Sunday, December 19, 2021

The Continuation of Derek Brassington's affidavit

After Googling some names in Derek Brassington's affidavit, I came across a Blog written by a RCMP officer called Behind the Yellow Line. The relevant post is entitled Frat Boys and Egos Gone Wild. It states that "Witness X, also had a girlfriend who the courts are calling Jane Doe 2. Brassington began to spend time with Jane Doe 1, a former girlfriend of both Jamie Bacon and high level gangster Kevin Leclair." (Those clowns traded GFs like hockey cards.)

"Both girls were in their twenties, while Attew and Brassington were pushing forty years old. They traversed the country, staying in hotels with these witnesses, and the restaurants evolved into bars, where alcohol became the fuel for relaxed inhibitions and common sense."

"Brassington told the court that he fell in love with Jane Doe 1, walking hand in hand in Victoria, having sex at the safe house, sometimes in front of others (at one time another female officer was present). Attew for his part, was pursuing Jane Doe 2, sneaking to her hotel room, rolling around the bedroom, groping her, kissing passionately, or sexual touching as the courts like to call it. Not on one occasion, on several occasions."

"If anything Attew was a persistent lover, if not a persistent investigator. One incident occurred in Montreal, where they ran up an $800 bill for liquor as all of them came together, in the bar where Jane Doe 2 was now working. Attew went to her apartment in his conjugal pursuit bringing new meaning to witness management. They were claiming overtime of course during this time and claiming and righting off their escapades to expenses. We never will learn about how much money was involved, but it would have been substantial over many months."

"Accountability in the RCMP and in particular in this Province never seems to get past the first level, and in this instance the Crown has joined in to promote this miscarriage of justice. As for the taxpayer, you are out a lot of money, the lawyers even got special permission to charge more for their services. The RCMP management breathes out a collective sigh of relief knowing that once again backroom deals have cleared out the skeleton from their closets and quickly buried them in the backyard. Attew, Sobotin, Brassington, Johnson, and Michaud are now all divorced."

All of this brings us back to the false charges against Surrey Mayor Doug McCullum by the Save the RCMP in Surrey bullies. Doug McCallum is trying to take Surrey forward while the Fight Progress and Accountability Freaks have hired Bill Tielman to stop him.


  1. "Attew, Sobotin, Brassington, Johnson, and Michaud are now all divorced."

    LOL, what a surprise. I had a VPD guy kept going by my girls place of business under the guise of an investigation he wasn't even involved in, told her "Next time get his card, they love handing them out anyway, he'll give it to you"....So, a week or so later she comes home and hands me the card without a word. I call his supervisor, who takes a shot at blowing me off. I cut him short, told him if it happened again, I would not call him back, I would just go to the members house while he was on shift and I knew he would not be there, I would knock on the door and his wife and I would have a nice chat about "Servum Us". The Staff Sergeant allowed that perhaps it would be possible to have a word with the member about his member. The member never showed his face again.

    1. Wise move. Threaten to tell his wife. That'll shut him up.

    2. One likes to think it at least gave his supervisor info he possibly did not have before, thereby increasing his ability to more effectively manage said member. But the odds are not great. "Next". That dude is probably divorced by now too, ha-ha....


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