Sunday, August 2, 2020

Australia's COVID restrictions enters the Twilight Zone

The Guardian is reporting that "Australians had been slowly emerging from Covid-19 lockdowns since the federal government announced a three-stage plan in May to ease restrictions across the country, but from 8 July the Melbourne metropolitan area and Mitchell shire immediately to the north returned to a stage three lockdown for six weeks."

"After consistently high case numbers despite the lockdown, Victorian premier Daniel Andrews announced further restrictions for the state. From 2 August, metropolitan Melbourne entered a six-week stage four lockdown, while a stage three lockdown will take effect in regional Victoria from Thursday 6 August." Obviously their stages are different then ours.

For us, the higher the number the less restrictions. For example, we're still in a stage two return from lockdown which means some restrictions. Stage three for us would mean considerable less restrictions. We never had a curfew. That makes no sense whatsoever.

This is a clear example of how a government overeats to a real or manufactured emergency by removing civil liberty which is completely inexcusable. We all love and respect the land down under. We remember Gallipoli. Those noble soldiers did not fight for this.

We've seen the absurdly offensive Australian COVID tracking ap. We've seen the Australian police arrest an noble Australian mother with her child for asserting her right to the liberty the brave soldiers died for. We also saw the recent fake news in Australia that used that same clip of a hospital in Italy and claimed it was a hospital in Melbourne. Fake News strikes again.

Lucky Lance is the Steve Irwin Corona hunter filming local empty hospitals in Australia just like they did in California and New York. Take your COVID restrictions and cram them up your ass. The cure is worse then the virus. Give it up for the land down under.

Children of a common father and I'm not talking about England. I'm talking about the Holy Land.

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