Saturday, December 18, 2021

Toronto cop stole drugs from evidence locker

Global is reorting that "Toronto’s police chief admits that a senior officer who admitted stealing drugs while on the job should have faced charges. Veteran homicide detective Paul Worden quietly retired from the Toronto Police Service last January. Two weeks later, a report in the Toronto Star revealed that he had been forced to retire after he was caught stealing opioids from lockers where evidence was kept." Never mind that. How about the murder of Rodger Kotanko?
CBC is reporting that "The Toronto police officer who shot gunsmith Rodger Kotanko nearly a month ago won't talk to Ontario's police watchdog. Special Investigations Unit (SIU) spokesperson Kristy Denette told CBC Hamilton on Tuesday morning, the subject officer also "declined to release his notes, as is his legal right." AYFKM? Murder is not a right.


  1. Some one needs to do a study, a history of, something along those lines, of the pathetic history of policing in Canada. I used to have a box full of newspaper clippings I tore out, just reams of police malfeasance from the 10 years I lived in the Lower Mainland. The RCMP DARE guy on Vancouver Island who died with a spike full of dope stolen from the evidence locker still in his arm, right there in the detachment. The beating of a black guy during a traffic stop, turned out the guy was a Dentist. The lesbian RCMP who was allowed to resign without charges (sound familiar?) after a 14 year old girl's father filed a complaint that she seduced the girl after meeting her at one of those "the policeman is your friend" propaganda speeches at the local Middle School. (that was out in the Maritimes somewhere) The killing of a motorcyclist by a drunken off duty RCMP whose buddies tried to help him cover it up. Turned out the same guy had also been involved in the death of a Polish immigrant at the airport a couple years earlier. I really could go on and on. How many RCMP are like that? I'm gonna say most, because I don't see any of them doing a damned thing to clean anything up. If you can't police yourselves, you can't police anyone else either. You don't have the moral authority, and everyone knows it. You don't have the time either, too busy doing other stupid shit. We could say that this is why the HA was waltzed around The Law in BC for decades, but it's really only half of the reason. The other half is that Red & White has had it's hooks into Senior people in the RCMP (and Government) for decades. It's not possible for it to be otherwise with such a long record of abject failure. "even a blind pig finds a truffle occasionally". They never do. Every single time we have seen this kind of dynamic, we ALWAYS find out later that the whole thing was compromised all along. Don't kid yourself, with the intercept capabilities that now exist, groups like CSIS, NSA etc. already know all about this. Always have.

    What does your picture of the world look like now that you know it too? Do you feel safe when that patrol car goes by? Because you're supposed to. That's what you're paying protection, excuse me, TAXES for....

    "The Connected are Protected."

    "Your vote does not affect those who truly run your lives".

    Justin Trudeau and others at that level are set for life if you vote them out or not. The list of former PM's and Senators who have received large amounts of Chinese cash is a long one, just like we have down south. Longer maybe, per capita.

    1. That guy from DARE was somewhat hypocritical. Yet one cop stealing drugs from a storage locker to support an addiction is far less concerning than when upper management refuses to investigate organized crime. A bitter tree cannot bring forth good fruit. If the roots are evil, the entire tree is evil.


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