Sunday, August 16, 2020

Supporting local business in the Summer Sun

Speaking of boat parades, we put the kayaks in at Vanier park today. I figured it'd be less busy than Third beach. There was lots of tuff going on but everything was evenly spaced out in the sunshine. I like those new bicycles on pontoons. They're only $35 an hour to rent.

I walked over to Granville Island and took a False Creek Ferry back. That was a favorite thing to do in Vancouver on a rainy day. Even better in the sunshine.

They have these cool barbecue boats a group from the same party can rent and have a barbecue on the water away from the crowd at the beach. That's new. It's a great idea.

We saw a few seals of course. That's another reason the salmon stocks are down. There are seals everywhere and the eat a lot of salmon. There are sales on for locals to go on whale watching tours since the tourists aren't allowed in. It's a great time to beat the crowds and support local business. I did that in Tofino a few years ago. The bear tours were awesome.

They also have waterfront tours you can take on a zodiac. We did that in Horseshoe Bay but they have them all over Vancouver. The sunset dinner crises are a must as well. The opportunities to support local business are endless. We cannot afford another lockdown.

It's time to get out there and soak up the sun. Heat and humidity kill the virus.

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