Sunday, December 5, 2021

OPP Interview of Surrey Six IHITit investigator

Update: Derek Brassington's Surrey Six Affidavit

An interesting document recently came across my desk. It's Derek Brassington's interview with the OPP who were conducting an investigation into his misconduct during the Surrey Six Investigation. It's freaking 147 pages long. I'm going through it blacking out names before I post it but I hesitate to do so until Jammie Bacon's appeal is heard.

Let's face it, Derek Brassington and Jamie Bacon are both POS. I don't give a f*ck about Derek's grade three dream to become a police officer. He was a married man having threesomes with witnesses. Oh but he fell in love with the witness. Oh really? Which one? Both of them? GMAFB. Did he also fall in love with DK's GF as well? Bullsh*t.
I don't want to disrespect Derek's wife or his kids. More importantly I don't want to disrespect Chris Mohan's mother. I saw the sorrow in her eyes when they shot her innocent son dead. That's what moved me to start this blog. Jammie Bacon ordered the hit on Cory Lal because Cory thought he was an idiot and refused to pay tax to the Red and White.

Anton wouldn't do it so he got his new bodyguard DK to do it after Anthon confiscated the gun from the victims so they knew the people they were sent in to shoot were not armed. Then Jammie turned on DK and ordered a hit on him because that's the way they roll.

Letting Jammie Bacon off because an investigator slept with a witness would be a gross miscarriage of justice. He plead guilty. This case isn't about a criminal versus the police. It's about a criminal against the mother of an innocent son they murdered and the wife and children of an innocent man they murdered simply because they were potential witnesses to their crime.

Chris Mohan and Ed Schellenberg weren't in the wrong place at the wrong time. Ed was at work doing his job. Chris was at home leaving to go to a basketball game. They were doing what they were supposed to be doing. The outrage over their murder continues to this day.

Natural Justice cries out for vindication. No doubt the court will see the interview I have in my possession. I want to see what the court decides. The interview claims the witness gave her statement before she started sleeping with the investigator. The Supreme Court stated that "Public interest requires an appeal." That is a true statement. This is about the public interest. It's not about an unprofessional cop. We don't need to know all the gory details of the sealed documents. We need justice for Chris Mohan, Ed Schellenberg and their families as well as justice for the people of Surrey who abhor that ruthless act happening in their community.
The most outrageous breach of justice is the fact that Jamie Bacon is still allowed to traffic drugs in prison. The Red Scorpions is predominantly a prison gang now. The Hells Angels are paying the Brothers Keepers to cap the Kang group so Jamie Bacon aka Porky Pig, the horder of pumpkin pie, can have complete control of the RS. The HAs are putting him in charge because he's an idiot and can't make it on his own. That way he pays more tax to them.


  1. Is that guy Francis gauthier that killed Harb in coal harbour the same guy tied to the surrey house of horrors murder from the early 2000’s. They have the same name and their ages match up

    1. I dunno, it's possible. the Francis that killed Harb was brought in from Quebec.

  2. bahaha what??? why would the HA be paying BK's to take out the Kangs for bacons sake, when the kangs literally supply the RS as seen in proect territory court documents lmaooo. Not to mention BK's have been taking out Red scorpion leaders since 2016, thats before they started hitting the kangs. HAs have no control over BK, however the kangs do have control over the RS.

    1. Donnie McWhirter. I decided to approve two of your comments so everyone can see your not in prison. Even your idol Kim Bolan has posted that the BK work for the Hells Angels. You claim the Hells Angels have no control over the Brothers Keepers. That is a lie. BK were hired by the Edmonton Hells Angels. That's where they got their gang tats from.

      You claim that the Hells Angels have no control over the Red Scorpions. That is a lie. Ever since the Surrey Six, the Red Scorpions started paying the Hells Angels tax that Cory Lal refused. The Hells Angels have chosen Jamie Bacon because he is an idiot that could never make it on his own. Kinda like you.

  3. ^yes that is the exact same francois gauthier, hence why BKs probably knew he was hired by the "UN" and began hitting the "UN" back immediately, since the whalley crack shack of horrors was a UN enterprise.

    1. Donnie McWhirter. Francois Gauthier was not hired by the UN. That is a ridiculous lie. If the Teletubbies that pay your wages believe you, then they are as stupid as you are. Francois was brought in from Quebec by the Hells Angels. The UN did not run the Surrey House of Horrors. That is a ridiculous lie. The Hells Angels did. Everyone who lives here knows that.

      When Kim Bolan wrote about how you admitted in court that you used to post false information on her blog to throw the police off, I knew it was you. That's all you do and now the police pay you well to do it. That shows the world how corrupt gang enforcement in BC is now.


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