Thursday, December 16, 2021

Canada aims to plant up to 320 million trees a year

The Globe and Mail is reporting that "The government is planning to plant up to 320 million trees a year to meet the prime minister’s target to put an extra two billion trees in the ground by 2030. Natural Resources Minister Jonathan Wilkinson on Thursday launched a recruitment drive to find tree planters – including farmers, Indigenous communities and non-profit organizations – to plant millions of extra trees a year."

That's a great idea. Planting trees is always a good thing. We don't have to give up our democratic system to do it either. When forestry does a clear cut I believe they are supposed to replant the area afterwards. We just need to be sure they get adequate irrigation. I'm sure we've all heard of paid tree planters complain that many of the trees in their sites died because they didn't get enough water. Tree planting in the back country is hard work.

When evil men and women burn and bomb good men and women plant trees. Especially after a forest fire. Surrey has a releaf program where you can and get some trees to plant in Surrey Parks. In urban setting volunteers can be a big help.

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