Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Crimean Secession - Update

This one's kind of hard to follow but is clearly contentious. We have been hearing quite a bit about unrest in the Ukraine. We heard news of protests in the Ukraine over the government's bid to go back to Russia and protesters getting shot at. It would seem that clearly the majority of people in the Ukraine do not want to be a part of Russia again. Fair enough.

Then Russia invades Crimea, a peninsula off of the Ukraine but separate from it. They say they went there to protect the Russians living there. Yeah right. Then they say they're going to hold a referendum on who wants to break off of the Ukraine and join with mother Russia. Nothing like holding an election with a gun held to your head.

I will say this. The results of the referendum are suspect. Over 90% voted to return to Russia? I cry bullshit on that one. Especially when they announced the results before 50% of the ballots were counted. However, it does appear that there are some citizens there that would rather be part of Russia than the EU. The question is just how many.

There was a protest in Toronto calling for Russia to pull out of Crimea. Signs said Hands off Ukraine. However, Russia invaded Crimea not the Ukraine. The most violent anti Russia protests were held in Kiev not Crimea. To me it would seem that letting Crimea succeed and letting the Ukraine remain free is kind of a peaceful solution to the conflict.

I have a hard time understanding why the EU would ban Crimean citizens from traveling in Europe and freeze their assets. It kinda just looks like sour grapes and theft. They are going to slap travel bans on elected Crimean officials who voted to have a referendum on sovereignty and seize their assets? What right to they have to seize an elected officials assets for passing a law they objected to which simply put the question to a vote of the people?

The biggest protest against the invasion was in Moscow - 50,000 people. That is a huge protest but I'm having a hard time interpreting that. It's hard to know the will of the people in Crimea when you're not actually there. Evidently, Russian in the predominate language spoken in Crimea and they did vote over 70% in favor of Yanukovych in 2010. Logic would imply that 70% would elect to return to Russia as opposed to the EU. If Putin leaves the Ukraine alone and just takes Crimea, that seems like a decent compromise to me. Just saying.

Update: Russia has now seized two Ukrainian naval bases. I was already to go ballistic on this one and call for economic sanctions until I discovered that the naval bases they are referring to are in Crimea not the Ukraine. If Russia seized naval bases on Ukrainian soil that would be an act of war and I would totally support economic sanctions against them. However, it appears that the naval base in question is in the port of Sevastopol which is in Crimea not the Ukraine. In response the Ukraine plans on withdrawing their troops From Russia-Occupied Crimea so it doesn't appear that the sky is ready to fall just yet. If Russian troops seize naval bases off the coast of the Ukraine that would be an entirely different matter.


  1. I agree that allowing Crimea to join Russia is the peaceful solution to all this. Also, im most elections the results are usually known before 50% of ballots are counted.

    1. Yes but even then it says projected not final. I do however agree that it is highly likely that at least 70% did vote in favor of succession because the poll for the last election said over 70% voted in favor of Yanukovych in 2010.

  2. Agent K, you are clearly brainwashed by western media. Russia didn't invade.They had a treaty to keep 25 000 troops stationed there. You do realize that a western sponsored coup overthrew a democratically elected government and replaced it with neo-nazis whose first act was to ban the Russian language.As for the "gun to the head" comment the media memering: there were international observers present, and it was much more transparent than our elections. You also may want to do some history on why Crimeans identify as Russians,

    1. Brainwashed by Western media? Yeah well Stalin’s death camps weren’t fabricated by Western media. I do agree that there was some kind of treaty in place for Russia to have troops there which is as you say another factor. I am under the impression that after the violence broke out, then Russia moved troops in. The violence was police shooting at protestors. Just remember I am the one saying that I disagree with Harper and Obama and that this seems to be a fair compromise. That would imply that I’m not brainwashed by Western media.

    2. Wbo banned the Russian language from where?

    3. Ban was a poor choice of words on my part:
      "The now-repealed language law, which was adopted in Ukraine in 2012, gave legal grounds for local government to conduct business in the languages of local minorities. This mostly affected the Russian-speaking minority, which is concentrated in the east and south of the country, but also affected Romanian and Hungarian-speaking minorities in the south-west."


