Sunday, March 30, 2014

Jamie Bacon and Person Y

There's been a lot of talk about the testimony of Person Y at the Surrey Six who is referred to as the Crown's star witness. I haven't had time to keep up with the trial but Kim Bolan has been covering it completely. A blog reader was discussing some of the statements Person Y made in court that Kim posted on her Twitter.

Evidently, Person Y was Jamie Bacon's body guard. He would go with Jamie to the gym so Jamie wouldn't get hurt. Person Y claimed that on one occasion, Jamie was upset with Person Y because Jamie and Person X were at a gym and two fat Hells Angels kicked them out. Jamie was upset Person Y wasn't there to protect him. Kinda strange how two young guys on steroids got kicked out of a gym by two old fat HAs but that's beside the point.

Person Y claimed after that he found Spike, the Haney president, alone at a gym and kicked him out. Spike isn't very big. He just has a reputation behind the patch so to speak. Nino, the Sergeant at Arms, isn't very big either. He just hides behind Brian Airth (Bags).

Person Y claims: "At 1 point, Jamie Bacon was enemies with HA, UN and IS." Then admitted "He's made friends with 2 of the 3" meaning the Hells Angels and the IS not the UN obviously. "Y says he knows Riach was in the car when Jon Bacon was killed, so clearly Bacons 'made amends' with Riach, Damien Ryan (the Wolfpack.)" However, we know that Jamie was friends with James Riach before the Surrey Six. James Riach was with the Bacons at the Castle Fun Park meeting in Kevlar before the Surrey Six. Clearly the BRM is passionately trying to deny their involvement in the Surrey Six. Yet we know that Larry Amero was friends with Jonathon Bacon long before the Surrey Six as was James Riach and Randy Naicker.

Here's the deal. One blog reader was pointing out that the Hells Angels operate differently than most other gangs. In the HAs each chapter operates independently. Just because one chapter is enemies with one group doesn't necessarily mean another chapter will be. Hence we had some HAs working with the UN while John Punko was caught on wire saying the UN aren't welcome in BC and they won't do business with anyone who does business with the UN. Punko was obviously upset the UN kicked their ass in Brandy's. That was when Michale Plante got knocked out by K9. John Punko had some jurisdiction in Surrey since Kerry Ryan Renaud was working for him.

We know that at one time the Independent Soldiers were independent. After the Loft Six shooting that all changed. The old leaders that had beef with the HAs were shot or killed off and the new leaders paid their allegiance to the HAs. The HAs took over the IS and made the IS work for them. Case in point, Larry Amero and Randy Naicker. Randy Naicker was also at the Castle fun Park meeting with the Bacons before the Surrey Six. Randy Naicker and James Raich were both present and were representing the IS who at that time were working for the Hells Angels. So this whole wolfpack cubpack thing wasn't really a new allegiance. Wolfpack81 was just Larry Amero's gamer tag on Xbox.

So although a couple of fat HAs kicked Jamie Bacon out of a gym on one occasion, it is clear that the powers that be saw the Bacon Brothers as a means to take over the RS who were working for the UN and make the RS work for the HAs like the IS. After all, if Jamie Bacon was so easily controlled by a couple of fat HAs, he was the perfect puppet for them to have take over the RS.

Obviously Person Y giving Spike a hard time would have won points for him with the UN. However, we know that Spike was supporting the Bacon Brothers after the Surrey Six. That's why his niece was representing him with Larry Amero and James Riach in Kelowna just like his other niece was representing him in the Philippines with James Riach and Barry Espadilla. We know that the Hells Angels were supporting the Bacon brothers before the Surrey Six because Larry Amero was Jonathon's friend and the IS who worked for the HAs were supporting them. It's like the Vernon Greeks. At one point Mike R was giving the Vernon Greeks a hard time until they got official sponsorship from the Calgary chapter which meant Mikey had to back off.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Calgary Hells Angels Grow Op

This is a cold case in more ways than one. Global BC is reporting that it has been 15 years since Paul Resvick was last seen, after he and some friends broke into a home in Dover and stole a substantial amount of marijuana. It turns out that house belonged to the Hells Angels, and it’s believed that just days later he ended up meeting with members of the crime group at the McDonalds in Forest Lawn. [Video]

OK so robbing a Hells Angels grow isn't the brightest thing to do. Yet discipline should be progressive. Put one in his leg or something. All this killing for money has got to stop. It's another documentation linking the Calgary Hells Angels to a grow op. Which is entirely their right. I'm just sayin it is what it is. The family is hoping to recover the body.

ISPs handing over private information to spy agencies

The Huffington Post is reporting that a new report says Canada's Internet service providers are being less than forthcoming about how they handle customer information — including whether they routinely hand personal data to spy agencies. Global states that the report comes as parliament debates a new bill that could change data sharing in Canada. Another bill violating the Canadian Charter of Rights that throws away civil liberty while the nation sleeps. PRISM is PROMIS.

Schafer & Waiser: Say no to government spying

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rock Machine in Vancouver?

The Vancouver Province is reporting that several individuals wearing Rock Machine colours have been spotted in the Lower Mainland and that a RM associate contacted a reporter claiming they have plans to start up a chapter within the year. This is both good and bad news. Good news in that it brings hope for a free market. Please come to Surrey. We rather have RM than the Surrey Girls. Bad in that from what we've seen, the RM are just more drug dealers who like to blow shit up. Steven King crossed over to the RM after leaving the GTS.

This is obviously a new Rock Machine that was resurrected by Sean Brown before they kicked him out. Most of the old leaders crossed over to the Hells Angels when Mom Boucher went to prison. Salvatore Cazzetta, Giovanni, Paul Porter and Sal Brunetti all crossed over in 2000.

Evidently Joseph Strachan from Winnipeg is out in bad standing.

Although some are claiming this story is absolute bullsh*t made up by some kid who called the paper, there is a point in this article I want to emphasize. All the sources in the article admit that the Hells Angles have a monopoly in BC. They aren't talking about a monopoly on riding motorcycles. They are talking about a monopoly on the drug trade.

Julian Sher is quoted as saying If the Rock Machine showed up in Vancouver and drove down Robson Street, they wouldn't make it to Stanley park. Although that's an obvious exaggeration since Robson and Stanley Park are totally tame, his point remains in effect. It is the public opinion that the Hells Angels are so powerful in BC no one else is allowed to wear a patch without their permission. Hitler revisited. That is why I have this website and blog.

