Sunday, December 5, 2021

Seymour: The bowl to First Peak

Today I went snowshoeing on Seymour again. Only I used crampons. It was steep and icy so snowshoes would have been useless. Two weekends ago the snow was awesome. Last weekend we had that pineapple express come up and the mountains got hammered with rain. Then the temperature dropped again and they got some fresh snow last night. That's life on the west coast. We take what we get. In the interier the snow is much more consistent.
I made it to Brockton Point and as I looked through the gateway to the trail up I noticed First Peak was completely fogged in. I was going to turn back but the visibility on the trail was fine so I proceeded. As I got to the summit the clouds lifted just high enough to see Second Peak. You couldn't see the city or the mountain panorama because they were hidden by clouds. I kinda wanted to get the cardio in because no gym sucks.
This is the bowl up tp First Peak looking up:
This is the bowl up tp First Peak looking down:
That will fill up with snow pretty quick now that the temperature has dropped. All the rain we get now will be snow on the mountains. I think Seymur opens up for skiing next weekend so it will be difficult to get parking. Grouse and Cypress have snow machines. You could see one working on Grouse through their webcam. It looked pretty cool. I think they just spray a mist of water that freezes. That's why it has to be below zero for it to work.

During winter, the bowl to First Peak is one of my favorite places. It gets a ton of snow and the wind blows forming sand dunes of snow. It's pretty awesome. In the summer the trail up is pretty rocky in places but in winter the snow fills up all the cracks and it's smooth sailing.

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