Friday, December 10, 2021

Coquihalla repairs under way

Looks like the NDP are going a good job getting the Coquihalla up and running again. Paula Cousins, the Regional Executive Director of the ministry of transportation and infrastructure said "This is the response phase so the priority right now is just to get the economy and the trucks moving again." Wow. Someone with a brain. Let's hear more from her.

Transportation minister Rob Fleming said "This is important for the country as well because this is our main transportation route that makes sure goods get to the country." (Coming from the port.) Exactly. A good economy means more tax revenue.

We also need to raise the Sumas dike and put a second pump at Barrowtown station. The dike was below specs and more water is coming down the Nooksack river because the Americans removed the diversion dam last year. We need to plan for that increased water volume.

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