I don't have beef with the UN. I hate crack and I don't support the predatory drug dealers out there that give the homeless free crack then beat the life out of them afterwards for payment but dial a dope operations and drugs in clubs is none of my business. That's personal choice. It's the predatory thing I have beef with. Torturing addicts for drug debts. If you didn't front them the drugs there wouldn't be any drug debts.

I also have beef with liars and the Hells Angels are compulsive liars. How do you know Ricky C is lying? His lips are moving. Ask him about the Devil's Butler will ya. I want to know about his involvement in that. The Hells Angels lie and say they don't sell drugs. If any of them get caught the Devil's butler says we don't know them or they were acting on their own not for the club.

The UN don't lie about it. They say yeah we sell drugs. They have even stamped their logo on a brick of cocaine. The Hells Angels lie and say they don't when they do. The problem is, not only do they sell drugs but they say no one else is allowed to sell drugs but them and use extreme violence to obtain a monopoly on the drug trade while they tax and extort everyone in it. That is not a free market. That is my beef. The Hells Angels lying about selling drugs and them claiming no one else is allowed to sell drugs but them. That is why I have this blog and web site.

Warlocks bust in Drayton Valley

The Edmonton Sun is reporting that four members of the Warlocks in Drayton Valley have been arrested. March 21 police searched a home and seized various riffles a couple of handguns and a kilo of pot as well as some prescription pills. Pretty small time compared to a HA bust. It does however show that the Warlocks are rising in Drayton Valley and the HAs are getting the Po Po to deal with them on their behalf.

This would substantiate our source's claim the drive by shooting in Drayton Valley November 3rd was at a member of the Warlocks home. Word is nothing has changed in the EPS and they still have major intel leaks going directly to the Hells Angels. Sad. You would have hoped they would have cleaned that mess up after it hit the media last time.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Change in Plans

In response to the floodgates of death threats I had said everything's in it's place and that I had someone ready to take over the blog and web site when I die. Since the trolls started freaking out and were sending people I don't even know threats just because I link to them I have reconsidered that option. People I don't even know were getting threats from trolls saying you better not be helping Agent K. Or what? You trolls are pathetic.

I did have someone else set aside to take over the blog but I have reconsidered. It was someone I genuinely cared about. I certainly don't want any harm to come upon them. Maybe I am stupid but I accept responsibility for my actions. I am responsible for what I say and do not my family or my friends. The fact that you would actually threaten them shows just how pathetic you really are. So here it is. If I get shot nothing happens. No one takes over. The blog goes silent but stays on line. No one else is to blame but me. Let's face it, it's just a blog. There are millions of them out there. Mine is insignificant. So why all the death threats? You trolls really need to get a life.

Take a look at the new Gang Member Registry. If you support any of those guys you're on the wrong team. Nanaimoguy says he hopes they blast my brains out in front of my daughter. Yo man you really need some time with Dr. Phil. Just remember the next time you're on that Gay Pride Parade in Nanaimo behind Ricky C that the memorial run is for Edward "Zeke" Mickle. The guy that got killed because the Nanaimo chapter were trying to tax and extort the Vietnamese grow ops and they said no.

Just remember a patched member of the Nanaimo Hells Angels named Lea Sheppe, and an associate, Robbie Lajeunesse, were charged with trafficking large amounts of cocaine between B.C. and Ontario. 10 kilos of cocaine were seized. A patched Hells Angel member in Ontario and associate were also charged there. It's all about obtaining a monopoly on the drug trade. It has absolutely nothing to do with riding motorcycles or living the dream. That's what you support. Not me. So instead of threatening my family and friends come and get me. It's just me and my shillelagh. I still rather be more like me and less like you. In the end, it doesn't even matter.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring Skiing

Surf's up. A little sunshine after some fresh powder in the mountains. Great conditions although rain is on the way. It was a really slow start to the season on the west coast this year but the wait has been worth it. It'll be even better in a couple of weeks when the ski hills close down and snowshoers have full range of the mountain snowshoeing with shorts on in the sunshine on the melting snow. Now that's what I'm talking about.

The Beat Goes On

Evidently I'm not the only one who thinks that getting the police to walk the beat in high crime areas like Newton where there is public drug trafficking is a good use of tax dollars. Sadly when I look at the magnitude of the problems affecting the RCMP I am forced to bow my head in shame.

It's not just Bill Fordy. Evidently he's pals with Craig Callens who is the head of the RCMP for all of BC. Callens goes back to Prince George during the time of David Ramsay. As for Bob Paulson, I'm not even going to go there. All I have to say is that Bob Paulson needs to stay away from Bill Fordy's unprofessionalism. That's all I'm going to say about that.

I don't care who is sleeping with who, metaphorically speaking. It's like the Surrey Six screw up. I don't care what cop slept with who. I care about a climate of unprofessionalism that is rampant in the RCMP as well as the regional police forces. This acceptance of getting drunk with witnesses and flirting with them in hopes to flip them. That is messed up. It is simply unprofessional. It's time for people to grow up. Depot needs to change. So does the promotion process. It's about time.

Friday, March 21, 2014

East Vancouver Drug Den Seized

The Vancouver Province and the Tyee are reporting that a Downtown Eastside “drug den” has been shut down and sold for $820,000 under the auspices of B.C.’s Civil Forfeiture Office. The building seized was the former Backpacker Inn in the 600-block Alexander Street.

The police claim they went after the building following complaints from the public and because of “victimization” of people in the DTES. “There were people that were being preyed upon by the drug dealers,” said Fincham. “This was a violent group of drug dealers that were resorting to extreme measures to enforce drug debts and encourage people to sell drugs for them.” Among those measures were shaving people’s heads. I'm glad they shut it down but this is nothing new.

The drug dealers selling outside the Carnegie centre are just as predatory. Strange how they would bust one but not the other. Strange how they have a chain link fence blocking the public from accessing the police station on Main Street right beside the Carnegie open air Drug Market. Perhaps this drug den was seized because it was outside the tolerance zone and the neighbors across the street were complaining about it. God knows the police won't touch the Black Door.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Can Mike Farnworth fix the BC Hydro Fraud?

Well this is exciting. After Arian Dix resigned as the leader of the BC NDP Mike Farnwerth is the first to announce his candidacy. Mike Farnworth is a good guy. He is very competent. I was surprised he lost against Adrian Dix but realized Adrian was very competent as well. The stereotype was that Adrian was a little more left wing and Mike was a little more right wing. I do hate stereotypes but that is what people were saying.

