Monday, March 3, 2014

Putin recruits Russian MC

Well this is interesting. The Telegraph in England is reporting that the Night Wolves are Russia’s largest motorbike club, with over 5,000 members. They appear to be aligned with the Bandidos not the Hells Angles.

Following feminist group Pussy Riot’s ‘punk prayer’ in a Moscow cathedral, the Night Wolves offered to guard Orthodox cathedrals against any further ‘hooliganism’. Bikers protecting a church against vandalism? That's ironic.

They are mobilizing in the Ukraine in support of Russian troops there. It sure is a mixed up world so it is. Just ask the Kinks. The Aging Rebel has also done a write up about them.


  1. The CIA / George Soros support of the EU/IMF monstrosity that seeks to impose its carrion eater mandate on the people of the Ukraine is nothing short of disgraceful especially considering the unmitigated disasters they have created in Spain , Italy , Ireland , Portugal and God only knows where else with their central banker failed policy at the expense of hard working everyday people. Putin is doing the world a favor by standing up to the hypocrisy and double standards that continue to spew forth from Washington and the puppet that masquerades as a "president" of the "free world"...It is long over due that the treasonous fraudulent regime in charge be put in their place. John Kerry recently remarked that Russia should not be acting on "false pretenses" which only further serves to highlight the bullshit. Why is Washington supporting Al - CIA - DA in Syria ? last time I checked they were enemy combatants and terrorists.... Who cares if Putin has enlisted a "MC" ... if a Russian "MC" can somehow help put London , Washington and their lackeys in their place then so be it and more power to them. I sincerely hope the Ukraine will be a template for true global change and that the world at large will finally fully see what a fraudulent sham everything the west does in "the name of freedom" really is. Its absolute garbage predicated on lies and fraud and I fully support Vlad's efforts to expose and stop it once and for all at any cost. I would give my own life knowing it would succeed in usurping the criminals calling the shots. We are at a breaking point. Putin is twice the man that Barry Soetoro is and then some. The new ruler of the Ukraine is a fascist EU central banker appointee that should be hung with the rest of them in a global celebration. Go Putin...

    1. Wow, thanks for your feedback. It’s nice to get some thoughtful discussion on these kinds of issues. I agree with many of your concerns but I disagree with your conclusion. I don’t care if Putin teams up with an MC. I just said it was interesting. I care if he invades a sovereign nation. Here in Canada supporting a MC is problematic because the MCs here are drug dealers. Mind you so is the CIA so one is no better than the other.

      Back in Ireland the IRA was divided into two separate factions – the Provisional and the Sticks. The Sticks or the INLA were Communists who referred to Russia as big Brother while the Provos followed the American constitutional model. However James Connolly was a Communist and he supported a Constitutional model by being a martyr for the Irish Proclamation at the Easter Rising. I totally respect him.

      I always get a kick out of how much the Communists hate the Fascists. Not that there is anything funny about Fascism. I also totally oppose Fascism. There’s nothing worse than a racist dictator. Nothing except a racist dictator who pretends to be a liberator and freedom fighter. Take Poland for example.

      Stalin promised to “liberate” Poland from Hitler’s Fascism. He told the rebels to strike from inside while he outflanked Hitler’s troops in Poland from the outside. The freedom fighters struck from within and Stalin’s forced waited until they were all dead before they marched in and conquered Poland after all the rebels had been taken care of only to implement his own form of Fascism which was no different than Hitler’s. Hitler even called his Fascism Socialism.

      The Fascist banks funded the Communist revolution in Russia. They high jacked the workers movement and flushed all the promises of equality and social justice down the toilet and turned their form of Communism into Fascism. I do have concerns about the EU structure. It doesn’t have a constitution protecting human rights. That is what James Connolly fought for. That is what I fight for as an Irish Republican. Protecting freedom on paper with a real constitution not a manifesto that abolishes it. Peace.

    2. Thanks for the feedback. I really enjoy your blog by the way and had to make a comment on the Ukraine situation. I am Canadian of Irish Catholic descent. The way I see things is that Russia has chosen to defend a sovereign Nation from invasion. The invader being the EU/IMF western backed carrion eater looking to pluck more offal from the carcass of humanity through debt slavery and wealth confiscation. One of the first moves the EU central banker who is now the new "ruler" has done is implement capital controls on people's personal wealth. Standard fraudulent procedure from the "beacon of democracy" that masquerades as the EU. Someone has to make a stand against the banking cabal and as far I'm concerned this is humanities best chance so far. I also am a firm believer in paper documents that protect the freedom's and rights of the people. These days those are systematically being eroded by the very people who are supposed to represent them. Western "democracies" are eviscerating rights in favor of police state control and are in their very essence becoming the manifesto that abolish rights and freedom's while in the same breath strutting around the world telling others what they should and shouldn't do ... its very sad and well beyond hypocritical. Keep up the great work Agent K .. its much appreciated and needed these days.

