchanged highly sexualized banter and jokes with them. It was all consensual but it was a climate of unprofessionalism that didn't just permeate through IHIT, it permeated through the entire RCMP. It started at Depot and never stopped. E Division were the worst offenders.

Craig Callen was the head of E Division which was the RCMP's name for BC. There was a group of swingers that Craig Callen would associate with and promote who the other rank and file officers referred to as the FOCCers - Friends of Craig Callen. Bill Fordy was one of those swingers. He was more worried about getting laid than he was with doing his job.

One time one of Bill Fordy's sexual partners from his unit sent him a booty call by text. Only she sent it to the entire unit by mistake. At one after hours RCMP event Bill Fordy was hanging naked in front of female coworkers with some toilet paper stuck up his ass. They lit it on fire and he had to squirm to try and put the fire out. They called it the dance of the flaming asshole. At least they picked an appropriate name for the event.

Bill Fordy wasn't corrupt, he was just stupid. The RCMP management promoted guys like that because they knew he wouldn't do his job. They weren't concerned with stopping crime. They were concerned with politics which is why they went after Cameron Ortis and are now going after Bill Majcher and Kim Marsh. This new announcement that Ottawa is considering moving the RCMP away from policing towards national security and cybercrime is another lie.

If they were concerned about stopping cyber crime they would have kept Cameron Ortis. When they say national security they are referring to under cover operations bribing drug addicts to commit acts of terrorism in Canada so they can justify breaking their oath and violating the charter of rights. Justin Trudeau doesn't want to stop crime, he wants to promote crime for the same reason he wants to promote gun violence. So he can justify cracking down on civil liberty. That is the WEF's MO and the politicized leadership of the RCMP are a big part of that agenda.

Getting rid of the RCMP and forming Regional policing isn't going to stop cops from sleeping with witnesses. The VPD had a guy that did the same thing. It will however, stop this politicized leadership that disbands units who effectively combat organized crime and transfers competent officers to other departments. That's what I saw in Seattle and that's what I see here now.


  1. This moving the RCMP to a more federally investigative role is such a farce. Look at how the FBI has performed over the past few years, let alone decades. Just get rid of them all together. The individuals that make that organization up have shown us who they are. It's enraging to think of the annual salaries that these dinks bring in. I'm not involved in policing, so I'm speaking with a little ignorance here, but the good ones NEED to destroy the bad ones otherwise, sadly, they're all bad.

    The amount of work that Canada (and the world) have to do to fix what we have collectively done, whether it by by actively taking part in destroying it or by passively letting others destroy it, is so very daunting. God helps us all!

    1. Cops don't make a lot of money. The problem is the politicized leadership.

  2. "I hit it". Too funny.

  3. Does this guy still have a job, or did they fire him for this?


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