My beef with stereotypes is that the right claims the left will tax and spend when that is exactly what the right is doing. However, it is quite possible that Adrian's reputation for being a little more left might have been what scared voters at the last minute when the BC Liberals were nose diving in the polls for all their endless corruption. Mike's reputation for being a little more right just might be enough to appease voters fears about the NDP long enough to get him elected.

I really think we need a balance between the left and the right and we really need to shun extremism. Supporting corporate monopolies does not stimulate the economy nor does it promote a free market. Corporate monopolies simply gouge consumers. Like BC Hydro.

Gordon Campbell's BC Hydro fraud is in my opinion the most pressing issue for this election. That fraud created a massive ballooning debt that the taxpayers are going to have to cover. Cristy Crunch just kept lying her face off with fraudulent budgets claiming they are going to one day balance their budget by extracting a dividend from BC Hydro. That claim was fraud knowing they turned BC Hydro into another Enron and kept deferring it's ballooning defect.

The deficit was created by privatizing part of BC Hydro. The power brokers that sell power to BC Hydro at an inflated rate. That was a criminal act. A private company is mandated to make a profit. It then sells power to the public company at above market rates which in turn gouges taxpayers and consumers. The privatization of the power brokers that are ripping off BC Hydro and all of British Columbia must be reversed.

Mike Farnsworth cares about crime in the community. The BC Liberals do not. Don't get me wrong. I don't support everything the NDP stand for. I rather see a BC Conservative party rise up that is free and independent of Stephen Harper's hypocrisy. Something like Ron Paul without the legalization of all drugs. John Cummins had the right idea but that idiot troll from Gordon Campbell's caucus planted the seeds of dissension and killed the party. Mike Farnworth is a good balance for British Columbia. God save the people from the BC Liberals endless corruption.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Another Senior assaulted in Newton

The Surrey Leader is reporting that a South Asian senior was taken to hospital after a brazen midday beating to his face and hands in Newton last week. Surrey Mounties are asking for public assistance after a 72-year-old man was beaten and robbed at 1 p.m. on Thursday at Newton Athletic Park.The attack occurred just over three kilometers from where hockey mom Julie Paskall was fatally beaten in December outside Newton Arena, near 72 Avenue and 136B Street.

The Surrey RCMP is counseling citizens to protect themselves and claims that "Personal and public safety is everyone's responsibility – play an active role in crime reduction!" Perhaps Bill Fordy and Laura Balance are handing out permits to conceal. I'm not sure how a 72 year old man is supposed to protect himself from being mugged in the middle of the afternoon. Personally I think an increased police presence in that area to address the public drug dealing would be a more appropriate allocation of tax dollars than Dianne Watts ivory tower but that's just me.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crimean Secession - Update

This one's kind of hard to follow but is clearly contentious. We have been hearing quite a bit about unrest in the Ukraine. We heard news of protests in the Ukraine over the government's bid to go back to Russia and protesters getting shot at. It would seem that clearly the majority of people in the Ukraine do not want to be a part of Russia again. Fair enough.

Then Russia invades Crimea, a peninsula off of the Ukraine but separate from it. They say they went there to protect the Russians living there. Yeah right. Then they say they're going to hold a referendum on who wants to break off of the Ukraine and join with mother Russia. Nothing like holding an election with a gun held to your head.

I will say this. The results of the referendum are suspect. Over 90% voted to return to Russia? I cry bullshit on that one. Especially when they announced the results before 50% of the ballots were counted. However, it does appear that there are some citizens there that would rather be part of Russia than the EU. The question is just how many.

There was a protest in Toronto calling for Russia to pull out of Crimea. Signs said Hands off Ukraine. However, Russia invaded Crimea not the Ukraine. The most violent anti Russia protests were held in Kiev not Crimea. To me it would seem that letting Crimea succeed and letting the Ukraine remain free is kind of a peaceful solution to the conflict.

I have a hard time understanding why the EU would ban Crimean citizens from traveling in Europe and freeze their assets. It kinda just looks like sour grapes and theft. They are going to slap travel bans on elected Crimean officials who voted to have a referendum on sovereignty and seize their assets? What right to they have to seize an elected officials assets for passing a law they objected to which simply put the question to a vote of the people?

The biggest protest against the invasion was in Moscow - 50,000 people. That is a huge protest but I'm having a hard time interpreting that. It's hard to know the will of the people in Crimea when you're not actually there. Evidently, Russian in the predominate language spoken in Crimea and they did vote over 70% in favor of Yanukovych in 2010. Logic would imply that 70% would elect to return to Russia as opposed to the EU. If Putin leaves the Ukraine alone and just takes Crimea, that seems like a decent compromise to me. Just saying.

Update: Russia has now seized two Ukrainian naval bases. I was already to go ballistic on this one and call for economic sanctions until I discovered that the naval bases they are referring to are in Crimea not the Ukraine. If Russia seized naval bases on Ukrainian soil that would be an act of war and I would totally support economic sanctions against them. However, it appears that the naval base in question is in the port of Sevastopol which is in Crimea not the Ukraine. In response the Ukraine plans on withdrawing their troops From Russia-Occupied Crimea so it doesn't appear that the sky is ready to fall just yet. If Russian troops seize naval bases off the coast of the Ukraine that would be an entirely different matter.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Pickton's victims' families to get $50K each

Good news and bad news at the same time. CBC is reporting that an agreement has been reached with the City of Vancouver and the provincial and federal governments to pay $50,000 to each of 11 families whose relatives were victimized by serial killer Robert Pickton, says lawyer Jason Gratl. Gratl is representing the children of Pickton's victims. Good that the families of the victims receive some compensation but bad that the truth is being buried under the carpet again in a settlement.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Shootings in Surrey and Langley

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that there was a targeted shooting in Surrey this morning at 6:30 AM. No it wasn't my house. Witnesses report seeing a brown van as well as a black pickup leaving the scene after the shooting. One of these vehicles is believed to have a broken window. News 1130 is reporting that neighbours reported hearing a loud argument and then hearing a number of shots. When officers arrived they found a 30-year-old man who had been shot. He was taken to hospital and is in stable condition.