    3. Rhonda: Thank you for the thoughtful insight. I have several analogies to share on the matter but I have been up all night worshiping the porcelain gods with the worse case of the flu I have ever had. I really have to start getting those flu shots. I’ll share my analogies when my stomach settles. As they say in Ireland, Our day will come.

    4. Rhonda: OK I am alive. I’m still a bit dizzy and queasy but I do want to add a couple of analogies. First of all I will say I really do appreciate the thoughtful discussion. It’s a lot better than trolls spamming my blog with name calling. Gotta love the Irish Catholics.

      Debt slavery is a huge concern especially when we see that the Greek financial crisis was caused by investment fraud and was hidden by Goldman Sachs. I totally recognize there are huge problems with the EU. However, is the EU actually invading with tanks or are they just trying to con them and win them over with flattery and lies?

      From my understanding, the Ukraine finally has it’s sovereignty. The EU is trying to convince them to join them while Russia is trying to convince the Ukraine to join them. Kinda like two big trade unions trying to swallow up a smaller union and suck up all those union dues or in this case oil and taxes.

      From my understanding Russia offered the Ukraine a financial bribe to join them and the people were holding massive protests objecting to the quest. That’s when Russian troops sent in the military to protect Russians living in the Ukraine.

      It’s hard for me not to compare that to the British Army sending in troops to Northern Ireland to protect the British citizens they put there during the plantation. In contrast, Ireland wants to be free. The Irish have expressed genuine concerns about the EU structure. As you say the investment fraud that is creating debt slavery is a huge concern. Personally I think the sovereignty of the Ukraine should be decided by the citizens of the Ukraine not by military invasion.

    5. Hope your feeling better :) I guess I'd rather stare down the barrel of a gun or a tank than have my life and the lives of future generations stolen by smug elites offering a smile and a handshake but that's just me. Its hard for the people of any country to really decide what is going for themselves when they have to go up against the banks and corporations. I agree in principle that the Ukrainian people should be the deciding voice here but operation Gladio (CIA) and many other factors will make that hard.if not impossible. A very wise man once said that he feared the power of banks and corporations more than that of any standing army and I tend to think he was spot on with that one. The enslavement of humanity through debt and fraud is the ultimate goal and the Ukraine fell into the "figurative" cross hairs this time. Who's next ? How do we stop them ? I'd say by rolling out the tanks and driving through the front door and telling them "things are going to different now". Writing a letter to a politician certainly isn't going to help and neither will peaceful protest. The police state doesn't really allow for those anymore anyway and what did they ever really accomplish anyway ? If you haven't already take the time to watch Aaron Russo's "Freedom to Fascism". Its a available for free on you tube and he is the award winning producer of the movie Trading Places. It focuses on the issue of American taxation and the privately owned Federal Reserve but is definitely well done and helps expose and shed light on the overall agenda of these people. The EU/IMF/London/Washington/CIA gang is the real bad guy and needs to stopped at any cost if humanity is to stand a chance in the future. I don't want my children and their children and so on and so forth being enslaved by debt created by those people. 85 people have more than half the world... they should start paying us back what they stole from us through their lies and fraud. Lets start with the Rothchilds and go from there... start cutting the heads off the snakes one by one. "Rat out a rat" .... :) talk to ya soon .

    6. "I guess I'd rather stare down the barrel of a gun or a tank than have my life and the lives of future generations stolen by smug elites offering a smile and a handshake but that's just me." I totally agree. Operation Gladio is the perfect example. It also shows how both extremes really are one in the same. I'm going to get more into in in my next post but slavery is slavery. The rich politicians in North America shows the corruption that exists in that system. Yet it is even worse in China which is "supposed" to oppose the rich when in reality it embraces it. This is what we consistently see in that the rich bankers take over the workers revolution and turn it into another form of Capitalism. Exactly what they promised to oppose:

  2. The time of the "West" being morally superior to what was the Soviet Blok is long gone.

    The Night Wolves actually do not support the Bandidos nor the HA nor the Mongols or any of the other criminal "mc's". In the video interview on the link supplied in the original post (the Ageing Rebel link), it was very refreshing to see Alexander “The Surgeon” Zaldostanov openly and correctly call these groups criminal "syndicates" and "cartels" and state they are not motorcycle clubs but criminal organizations. I believe he knows what he is talking about first hand.

    Sadly it seems that in North America (and Western Europe) bikers have been painted with the brush of criminals - largely because the criminal gangs have made it so any law abiding ones either need to comprised of police officers (and able to stand up to the criminals) or they need to do the gangs' bidding and dirty work. If they do not "play ball", so to speak, they are liquidated.

