Sunday, August 16, 2020

BC Politicians need some tough talk on COVID

Global is reporting that "B.C. Education Minister Rob Fleming said people need to realize that the pandemic is not over and moving towards restarting key sectors in society requires everyone to do their part to keep the infection spread as low as possible. 'I don’t want to castigate one generation … but you’ve heard some admonishments, some stern words,' he said, pointing to rising infection rates among young adults aged 20 to 29."

Actually, he is the one that needs the tough talk on civil liberty. The spike in numbers is a farce. It is fake news. Young adults aged 20 to 29 who test positive for COVID means absolutely nothing if they are asymptomatic. In fact it's a good thing. Summer is the best time to get COVID so you will build antibodies while still being asymptomatic. It's a win win situation.

In addition to being falsified, the numbers are also being misrepresented. If you test positive it could mean absolutely nothing because kiwi fruit tested positive and people who signed up for the test but left without taking the test because the line was too long, received notification that they had tested positive even though they didn't even take the test. That is fraud.

In addition to that, if you test positive it could mean you simply have the common cold because their test can't tell the difference. Some people who had COVID and have recovered from it, still tested positive because their body has built antibodies to the virus just like it's supposed to. So take these test results and cram them up your a*s.

Global is also reporting that "Finance minister says B.C. needs to address $12.5B deficit together." Here come the taxes. Although Carol James is a good person, the very term NDP Finance minister is enough to make a grown man afraid. March 17th the BC Government shut down the local pub even though they were practicing safe social distancing and locked us down for a lot more than 2 weeks. That never should have happened. That created a manufactured fiscal emergency the Marxists rejoice over. Business needs to keep operating. End of discussion.

Politicians need to remember they are hired help. We pay their wages and we can fire then faster than you can say non confidence. We need to promote business and protect civil liberty. Tht's what we need to do. Rebel Media will help see us through this.

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