Shootings in Langley as well. Scan BC is reporting that #Langley #RCMP are on scene with 2 males shot in a house in Walnut Grove. Suspect outstanding with a weapon, area on lockdown. K9 searching. Global is reporting that two people have been injured and another has been arrested after an incident at a Langley home Sunday afternoon, RCMP confirm.

Update: Evidently the Langley shooting was at a licensed medicinal grow op. The Vancouver Province is reporting that two people have been charged after the armed robbery - Christopher Carl Agin, 29, and Rosemary Souriyavong, 23. Kim Bolan is reporting that they are from Surrey.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! OK Saint Paddy's Day is on Monday but the parade is Sunday and the Celtic Festival has been running all week. I went for a pint at the Irish Heather today and I noticed they're getting ready for some live music at the Blarney Stone tonight. I've kissed the real Blarney Stone in Cork so I have but I usually shy away from that pub. It's a younger crowd so it is. They don't drink green beer in Ireland they drink black beer. In Dublin you can smell the roasting hops in the air from the Guinness brewery at Saint James' Gate.

Saint Paddy's day is supposed to be fun but it isn't supposed to be a crazy drink up. Just a time to remember your heritage or experience some Irish heritage even if you aren't Irish. Time for some Irish dancing and some good music like A Nation Once Again, the Fields Of Athenry or the Town I loved so well. Three Row Barley is a nice local band I heard once at the Rusty Gull a few years back. Traditional Irish dancing is done with the hands at the side symbolizing dancing while being in bondage to a foreign nation. The song Lord of the Dance was an old hymn referring to Christ.

The harp is a magical instrument so it is. David's harp soothed the soul so it did. Ya have to be able to play it right though. Often the harp sounds like elevator music. Loreena McKennitt can sure play it right and sing too. She has the majesty of the ancestral harp so she does. Her music is very moving. It's found on Quinlan road so it is. So enjoy some heritage. Speaking of which, did ya know the Guinness family built the Lions Gate bridge so they did. Top of the morning to ya.

Enbridge seeks 40% natural gas price increase

MSN News is reporting that Enbridge Gas Distribution plans to increase the price of natural gas by 40 per cent. Enbridge applied to Ontario regulators for the price increase in the energy rates it charges millions of natural gas customers in the province. The increase needs to be reviewed by the Ontario Energy Board before being implemented on April 1.

Enbridge Enbridge Enbridge. Why is it we keep hearing about Enbridge? Isn't there any other companies that sell gas? Evidently not. That's because we let them obtain a corporate monopoly on the market at the tax payers expense so they can now raise the prices to whatever they want. We have destroyed the free market. If there was a free market with more than one company selling oil, this increase would not happen.

It's on the table because we let the politicians who claimed to be right wing destroy a free market because the corporate monopolies gave them campaign contributions. This is corporate Communism in real life. In New Brunswick the Enbridge monopoly opposed rate cuts for consumers. If there wasn't a monopoly we wouldn't be getting shafted.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Oh Happy Day

The Vancouver Sun is fueling speculation that Diannne Watts might be joining Stephen Harpers glutton all stars and enter federal politics. Oh Happy day! Get her the hell out of Surrey city Hall before she does any more irreparable damage to the city. At first I was skeptical wondering why on earth would she turn tail and run? Barinder isn't a real threat. I don't support her because she wants to bring in the mega casino all the citizens opposed.

Dianne Watts getting in the bad books with the BC Liberals might be the reason. However, I just heard that Bruce Ralston might run for Surrey Mayor. Free at last, free at last, thank God almighty we are free at last! That would certainly explain why she's running scared. Getting dumped by the BC Liberals and having to square off against Bruce Ralston. That is one election she would lose. Finally Godzilla returns to the ocean depths.

Canada needs to know how Dianne Watts screwed Surrey. Alex Tsakumis made several references to lower taxes and fiscal responsibility. I totally support that. However, that is the exact opposite of Dianne Wattts. Dianne Watts has been the most fiscally irresponsible tax and spend glutton this city has ever seen. Just think, if Bruce Ralston gets elected we could lease out Dianne Watts Ivory tower of self indulgence and all that revenue can go towards hiring more police officers. That would be fiscally responsible.

The policing budget in Surrey is in critical state. The other day I drove over to the main police station for all of Surrey and it was closed at 8:30 PM. I kid you not. That is disgusting. Spending $138 million tax dollars on a new ivory tower then claiming there's no more for police in Surrey is criminal negligence. Bruce Ralston would be much more fiscally responsible and hire more police.

Kevin Diakiw from the Surrey Leader is reporting that the conservative riding President is denying it and that Bruce Ralsotn has just said he has been approached to run but hasn't announced his candidacy. We can only hope and pray. However, Watts won't comment on why her campaign manager recently joined the federal riding executive. Maybe she's gong to actually wait to be nominated unlike her pal Fassbender who bullied his way past the nomination process.

Boo Who

Speaking of retractions and redemption there's one more I have to set the record straight on and that is Alia Pierini also known as Boo. I realize a small town can be very unforgiving. Alia was a drug dealer in Prince George that went on a reality TV show called Redemption where she talked about her past and turned her life around starting a snow removal and landscaping business.

Under normal circumstances this is the exact kind of thing I would support. However, many locals were skeptical and shared those concerns with me. I jumped when I heard she had another drug trafficking charge and said a lot of things that weren't very nice. Turns out the new drug trafficking charge was a bogus pot charge when she had a prescription for medicinal marijuana. I don't care about pot I care about crack and it turned out she hadn't gone back to dealing.

So let's start over. Hey did you hear a hard core drug dealer in Prince George saw the light like Paul on the road to Damascus and was on a cool TV reality show called Redemption? It's an awesome success story. She is a beautiful young woman and a wonderful mother that has totally turned her life around and now speaks to at risk youth. God knows they need it in Prince George. She's the only person those kids will listen to. I fully endorse her. Turns out she just came back from giving a presentation to the 4 life Foundation in Toronto. Well done. Arise and shine sister, your day has come.

This girl needs a business loan to buy some snow blowers and a big ass street snowplow. I can see her hire Glen Louie to teach those little delinquents to use a snow blower while he drives around in a big snowplow that Boo does contract work for the city. If you want to get kids out of the gangs you've got to put some cheddar on the table to make it worth their while. No offense but after hearing that kid rap he needs a new day job. God knows the ministry has let him down.