    4. I say brainwashed because you continue to use their talking points almost verbatim without even realizing it. As far as the police shooting protesters, the evidence now points to the police and protesters being shot by the same assassins. This is a sure fire to escalate a situation as both sides blame the other. I take you have not heard the FSB leaked Ashton calls:

      You really cannot rely on western media to get the truth anymore. Even the CBC is becoming lopsided as evidenced by their coverage of Syria and Ukraine. Dig deeper K!

    5. The Crimea was made part of the Ukraine by Nikita Kruschev when he was the PM of Russia.

      Russian thuggery never changes, and Putin knows America is led by a couple of weaklings in the persons of Barry Soetero and Neville "I gave my medals back" Kerry.

      Look for this to continue as it is at present. Look for China to be encouraged by this in it's claims against Japan, Korea, the Philippines and Taiwan. You'd think they have reason to make their move before we elect someone with some balls in 2016.

    6. Mephistopheles, "neo-nazis" is a pretty mass-reactionary term to throw around.

      It is obvious you have no idea what a real "neo-nazi" government would be like. It is also obvious you are throwing this term around purely for effect. However, such a word has been (over)used so much that today it merely garners a yawn and immediately makes people disengage from any point a person is trying to make.

      Try to stick to facts, instead of a lackadaisical attempt at propaganda laced sophistry.

      If you want to learn about "the East" and Russia you had best watch this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pzMHD0F4yQ

    7. Agent k .. Rhonda here. As you know I am very passionate and outspoken regarding the matter of the Ukraine. The protesters in Kiev were shot by agents of the CIA backed and funded operation "Gladio" not by Russian military personnel. The first order of business of the EU/IMF "democracy" was to install a fascist EU appointed , not democratically elected, central banker to oversee the carrion eaters continued raping of humanity through debt slavery and fraud. A referendum is a democratic process. The people of Crimea have spoken. Have you not seen the footage of those people dancing in the streets in celebration of their decision ? How come its not wrong when the west imposes their will at "the barrel of a gun" ... hypocrisy , double standards and fraud are the continued order of the day when it comes to the EU/IMF/WEST/USA ... Its getting old and needs to be stopped at all costs. "Its ok if I , but not ok if you" is not acceptable. Period end of story , back to the figurative drawing board. Why is the theft of 40 tonnes of the gold that belongs to the Ukrainian people not being mentioned by the way. It was "the beacon of democracy" who stole it by the way... Fraud , lies and deceit masquerading as "democracy" is disgraceful at best.

    8. Who stole 40 tons of gold? I can see a clear media spin. The first one implying Russian invaded the Ukraine against their will not a disputed territory that wanted to be separate from the Ukraine. Then with the claim Russia seized two Ukrainian naval bases only to discover they weren't in the Ukraine they were in Crimea. That media spin is wrecking havoc on Russian stocks.

    9. Rhonda Smith "The protesters in Kiev were shot by agents of the CIA backed and funded operation "Gladio" not by Russian military personnel''.

      WTF have you been smoking? You have a point or two with the rest of it but come on...

    10. To trailrunner78 with love from Rhonda. I have not been smoking anything. I have however been following the situation very very closely from sources other than CNN and/or FOX News which are nothing more than CIA / banker mouthpieces promoting propaganda and lies on behalf of their masters. The protests in the Ukraine are/were funded and supported by George Soros a known globalist , the CIA , and the banking cartel that seeks hegemony over the world through the enslavement of humanity by way of debt slavery and fraud end of story. The truth hurts sometimes. What have you been smoking ? Hopefully not meth or crack. Look up operation Gladio and operation Northwoods if you haven't already and then get back to me. I will say that no argument can be presented to sway me from what I know to be truth so we may be at an impass . The EU/IMF "western backed beacon of democracy and freedom" carrion eater appointed a NON ELECTED fascist banker as the new ruler of the Ukraine to ensure that their agenda of enslavement through fraud and deceit continues unchallenged. Did I mention he was not elected but appointed. By who ? This is the proof in the figurative pudding if nothing else is. What Putin is doing is giving the world the biggest window they have ever had and that includes you and me to take a much needed stand against these liars who are humanities biggest disgrace. We need to seize the moment and stop them in their tracks before its too late and the window won't stay open long. I do not care for the communist ideal in anyway shape or form for the record. I care less for people who masquerade themselves as the "beacon of freedom and democracy" while destroying peoples lives and future generations through passive and manipulated enslavement by way of selfish greed , lies , deceit and fraud. Its bullshit of the highest order and the very definition of hypocrisy and double standards. I have way more than "a point or two" by the way... as far as the rest of it goes ... exactly .. "come on" . Cut the crap , lies and fraud that spew from the "west" and we might all have a leg to stand on. The whole world should be a Constitutional Republic in my mind. A place where personal freedom and hard work are rewarded not stolen from by snakes who pretend to be righteous. Do as we say not as we do is the mantra of the "west" ... disgraceful hypocritical bullshit at best. "Its ok if we do this but not ok if you do" does not fly.

