Sunday, August 23, 2020

Rebel News exposes the COVID Con in Edmonton

Ezra Levant from Rebel News exposed the COVID fraud in Edmonton. The Edmonton Journal which is now owned by Post Media News as is the National Post, fraudulently misrepresented the situation in Edmonton. "On Friday's episode of The Ezra Levant Show Ezra examined a recent Edmonton Journal article that suggested, according to a local intensive care doctor, a surge in COVID-19 cases had his ICU full to the brim."

"After reading through the whole story - six paragraphs later - the Journal explains that there are only 12 people in ICU beds in all of Alberta for COVID-19, while claiming there has been an increase in opioid and mental health admissions too, not to mention a backlog of elective surgeries that had built up." That is fraud. Order your COVID1984 T-shirts from Rebel News.

Ezra Levant made a good point. The average life expectancy in British Columbia is 82. The average age of COVID deaths in BC is 85. The average COVID deaths in BC the patients have three underlining health issues. In Calgary they falsified an unrelated COVID death.

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