If Boo can help get Mercedes off the crack maybe Mercedes could get her child back. That would be very healing. Kitt Alwood has got to stop buying booze and dope for under age kids though.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Time for a Fresh Start

OK it's time for a fresh start. It's time for a new beginning. I kinda feel like Donny Osmond in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Joseph and his Technicolor Dream Coat. The guy has this wonderful vision and all of a sudden everything goes down the toilet and he ends up in jail. Right now as my daughter would say sh*t be cray as in crazy. It's time for me to cut a deal and negotiate terms and conditions. In the past I have spoken about redemption. I am a firm believer in the saying no matter what your past, you have a spotless future.

I have redone the gang member registry. It was kind of getting old and I really didn't have the time to keep updating it. I started it in answer to the heartfelt plea of a grieving mother. That is why I did it. Granted I completely bugged out and crossed the line. I accept responsibility for what I have done. That's no reason to hurt my daughter. My last request is for a soldier's death. If you shoot anyone because of what I have done, shoot me not my daughter, not my family, not my friends. That is my last request. It is what it is.

Ya gotta admit that I've stirred the pot. I have proven to be a worthy adversary over the years and for that all I ask is for a soldier's death. Don't bitch out and shoot my daughter. If you have beef with me shoot me not my family. Having said that, I am willing to cut a deal and agree to terms and conditions to avoid any more violence.

I have negotiated truces before. The Thanksgiving truce had nothing to do with Schrader. I just added him in because I was feeling festive. I really cut a deal with someone else at the same time. Someone further up the food chain. Right now I don't care about low level dealers. I'm not going to be posting their pictures any more. It's rather pointless because as soon as they bust one they just get another mule. That's why 30 year or 300 year prison sentences won't solve a thing.

Before when Schrader was in my grill he said if I get arrested for something and get a criminal record you're free to talk about that but if you're just going by what people are saying then shut the f*ck up. Fair enough. I am willing to give every criminal on this planet the same deal. I will only post information about criminal arrests or convictions. No more insider tips. I'll leave that for the police.

I do passionately believe in redemption. I do believe in giving anyone a second chance. Right now my passion is to help people leave the gang life if that is their choice. In Denmark they have this huge support group for former gang members called TBM Fresh Start. I think TBM is an acronym for the Danish word for gangs. TBM Fresh Start therefore means Gang Member Fresh Start. I totally support what they are doing. We should do the same here in Canada. Helping people leave the life if they so choose.

Kerri Krysko is a spiritual giant on that very crusade. Her message is different. She never testified in court. She is telling people if you want to leave the gang life you don't have to testify. In fact not testifying is the best chance you have of leaving the life and avoiding retaliation. I cannot emphasize that message enough.

I totally respect Person Y. Completely. He is a bigger man than I am. He is doing the noble thing in the Surrey Six trial and for that we sincerely thank him. He is shedding some light on some of the misconceptions the gang life sometimes bring about loyalty. Many are just loyal to the almighty dollar. Not all but many. That needs to be addressed if we are going to help our kids avoid the lies that trap people into that lifestyle.

In his music video Life Goes On Tupac asked Is there a heaven for a G? There most certainly is. Life does not end at death. After the resurrection and judgement we will be with people who led similar lives to ours. If we spent our life lying, cheating and stealing, we will end up with people just like us. If we spent our life being truthful and respectful we will end up with others who did the same. It really is that simple. Heaven and Hell is what we make it.

Some people say murder is the one thing you can never be forgiven for. I disagree. I realize that murder is very serious. When you commit murder you take from someone something that can never be returned. Yet the good book says, Walk in the light as he is in the light and the atoning blood of Jesus Christ will cleanse us from all sin. More folklore but the point is that it says all sin not some sin. If we walk in the light. That is change and start over.

TBM Fresh Start is the perfect example. Ya think maybe there are guys in that crew who have committed murder? Perhaps. Yet all of those guys have a new life. They are tough and hard core no doubt and whatever you do, don't f*ck with their family, but all in all they are in a completely different league than those stuck in the gang life pimping the dream for the almighty dollar.

In fact, it's really painful for me to sit in church these days. No disrespect but I am different. When I look at TBM Fresh Start I know Tupac was right. There is a heaven for a g and I'd be honoured to spend eternity with guys like that. Word.

So here it is. These are my terms and conditions. I've redone the gang member registry. I'm going through the blog and cleaning up any grey areas where I might have crossed the line or posted something about someone who is genuinely trying to change and I'm only going to write about actual criminal charges or convictions. Those are my terms and conditions. Failing that, as a professional courtesy I ask that you give me a soldier's death and shoot me not my daughter, not my family and not my friends. That's all I ask.

Conspiracy Theories

I realize I should simply ignore trolls because they are simply trying to get me riled and stop the flow of information. However, I will address one of their recent ridiculous claims. Some of them are saying Agent K is a nutbar in a tinfoil hat and his blog has degenerated into crazy conspiracy theories and has no credibility whatsoever. You're absolutely right so stop reading my blog.

If I'm such a nutbar and there is no credibility in my blog, then stop reading it. No one is forcing anyone to read it. I'm certainly not making any money from it. I still don't understand where this tinfoil hat idea comes from. I realize it's just a joke but I never understood why some whacked out conspiracy theorist would wear a tinfoil hat in the first place. That never made sense to me.

I realize there are more conspiracy theories out there then trolls on the internet which are plentiful. I don't talk about UFOs or many of the bizarre theories out there but I do talk about Gary Webb. Even Katherine Austine Fitts believes the Gary Webb story. He was an award winning investigative journalist who claimed the CIA were responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's. In the face of all the rage and denial he documented everything in a book called the Dark Alliance.

Since Gary Webb there has been a huge amount of information come forward that totally supports the premise that the CIA have been heavily involved in drug trafficking and money laundering for many years. Operation Fast and Furious is a continuation of that network. I find it relevant to my blog because to stop the crack dealer on the street preying on the homeless, one must examine the root of the problem and find out who the biggest suppliers really are.

I also believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Professionals in the filed will tell you that all three towers, including tower seven which fell even though no planes hit it, collapsed into their own blueprint at free fall speed just like a controlled demolition. The science declares that the only way that can possibly happen is if the load bearing beams are blown out. That means someone had to have gone in beforehand to plant those explosives on the load bearing beams.

No conspiracy theorist made up Operation Northwoods. That declassified document does exist and we need to talk about how such a treasonous plot made it so far into the US government. If Kennedy hadn't vetoed the idea, the CIA would have implemented it. That's all there is to it.

