Friday, March 14, 2014

Boo Who

Speaking of retractions and redemption there's one more I have to set the record straight on and that is Alia Pierini also known as Boo. I realize a small town can be very unforgiving. Alia was a drug dealer in Prince George that went on a reality TV show called Redemption where she talked about her past and turned her life around starting a snow removal and landscaping business.

Under normal circumstances this is the exact kind of thing I would support. However, many locals were skeptical and shared those concerns with me. I jumped when I heard she had another drug trafficking charge and said a lot of things that weren't very nice. Turns out the new drug trafficking charge was a bogus pot charge when she had a prescription for medicinal marijuana. I don't care about pot I care about crack and it turned out she hadn't gone back to dealing.

So let's start over. Hey did you hear a hard core drug dealer in Prince George saw the light like Paul on the road to Damascus and was on a cool TV reality show called Redemption? It's an awesome success story. She is a beautiful young woman and a wonderful mother that has totally turned her life around and now speaks to at risk youth. God knows they need it in Prince George. She's the only person those kids will listen to. I fully endorse her. Turns out she just came back from giving a presentation to the 4 life Foundation in Toronto. Well done. Arise and shine sister, your day has come.

This girl needs a business loan to buy some snow blowers and a big ass street snowplow. I can see her hire Glen Louie to teach those little delinquents to use a snow blower while he drives around in a big snowplow that Boo does contract work for the city. If you want to get kids out of the gangs you've got to put some cheddar on the table to make it worth their while. No offense but after hearing that kid rap he needs a new day job. God knows the ministry has let him down.

If Boo can help get Mercedes off the crack maybe Mercedes could get her child back. That would be very healing. Kitt Alwood has got to stop buying booze and dope for under age kids though.


  1. Good for her! Its sad to see people jump at anything.

    On a side note: I messaged Dianne Watts on her email today and all I put was


  2. lol Great now she's gonna think it was me and I'm gonna have the Po Po at my door claiming I'm uttering threats again. Saint Paddy's Day parade in Vancouver tomorrow.

  3. I thought everybody has a parade. The Saint Paddy Day parades in New York and in Boston are a pretty big deal so they are.

  4. You forget Chicago. We have our green Lake Michigan!

  5. I recall hearing somewhere in the US where they dye their river green. I didn't realize they did it to Lake Michigan in Chicago. That's a pretty big body of water. I think here the environments might get a bit nicker twisted over something like that but I'm sure it's all in good fun.

  6. They use vegetable dye so no worries. Here is a link if you like see what it looks like.

  7. Good article. Here's an update:

    1. Thanks for the update. It takes a lot of courage and fortitude to leave the life in the face of such opposition. She has done well and has every right to be proud.


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