    11. Unless you actually own a copy of the not inexpensive and out of print book on Gladio by a Swiss author, I've read more on Gladio than you have.(Thanks K.)

      K has acquainted me with Northwoods, but likewise he and I have had our own conversation to the effect of Northwoods existence does not equal anything else than the truth of it. It's existence in the past doesn't somehow automatically equal present day false flag operations, were they to in fact exist.

      "no argument can be presented to sway me from what I know to be truth so we may be at an impass"

      Pretty much the definition of a conspiracy theorist right there..... ;)

      Listen I know all about that fucking scumbag Soro's, the globalists, the bankers/Fed Reserve/fiat currency etc.. And like I said I'm in complete agreement with some of what you've said. But my agreeing that some of what you've said is true doesn't equal that everything you've said is true.

      I'll say that it's a very shallow outlook with a lack of real world experience that believes it knows the complete truth about stuff like this. All these conspiracies, by definition secretive, yet somehow these people are such complete buffoons that a private citizen at home behind a keyboard can know every detail of what they do? Really? That's just idiocy. NO ONE who's not actually involved is going to know exactly what is going on in every detail. Larger picture, sure, especially over time. But your "sense" that the snipers shooting down civilian protesters must have something to do with Gladio would be a lot more complicated and FAR less likely that Russian SPECOPS doing what would make complete sense for them to be doing given Russian outlook, methods, and strategic goals.

      Google "Occams razor."

    12. Trail Runner - You have presented a standard response of labeling truth as treason and therefore your opinions are now null and void to me. You have childishly resorted to calling me an idiot so to you I say goodbye and good riddance. I have plenty of world experience and it is not your place to decided what someone else has experienced or not. You are not the decider for the record. I have no time for people like you so I will no longer respond to anything you have to say. Operation Gladio is still very much alive and well so I think I know as much or more about it than you claim to. I do not get all or even most of my information "sitting behind a keyboard" as you would imply. Operation Northwoods was real . Its a declassified military document that is a prime example of standard operating procedure for the "west" I suppose you are the type who would say that the lies about WMD's in Iraq and the false fag lie that started the Viet Nam war are "conspiracy theories too. As far as "strategic goals" are concerned I guess the EU/IMF/London/Washington fascist agenda of the enslavement of humanity should just be allowed to proceed unchecked and labelled a "conspiracy theory: lol. Get real. You're the one who sounds like a conspiracy theorist to me bud. Towing the garbage line and pointing fingers and calling people names. Back to sand box you go. Get back to me when you grow up and act like an adult.

    13. You would suppose wrong. I suppose it doesn't bother you either. I know about the WMD BS being used as a rational for invading Iraq, I'm familiar with the Gulf of Tonkin "incident" as well, so that's 2 suppositions you've made that are incorrect. But I'm guessing that won't be a problem for you.

      I said that to believe any one explanation was the full and complete set of facts was likely to be wrong and therefor idiotic, but to you that translates to me directly calling you an idiot. Yeah......I don't recall using the word treason either. But apparently I did :rolleyes:

      "Northwoods was real" No fucking shit. Did I not say that? And yet your reply is phrased as if I didn't. Like you're telling me what it was because I never heard of it before.

      Spare me your faux outrage. If you will no longer respond to anything you have to say, why do I need to get back to you? Of the two of us, who has more set themselves up as the arbiter of truth and troll (excuse me, "decider") of record?