A few years ago I had a second job on a local ski hill. I was speaking with a guy about politics. He comes out with, Don't tell me you're one of those who believe 9/11 was an inside job? I stopped what I was doing, looked him in the eye and said yes I do. A young girl who I had been working with for some time and had finished her degree in university was shocked. Her mouth fell open and she just looked at me as though I had said I was an alien from outer space. I just smiled and said what? I do. Shrugged my shoulders and went back to work. It is what it is. I am what I am. If you think that's silly then don't read it. There are millions of other blogs out there. I'm just one of them.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Solemn Reflections

Since the flood gates of death threats have opened wide open, understandably I've been forced to reflect. My daughter's pissed. She's like well if we die I hope it was worth it. Not really. Making fun of gangsters isn't something I'd be proud to carry on my tombstone. Yet it really is much bigger than that. Yes gang members who walk around with man purses and get their eyebrows done at Merl Normans look in my opinion ridiculous. Yes I do believe that. I do think puppet club bikers who wear tennis shoes on their motorcycle also look ridiculous. I do believe that. It is what it is. However, the intent of my web site and blog goes much deeper than that.

Once upon a time two innocent victims were executed in a gang hit known as the Surrey Six. That created a lot of public outrage. I attended a rally against gang violence at Bear Creek Park when the mother of one of those innocent victims spoke. She was heart broken. She made a public appeal for a website to identify known gang members. She said the public needs to know. Every time there's a gang related shooting we hear the victim was known to the police. Well if they are known to the police why aren't they known to the public? She said they did not know they were living next door to gang members and if they had known her son might still be alive today.

I thought to myself, I could do that. I knew there would be legal challenges over privacy issues but weighing that with public safety created a grey area. When I started the blog and web site the Abbotsford Police department said they would actually be doing it themselves. I said three cheers. Please do. They never did. Kash Heed made a public appeal for a similar web site. That never went anywhere. Then someone, I believe Bill Fordy, sent out press releases to Kim Bolan saying they were actually going to do it themselves. That still hasn't happened.

Now I know my blog and website has created a lot of controversy. Some said I started off with good intentions but went crazy. Sorry to say I was crazy before I started the blog. I had to have been to take the project on. Yes I have made mistakes. Yes making those kind of mistakes are serious. However, if it was brought to my attention that I ever made a mistake, I promptly corrected that mistake. Just like a newspaper prints a retraction.

I want to be clear that I have never made a penny from this web site. People have offered to donate and I said thanks but no. Donate to a homeless shelter in East Vancouver instead. Then people criticized that too. Some people just need something to complain about and will never be happy no matter what you do. I wasn't in this for the money or the glory. I answered the heartfelt plea of a grieving mother. It wasn't about selling newspapers or making money from advertizing on the site. There was more to it than that. It was a cause I genuinely believed in.

All the death threats when I started the web site became rampant and toxic. I turned comments to moderated to reduce them. The consistent threats to rape my daughter were outrageous. That really crossed the line. It enraged me. How dare they do that? It just showed how important it was to expose these kind of criminals. I have never put anyone's life at risk. Ever. I've had some people send me pictures of some low level dealers and I refused to post them because like the Dhurry Dhak Pack I knew posting their picture would likely see them executed. That was not the purpose of my blog. The purpose of my blog was to stop the violence not perpetuate it.

So what did I get right? An online news source did an interview with me after I posted the name of a person who was decapitated for a drug debt and named the group responsible for the murder. They did the interview after the police confirmed that the name was right and so was the group responsible. I posted it before any other media source. I got that one right.

I also posted the names of two individuals arrested in a top level drug bust on Vancouver Island months before the police released their names. I got that one right too. However, I did make a mistake in my interpretation of a funeral photo that looked very similar to a UN photo. It turned out none of the people in that picture were members of the UN. I had made a colossal mistake. Thankfully no one was hurt and I took the picture and claims down.

Now I realize getting five thousand things right does not make up for getting one thing wrong. Especially when getting something like that wrong is so serious. This is why it's so important to check the source and be absolutely sure before you make any claims that aren't true. That is why for the most part, I simply quote a newspaper or report on criminal records I found in the online database. Sometimes I have reported on what I felt was a credible source, one time I made a mistake. A big one.

It turns out that funeral was for a high school friend who had epilepsy and was never allowed to get a drivers license. Turns out he died in an ATV accident. Tragic and it had absolutely nothing to do with drug trafficking or the gang life. Although many people in that picture had criminal records for B&E as well as grow rips. It was nonetheless, just a bunch of friends from school in Surrey who knew each other. It was not a UN photo.

What makes matters worse is the guy I saw at the Front Room collecting money from a resident wasn't a supplier collecting from a dealer. It was a guy who admitted he used to sell crack but stopped simply collecting money for a used ipod he sold to a guy at the Front Room. When I first heard that explanation I said to myself bullshit. Then I thought, what if it really was true? That would be a huge mistake to make. Ya gotta admit what I saw looked very suspicious. Especially when then guy admitted he used to sell crack in the past. Yet when he said he doesn't like going there because it's still a temptation for him to use and that it's easy to see who really is selling there something in his words just rang true. He was telling me the truth and I made a big mistake.

Recently it was brought to my attention that there was one picture related to that group photo I forgot to take down. I said the guy had a ship load of friends who were members of the UN. There were a ship load of guys in that group photo who were his friends on facebook. Only they weren't members of the UN. I finally caught up with a member of the UN that was bitching me out for something and asked him. He said there was not a single guy in that picture who was with them. That confirmed I had made a mistake and the unlikely story these guys were giving me was true.

So it is what it is. I've got some things right and I've got some things wrong over the years and whenever I have made a mistake I have promptly corrected it. Everybody talks about doing what I do but no one has ever been able to pull it off yet. No doubt the reason is the possibility of error. What if you say someone is with a gang and they're not? That is a huge mistake to make. We could put bar watch online to help promote public safety. Then again enters the part about being innocent until proven guilty. A Charter Right I passionately believe in.

To that end it's time to make a change. I remember the intent of Eileen Mohan's plea. If these people are known to the police they should be known to the public. I agree. However, I will leave that up to the police. My new gang member registry will only have names and pictures of people charged or convicted of criminal offenses. Peace.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Person Y Testifies at Surrey Six Trial

Kim Bolan is reporting that Person Y is testifying at the Surrey Six trial. This is big news. We all know who Person Y is but we can't say his name because it's under publication ban. All I'll say is that Person X and Person Y got switched around. Kim Bolan knows who it is. That's why she refers to him as the star witness.