    Fear is a powerful thing and it is something the American originated criminal motorcycle gangs have learned works very well in their favour.

    As for who morally has the upper hand in the East to the West today, it is Russia who is standing up against the "pink mafia" ( (

    For any who still harbour reactionary sentiments about "why" the pink mafia is so dangerous, they need to digest this: (

    As for groups like Pussy Riot and their ilk, all one needs to do is view the facts: (

    I believe the only rational response is just the one the Night Wolves offered in protecting Churches from such desecration.

    Communism is, simply put, an evil. One of the better documentaries on communism is by Turkish scholar Adnan Oktar (

    1. Nanaimogirl: Dr. Smythe is referring to the Pussy riot. The girls who high jacked a church and started a raging punk rock concert in it without permission. Where on earth did you get the idea that I support the way Russia treats gays? Once again your perpetual name calling has pulled yet another false position of mine right out from outer space. I do not support how Russia treats gays. I never said I did.

      Dr. Smythe believes that homosexuality is a sin. That is his right. Personally I think what two consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. I have friends who are gay and I love and support them for who they are. I recognize there is a difference between gay rights and gay pride which promotes promiscuity. Gay promiscuity is just as bad as heterosexual promiscuity.

      I can however, see how gay rights is such a sensitive issue for you since you love to ride behind Ricky C in his gay pride parade in Nanaimo every year. Although I support gay rights I do not support Ricky C’s pals that sodomized a guy they kidnapped with a broomstick. A bunch of grown men standing around forcing a man to masturbate to the music while standing naked in a bucket. Those are Dr. Phil issues that you support. Supporting gay rights is one thing but supporting gay rape is another. I do not support gay rape any more than I support heterosexual rape. That is my position on the matter.

    2. Although I totally support Dr. Smythe’s freedom of expression and his freedom of religion, I will add that the video he linked to about a commercial of a man and a woman talking on the beach about their husbands is kinda cute. I personally don’t have a problem with it although I do understand his concerns.

      The guy is referring to his husband implying he was in a committed consensual relationship. I am the first one to concede that when a Priest, Minister or a coach sodomizes young boys, that is a heinous crime. Far worse than two guys getting married. Simply because it involves rape.

      I will also agree that there are concerns many have with the prideful nature of the gay pride movement. In Toronto some citizens are asking that public nudity laws apply to the gay pride parade as well as everywhere else. Gay pride should be a family event. Not a sleazy display of immorality and promiscuity:

    3. Dr. Smythe: It was the article in the British Telegraph that claimed there was some kind of shootout which implied the Night Wolves were aligned with the Bandidos. I’m not saying the paper had it wrong. I’m saying we might want to investigate the claim since often what people say and do are two different things.

    4. Nanaimoguy, you obviously did not watch the videos.

      Agent K, if you go to the Nightwolves website (, take a look at the alternating banner. It shows a picture of an HA "666" support shirt with a circle and slash through it, along with symbols for marijuana, a pentagram for witchcraft (occult) and a St. Peter's cross (the first Pope (Bishop of Rome) St. Peter was crucified upside down) which Satanists use out of obvious lack of historical knowledge but in an attempt to "turn upside down" good. All things the club obviously opposes.

      They definitely have a much higher intellectual stance than any of the OMG's I have ever encountered in North America.

      The other banner image of the club members sitting and listening to a Priest is very different from anything any OMG in North America would portray.

      Clicking on that banner image and then using google translate (I really hate gouge's social stances but they do have a good search engine…) it reveals some very interesting things:

      "On the background of de-Christianization of the West to us in whatever was necessary to save the Orthodox civilization. For 24 years without the help of God, we would not have done - took the floor leader of the club, the famous surgeon (Alexander Zaldastanov). - The Western motorcycle culture without God and we are created in opposition. Rock musicians type Bones Kincheva turned from pagans really Orthodox people by his heart.
      - What is that? - Patriarch carefully studied biker gear.
      - This armor protects against falls - The surgeon smiled and showed a sweatshirt with the words "God is with us." - Especially symbolic looks this inscription during risky stunts programs.
      - You can do a lot of good for rapprochement of our peoples and Christianization. Only need to your activities more accessible to the people to know that you are defending spirituality and traditional values ​​- Holy reasoned."

      Other parts of the article relate relations with Georgian Orthodox believers and various icons (religious pictures) of Saints, Apostles and the Virgin Mary.

      Very very different from anything over here. I would posit it seems to be an opposite.

      No wonder they would be at odds with followers of American based gangs.

  3. well the Mac Daddy in the WH wouldnt be any support from the Big Red machine-they hate competition

  4. I love how the U.S harps on Russia for breaking International law. The hypocracy of capitalism is almost comedic when these idiots speak!

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