Saturday, December 25, 2021

Christmas 2021: Hells Bells Ring Loud and Clear

I heard the bells on Christmas Day so I did. Only in 2021 the sound of Hells Bells can be heard loud and clear. I don't want to be negative on such a holy day but the song says "Then rang the bells more loud and deep God is not dead, nor doth He sleep. The wrong shall fail, the right prevail." That's why it behooves us to call out Hells Bells when we hear them so clearly now.

The headline reads BC closes gyms, bars, clubs and bans indoor Christmas parties as Omicron cases surge on the night before Christmas. This is not only ridiculous, it is straight up satanic.

Omicron is 80% weaker than Covid. There is NOTHING to be afraid of. You get it, you get over it and you get on with it just as we have always done. I heard one clown claim that the hospitals in the Okanagan are full of unvaccinated Covid patients. That is a ridiculous lie. Nobody is that stupid. Nobody. Due to vaccine passports, the unvaccinated haven't been doing anything.

Recently the mainstream media claimed there was an Omicron outbreak on a cruise ship. 98% of those infected were vaccinated. If the local hospitals were full of unvaccinated Covid patients, do explain what the unvaccinated have been doing to cause another outbreak. They haven't been dong anyhting to cause one. They haven't been going to the gym. They haven't been going to any bars or restaurants. They haven't been going to any concerts or sporting events.

In short, the unvaccinated in BC haven't been doing anything that could possibly cause another outbreak so the claim that the local hospitals are full of unvaccinated patients is a bold faced lie. It's ridiculous as well because we're at almost 90% vaccination rate now. The Americans are all singing Let's Go Brandon while here in BC we are singing bend over idiots.

Closing the gyms before Christmas due to a variant that is 80% weaker than Covid is the epitome of stupidity. People need to be healthy to fight off viruses. Going to the gym is important. It appears that they are doing everyhting they can to make sure we get sick. They deny treatment. If you test positive for Covid they say go home and do nothing. If you end up in the hospital we'll start treatment then. That is insane. Yet even when you are hospitalized they still deny treatment. You need a court order to try ivermectin. Ventilators do more harm than good.

We've already established that lockdowns are morally and scientifically wrong. Last year the purpose of reintroducing lockdowns was not to control the spread of the virus, it was to promote the vaccine like a horse and a carrot. Likewise, reintroducing restrictions the night before Christmas has nothing to do with controlling the spread of a virus. Its sole purpose is to promote the booster shots so the drug companies can continue to make billions off the pandemic.

A few weeks ago protesters outside the parliament buildings in Victoria hanged effigies of politicians. No one is suggesting anyone lynch anyone. No one is sugesting that. However, Bonnie Henry is clearly guilty of treason as is every politician that aides her. There is no way of sugar coating that fact. What they are doing is straight up evil and constitutes treason.

Since the vaccines obviously don't work, I suggest that everyone who is double vaccinated be given the option of donating the money that would be spent on their booster shots to charity. Donte the money to the Children's hospital, cancer research and treatment or any other charity of choice. Anything would be better than giving the pharmaceutical companies any more money because their greed is clearly completely out of control. Since Bonnie Henry has single handedly cost BC billions in lost revenue, we need to fire her. Saving the money spent on her outrageous wages and preventing further economic damage to the province would help save the world.

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