Nobody is calling him a rat because the people involved in the Surrey Six are the rats. Executing two innocent bystanders. That was messed up. That is why this web site was created. Executing four drug dealers because they wouldn't pay the tax Jamie Bacon tried to collect from them for *somone* else. That was messed up. Totally. You can put a cap in my ass for saying that. It's still true. Larry Amero was friends with Jonathon Bacon all along. He just came out of the closet in Kelowna when he was shot with Jonathon Bacon.

It's not brain surgery. If the UN wasn't supplying the Bacon brothers someone else had to be. After the Surrey Six the Red Scorpions started working for the Hells Angels just like the Independent Soldiers did after they killed off all the old leadership who weren't affiliated with the Hells Angels in that group as well.

Selling drugs in cubs is really no one else's business. Giving crack to the homeless for free then beating the life out of them for payment afterwards is really messed up. That's me beef.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Everything’s in it’s Place

Alright soldiers, I’m feeling a little Simon and Garfunkel today. Yeah that’s what I said. Everything has it’s time and place. A time for war, a time for peace. A time to say enough. What they did to Janice Shore was wrong. If they are going to put a cap in my ass for saying that then so be it. If I didn't say anything about that I'd be dead already.

Like Martin Luther King, I’ve been to the mountain top. What happens to me just doesn’t matter. They’re letting people sell crack outside the Carnegie centre and outside the Front Room which caused Janice Shore and Ashley Machiskinic’s murders. Corrupt politicians are getting rich from money laundering and fraud while they break the law and rob our civil liberty. Gentlemen may cry peace peace but there is no peace. The war is already begun.

Jay Walking in Surrey

Have no fear. Selling crack and smoking it is fine in Surrey as long as you don't jay walk. They will bust your ass for that. Glad to see Dianne Watts and Bill Fordy are on top of everything making Surrey safe for everyone during the gang war. 138 million tax dollars on her own personal Ivory Tower but no money for police to bust crack dealers in Newton. May their respective ivory towers fall in around them. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Last night a 33 year old Burnaby man was shot while inside a car and managed to stumble into a restaurant on Vancouver’s Victoria Drive and 35th Avenue to get help. Police say it was a targeted shooting. Looks like spring is starting to heat things up again. Metaphorically speaking.

Avalanche near Lake Louise leaves 2 snowshoers dead - Update

CBC is reporting that an Avalanche near Lake Louise leaves 2 snowshoers dead. Evidently they were at Lake Agnes exactly where I visited last January during the ice carving festival.

A party of five were at the bottom of a steep slope and triggered an avalanche at 3 p.m. while on Lake Agnes. Two snowshoers were buried. The uninjured party members were able to call for assistance with a cell phone and extricated one of the buried snowshoers.

I'm curious as to the exact location. If they were on the lake they weren't at the bottom of a steep slope and couldn't have triggered the avalanche. If they were on the trail on the way to the lake, there definitely are places there where there could be an avalanche. In fact when I was there they said the 1/2 mile trail to Lake Agnes from Mirror Lake was in fact closed due to avalanche conditions but I assessed the risk and decided to proceed. Makes me kinda think twice about my risk assessment.

Update: Two separate avalanches near Lake Louise Saturday. CTV is reporting one of those avalanches claimed the life of a father and son at the base of Mount Fairview on the shore of Lake Louise. The other one resulted in a Calgary man in critical condition who was skiing with a group in the back country. Fairview is that awesome short trail near the Chateau right on the lake.

Tragically the father and his 11 year old son were simply tobogganing on the left hand side of the lake and were burried for a week before they were found. You can see the chateau from here. There is all kinds of spin going on calling it avalanche slope claiming they were negligent but come on, they were tourists. There id a trail up that slope that I snowshoed up myself when I was there and there are cross country ski trails on that side of the lake. It's a real tragedy. Eight deaths in one week in BC avalanches.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Obama claims Crimea referendum illegal

OK I'm a little confused. The Vancouver Province is reporting that Obama claims a Crimea referendum is illegal and Harper says Canada will not recognize its forthcoming referendum on whether to join Russia. We know Harper is an idiot but I'm curious as to where Obama's arrogance is coming from? Since when is an election contrary to democracy? It's as though he's being advised by Goldman Sachs or something.

So let's have a recap. The Ukraine used to be part of the Soviet Union. Now they are free and independent. The EU want the Ukraine to join the EU and Russia wants them to join back with Russia. Russia gave the Ukraine a financial bribe to join with them and people started protesting. The Russian military then invaded to protect Russians living in Crimea. OK so that is all a very bad precedent. That is an invasion of a sovereign state.

However, in that region of the Ukraine there appears to be pro Russia supporters who would rather join with Russia then join with the EU. Having a referendum would be the most democratic way to determine just how many people there want to return to Russia. Obviously Russia is not known for fair elections. Putin himself has been accused of rigging elections just like George Bush has been. Holding an election during a military occupation is clearly a farce.

However, having the military pull out and having a neutral third party like Switzerland hold the referendum would be the most democratic solution to the crisis possible. Why would Obama say a referendum is illegal and undemocratic? That is suspicious. Certainly there are huge concerns about the credibility of Russia holding the referendum. Yet surely there is nothing wrong with a neutral third party holding a legitimate referendum on the matter.

Goldman Sachs should not be advising anyone

Henry Paulson was the former CEO of Goldman Sachs and became the US treasury secretary under George W. Bush. Many felt issuing the bank bail out was a conflict of interest. Likewise, Goldman Sachs became Obama's #1 Private Contributor. Under the Obama Administration, in 2009 alone, Goldman Sachs took more than $20 billion in taxpayer cash through bailouts, payments and backstops; and then turned around and paid out $16.2 B as 2009 bonuses, plus an additional $5 B more in bonuses in 2010. Donating $1.6 B to Obama's campaign represented less than 10% of the $20 B “bailout” Goldman Sachs received. Not a bad investment return.

Several former Goldman executives hold senior positions in the Obama administration, including Gary Gensler, the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission; Mark Patterson, a former Goldman lobbyist who is chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner; and Robert Hormats, the undersecretary of state for economic, energy and agricultural affairs.

