Thursday, March 13, 2014

Conspiracy Theories

I realize I should simply ignore trolls because they are simply trying to get me riled and stop the flow of information. However, I will address one of their recent ridiculous claims. Some of them are saying Agent K is a nutbar in a tinfoil hat and his blog has degenerated into crazy conspiracy theories and has no credibility whatsoever. You're absolutely right so stop reading my blog.

If I'm such a nutbar and there is no credibility in my blog, then stop reading it. No one is forcing anyone to read it. I'm certainly not making any money from it. I still don't understand where this tinfoil hat idea comes from. I realize it's just a joke but I never understood why some whacked out conspiracy theorist would wear a tinfoil hat in the first place. That never made sense to me.

I realize there are more conspiracy theories out there then trolls on the internet which are plentiful. I don't talk about UFOs or many of the bizarre theories out there but I do talk about Gary Webb. Even Katherine Austine Fitts believes the Gary Webb story. He was an award winning investigative journalist who claimed the CIA were responsible for the US crack epidemic in the /80's. In the face of all the rage and denial he documented everything in a book called the Dark Alliance.

Since Gary Webb there has been a huge amount of information come forward that totally supports the premise that the CIA have been heavily involved in drug trafficking and money laundering for many years. Operation Fast and Furious is a continuation of that network. I find it relevant to my blog because to stop the crack dealer on the street preying on the homeless, one must examine the root of the problem and find out who the biggest suppliers really are.

I also believe that 9/11 was an inside job. Professionals in the filed will tell you that all three towers, including tower seven which fell even though no planes hit it, collapsed into their own blueprint at free fall speed just like a controlled demolition. The science declares that the only way that can possibly happen is if the load bearing beams are blown out. That means someone had to have gone in beforehand to plant those explosives on the load bearing beams.

No conspiracy theorist made up Operation Northwoods. That declassified document does exist and we need to talk about how such a treasonous plot made it so far into the US government. If Kennedy hadn't vetoed the idea, the CIA would have implemented it. That's all there is to it.

A few years ago I had a second job on a local ski hill. I was speaking with a guy about politics. He comes out with, Don't tell me you're one of those who believe 9/11 was an inside job? I stopped what I was doing, looked him in the eye and said yes I do. A young girl who I had been working with for some time and had finished her degree in university was shocked. Her mouth fell open and she just looked at me as though I had said I was an alien from outer space. I just smiled and said what? I do. Shrugged my shoulders and went back to work. It is what it is. I am what I am. If you think that's silly then don't read it. There are millions of other blogs out there. I'm just one of them.


  1. The tinfoil hat comes from the folks who think aliens/the Govt./whoever is sending them thoughts/info etc by radio waves or something. IIRC someone told one of these guys that if he lined his hat with tinfoil it would block the radio waves. Said as a joke, but as the story goes, the guy came back a few days later and said that it worked.....

    LIsten, I've learned a bit from you about this stuff. While I had heard of Gladio, I'd never done any reading on it. Never heard of Northwoods before I read about it here. The great thing about the internet is that all this stuff can be Google/Wikipedia'd. I've read 3-4 books you've recommended, including the one on Gladio which was a little pricey since it's out of print.

    At the same time, we'll have to part ways on 9-11. While Gladio/Northwoods/USS Liberty are all documented and no one (credible) says they didn't happen, 9-11 is another story completely. You're just not getting 20 tons of explosive into an office building and placing it, hooking up all the various charges withe detcord etc. without the dozens of people who make up the maintenance and security staff noticing, I don't care how sneaky you are, (anyone who's actually worked in a large office building in one of those two capacities knows what I'm talking about) and no one faked driving 2 airplanes into the WTC. There is likewise no group of people, CIA or otherwise, who is going to deliberately engage in the mass murder of thousands of men women and children and then nothing will ever be said about it. People can't keep a secret for shit, and yet something of this magnitude would pass? I just can't see it, sorry.

    When I read that book on Webb, I liked the part where someone said something to him about a "conspiracy theory" and he replied, "I'm not talking about a conspiracy theory, I'm talking about a conspiracy!" Good line that.

  2. I still don't understand how on earth a tin foil hat is supposed to stop radio waves but whatever. I see where it comes from now. Yes we most definitely have to part ways on 911. Gary Webb was a very intelligent investigative reported who documented everything. Engineers in the field say the three towers fell at free fall speed just like a controlled demolition. That is what the science declares.

    People are welcome to their own opinions. As you know my blog isn't for disinformation campaigns to trash talk sound concerns. Northwoods was real. Gladio was real. Before anyone dares use the conspiracy word we need to address those facts.

    1. Operation Gladio is alive and well as you probably already know although it may have been renamed. Kind of like "Treadstone" was changed to "Blackbriar" in the Bourne movies.... we should get in touch... so much to talk about... including the large albatross looming over my shoulder that pertains to the heart of this blog. ...

    2. Sure just send me an e-mail. Peace.

  3. Do you ascribe to any other conspiracy theories? Or is 9/11 it? I have a couple of colleague who also believe the inside job theory and they hold other..thoughts as well. Including a firm distrust of all governmental entities.

    1. 911 is the only one that I can think of although there have been many false flag attacks used by many different governments over the years. I believe the Gary Webb story but I would call him an investigative journalist not a conspiracy theorist.The CIA's drug trafficking goes from Operation Fast and Furious to Iran Contra right back to Vietnam. It's well documented.


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