Tuesday, August 25, 2020

3 charged with human trafficking in Nova Scotia

Soo Today is reporting that "Three men are facing charges in connection with a human trafficking investigation in Nova Scotia’s Pictou County area. Nova Scotia RCMP say the investigation began after its provincial human trafficking team received information that people were trying to target and recruit young women from the area into human trafficking. Multiple police departments launched Operation Hush, which led to the arrest of three men."

John Robert Bonnar, 21, from Pictou County has been charged with Trafficking a person under 18, Trafficking a person over 18 while Abelardo Sanchez Villar, 45, from New Glasgow was charged with Obtaining sexual services from a person under 18 and Obtaining sexual services from a person over 18. Justin Stanley MacDonald, 22, from New Glasgow was charged with Sexual assault, Sexual interference and Breach of probation.

Previous human trafficking rings in Nova Scotia were tied to the Hells Angels. It's a slippery slope. In BC the Hells Angles have a monopoly on the exotic dance industry. First it's all strippers and blow. Then they tell them, ya know, you can make a lot more money being an escort. Then they end up dead on the Pickton farm or in Caitlin’s case, on a Kelowna beach. They had Caitlin addicted to cocaine mixed with Xanax.

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