Goldman Sachs does not represent business. Bill Gates represents business. Goldman Sachs has been caught defrauding the public on more than one occasion. They hid Greek's debt from the EU which was created through investment fraud. Why on earth does a criminal organization like that which has defrauded billions of tax dollars hold senior positions in the US Government?

This is a huge concern. It does not mean we jump out of the frying pan and into the fire by adapting Revolutionary Communism. Communism is even worse. In fact the same bankers that are buying the government fund Communism. They are one in the same. This is something we need to address. Our civil liberty depends on it.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bill C-13 does away with civil liberty

Speaking of Stephen Harper's Corporate Communism, Open has put out a new youtube video about bill C-13 that has been picked up by the Huffington Post. Warrantless surveillance is illegal. They are violating the Constitution and the Charter of Rights. There is nothing good about this deception. This is big brother in your face. Everything he promised to oppose. Sound familiar?

Vikileaks Toews, the good Christian who had an affair on his wife and fathered a child with a younger woman originally said anyone who opposes this bill supports pedophiles. That was a bold faced lie. When the media told him the bill gives the police the right to put someone under surveillance who has not been accused of a crime he said he was surprised to find out that was in the bill. Liar. Even Michael Geist opposes it. Somehow I don't think he supports pedophiles. This is about protecting civl liberty. Something the Harper government opposes.

Jason Yeo found guilty of organizing PEI home invasion

CBC is reporting that Jason Yeo has been found guilty of organizing an Emyvale home invasion and will be sentenced on March 31. This was the drug rip he orchestrated because he said one of his co conspirators owed him a debt after their drug shipment was busted by the police.

Four Teenagers arrested for armed robbery at Surrey pharmacy

CTV is reporting that four teenagers have been arrested in connection with an armed robbery at a Surrey pharmacy Tuesday night, just one week after officials voiced concern over a number of drugstore thefts in the city. The teens were arrested in Burnaby by the VPD.

I'm glad they made the arrest. I'm just wondering why they bother arresting these kids when they let everyone else sell stolen pharmaceutical drugs outside the Carnegie centre in East Van. I mean why arrest one but not the other? It just doesn't make sense.

I thought the government said they were banning oxys because of all the theft and misuse. That doesn't seem to be happening. The over prescription of oxys is still rampant. The pharmaceutical scam continues.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Defending a Free Republic

The last post about Putin using a MC to invade the Ukraine has generated some very interesting discussion. I want to be very clear about the difference between Capitalism and Freedom. Many people today think they are on in the same but there is a huge difference. Capitalism is a condition that exists within a free market. The free market represents democracy not the greed of Capitalism. Greed in itself is not good. A Free Republic is good.

I do admire the Americans. They have a very high respect for their flag. They never let it touch the ground. They view it as sacred. They even say a pledge of allegiance to the flag and the Free Republic it represents. The US Constitution guarantees a Republican government.

The Founding Fathers were not referring to Capitalism or George Bush. They were referring to a Free Republic where civil liberty was protected by law not abolished by a manifesto. The movie Gladiator was about the struggle to establish a free republic. So was the Star Wars saga. Eddy Murphy was in a comedy called Distinguished Gentlemen which was about the corruption among the lobbyists in Washington. In Michael Moore's last documentary Capitalism a love story, he illustrated some of the corruption that plagues both parties in the senate. How senators get campaign contributions in the form of insider trading tips on Wall Street like what they threw Martha Stewart in jail for.

It was interesting to hear of the threats and the opposition Michele Moore received for exposing Senator Dodd and the insider trading corruption that plagued the Democrats as well as the Republicans. They told him to cool it. His position was that he would expose corruption on either side on the political fence not just on one side.

So without question the insider trading that is bribing US government officials is staggering but get this. It is nothing compared to the wealth among the politicians in Communist China which promises to oppose the greed of Capitalism. In reality they are far worse offenders.

The Business Insider is reporting that the 70 Richest Members Of China's 'Congress' Are Worth $90 Billion. This is more than the $7.5 billion net worth of all 660 top officials in the three branches of the U.S. government. History repeats itself. Corruption infiltrates both sides of the fence. Communism does not represent social justice and does not oppose the greed of the big banks. They are in reality funded by the big banks only to become much worse offenders. So you say you want a revolution? Just be careful the devil you don’t know isn’t worse than the devil you do know.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Putin recruits Russian MC

Well this is interesting. The Telegraph in England is reporting that the Night Wolves are Russia’s largest motorbike club, with over 5,000 members. They appear to be aligned with the Bandidos not the Hells Angles.

Following feminist group Pussy Riot’s ‘punk prayer’ in a Moscow cathedral, the Night Wolves offered to guard Orthodox cathedrals against any further ‘hooliganism’. Bikers protecting a church against vandalism? That's ironic.

They are mobilizing in the Ukraine in support of Russian troops there. It sure is a mixed up world so it is. Just ask the Kinks. The Aging Rebel has also done a write up about them.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

East Vancouver open air drug markets

Here we go again. Banging our head against the wall. Front page of the Vancouver Province was a picture outside the infamous Carnegie center in East Vancouver talking about all the drugs for sale outside. Everyone knows the police let them sell drugs there. The whole drug war is a complete farce as long as they let them do that.

The new news is that prescription drugs are now sold there just as much as crack and crystal meth which opens up Pandora's box as to more tax dollars getting ripped off by drug dealers.

Once again it focuses on the root of the problem. Why the fuck are we letting drug dealers sell crack, crystal meth and stolen oxy's outside the Carnegie centre? It makes no sense whatsoever. Selling hard drugs is illegal. Busting someone for growing some pot but letting someone else sell crack outside the Front Room in Surrey or outside the Carnegie Centre in East Vancouver is criminally insane. The spin off violence is off the hook.

We are enabling the predatory drug dealers that beat Janice Shore to death for a drug debt in Surrey and pushed Ashley Machiskinic out of a window for a drug debt in East Vancouver. Letting these predatory drug dealers exploit the homeless is not being compassionate. It's being cruel and heartless. The same with handing out free crack pipes and mouth pieces. This is absolutely insane. I don't have to make another blog post ever again. This is the root of the problem right here. Until we address it everything else is a complete waste of time. When we let these drug dealers sell crack in public we are supporting all the trickle down crime and violence that creates which includes the torture and murder of drug addicts for drug debts. That is inhumane.