Monday, August 31, 2020

Listing the lies to see the truth

In Rebel Media's report on the recent lockdown protest in Berlin one protesters said he was concerned about the lies from the media and the politicians. He specifically referred to the world wide pandemic with a low mortality rate. The media said the Berlin protest was violent when it was not. Since the media is bombarding us with nonstop misinformation, I thought it would be helpful to make a list of some of the more obvious lies and see where that takes us.

1) The video clip from Italy was used in Australia and New York

Let's begin with the most obvious. When CBS said this screen clip from video footage of an overcrowded hospital in Italy was in Donald Trump's home town, they lied. After the were caught they claimed it was an editing mistake. That was another lie. They chose a hospital in the same neighborhood Donald Trump grew up in for a specific purpose. Their lie had a motive.

2) Line ups at hospitals in Australia, California and New York were fake.

When 7News in Australia used that exact same video clip of a hospital in Italy and claimed it was in Melbourne, they lied. They did the same thing in Australia as they did in California and New York. The media claimed there were line ups of people waiting to get into the hospital with body bags in the streets. Then locals would film the exact same hospital on their phone with no line ups. The media lied. In Australia they even had a doctor claim they were so over burdeoned that hospital staf were colapsing from working 12 hour shifts without any breaks.

Then a local went to the same hospital with a box of chocolates to say thanks to the staff and it was a ghost town just like all the other hospitals. The nurse told him is was so slow they couldn't get shifts. The doctor lied on TV. The media is intentionally misrepresenting the situation.

3) When Post Media News said the Edmonton ICU was overflowing with Covid patients, they lied.

More recently Post Media Trash lied and said the Edmonton ICU was full of COVID patients. Rebel Media pointed out that if you read further on in the article it said the ICU was also full with trauma patients and a backlog of nonessential surgeries that has been cancelled. The truth was there was only 6 patients in the Edmonton hospital that had COVID yet they claimed the CU was full and overflowing with COVID patents in the middle of summer. They lied.

4) When people who hadn't taken the test were told they tested positive, they lied.

Florida labs were caught falsifying COVID test results.

5) When they said hydroxychloroquine, wasn't safe, they lied.

Hydroxychloroquine is FDA approved. They give it to pregnant women. They tripled the dose and got toxic results because they used toxic doses. It has been safely used to treat malaria for years.

This isn't just a credibility meltdown. It is something far more sinister. Their lies have a motive and a political agenda that ties in with the origin of the virus. The virus did come from China. That's why the Hodge Twins call it the Chinese virus but it did not come from eating a cooked bat.

6) When they said the virus came from eating bats sold at the Wuhan seafood market, they lied.

When you cook something, you kill the bacteria. They weren't eating raw bats and there were no bats sold at the Seafood Market in Wuhan. The Wuhan lab was studying coronavirus in bats. Someone from the lab either accidentally infected the seafood market when buying lunch or they deliberately launched the pandemic there on purpose. When you see the coordinated lying about the virus trying to inflate numbers and drive mass hysteria, It's pretty clear the seafood market was not infected by accident. They had a political purpose and a malicious motive.

7) The Calgary hospital falsified a COVID death.

When Jerry Dunham died in Calgary because his essential heart surgery was deemed nonessential due to the lockdown, the hospital wanted to put COVID as the cause of death on his death certificate. He had tested negative for COVID. Putting COVID on his death certificate would have been fraud. He died because of the lockdown. He did not have the virus.

Minnesota Senator and Doctor Scott Jensen and Dr. Annie Bukacek, MD blew the whistle on the falsified death counts.

Rebel News: 6% COVID-19 deaths shockingly low without pre-existing conditions

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