      You seem to have a weakness common to many who know the truth about Soros/the one world government types/the Fed/ fiat currencies/Northwoods/Gladio etc etc.and it's this. You hop up and down and pick fights with other people who know these same truths and believe most of what you do because for some reason the "take yes for an answer" function is missing from your brain housing group. You are so used to spouting your information that you don't even recognize when people are agreeing with you, you seize on the 10% where they don't, the rest goes out the window, and you go on the attack.

      There's lots of people who know about all this stuff. I knew all about Soros/the Fed/fiat currency/fractional reserve banking/the USS Liberty (not to mention the Iraq WMD and the Gulf of Tonkin "incident") long ago. Read about Northwoods and Gary Webb right here courtesy of Agent K. I've bought a half dozen books in the last 2 years based on his recommendations.

      The problem is not that that people don't know about this stuff. The problem is people like you who are all too often the first point of contact someone who doesn't know has with the subject material. You do the cause of truth no great service by your zeal to be the messenger, because you are not aware of just how much of a nut job you appear to those who have no familiarity with it. To put it another way, even if they care to begin with (and many don't) you are no great help to the educational process.

    14. "To trailrunner78 with love?" From Rhonda or Russia : ) Trailrunner runs interference for the Agency. He is private military in Iraq. rollie eyes. He makes statements like he first heard about Northwoods from me but at the time said I had to stop talking about Northwoods. However, the fact that he first heard about it from me was the very reason I needed to keep talking about it. So others find out about it as well. The BBC did a documentary about Gladio:

    15. Is it not true that I first read about Northwoods here? Oh wait, yes it is. What I was taking issue with back then was that you just kept mentioning it it over and over again, even when there was no connection between it and what you were talking about. It was a writing style thing. Not that "you should stop talking about it", but that is how you took it. You'd be talking about something else and then slam "Gladio was real. Northwoods as real" in there, just to be mentioning it. It got a bit onerous.

    16. Gladio and Northwoods was real. That's why we have to talk about them.

    17. Not much new to talk about bro. They are old news. New information comes up, yeah rock on. But until/if that ever happens, to me (because I've heard of them and know what they are) they are valuable mainly as historical examples of false flag that serve the purposes of sensitizing people to the possibility of future such ops. Their value is educational. Just talking about them to be talking about them is going to make people change the channel, and that isn't really what we want, is it? Psychologists have shown that when people are exposed to the same info ad infinitium, they tend to tune it out. They know it already. Or more correctly they've heard it already.

      IMHO, Better to actually do a post that explains the what Northwoods or Gladio was (I know you've done this but I think you have new readers all the time, right?) than just hammer "Northwoods was real, Gladio was real, we have to talk about them", then not talk about them. (Don't leave the kids to do their homework on their own, most of them won't) To put it another way, "Yeah they were, now what?" Does that make sense?

      It's the new readers you want to become aware of what these things were. People who've been here a while already know. While some folks are capable of dialing up a very high level of outrage and maintaining it over a long period, many/most cannot.

      "We have to talk about them". Then do so. Don't just say "they were real, we have to talk about them", and then don't do that. "Continuing education" if that makes sense.

  3. Occam's razor is is constantly pushed these days to keep simple minds thinking simplistically. The fact is that neither Putin nor Yanukovich stood to gain anything from sniping protesters, and it defies credulity to believe they were behind it. The FSB leaked Ashton call from the Estonian FM is also very damning and makes a lot more sense.


  4. So if I understand you correctly, Putin and Yankovitch, who are trying to repress any move away from the Soviet sphere of influence and towards democracy, have nothing to gain by actually repressing (via gunfire) those who are calling for it? Or targeting those on the side of the authorities to ratchet up the level of things to justify an intervention? Wow, that just crazy enough to work...

    Career KGB officer running Russia for the last decade, journalists who expose corruption etc. disappearing or being gunned down, but yeah, nothing to do with him. Right.

    Listened to the clip. "clearly shows that the Europeans knew that the snipers on the Maidan square were not sent by Yanukovich but by the insurgents" Amazing it does not show that at all, what is there is only Estonian Foreign Minister Urmas Paet saying that. (And politicians always know what they are talking about) The other party to the call does not say, "Yes I know" or "I agree", she simply listens to him tell her that there were snipers shooting people on both sides. He purports to know that it was exactly the same snipers shooting both sides. Maybe it was, but no one sems to know for sure. I certainly don't. The snipers might, but they aren't talking, nor are they having their phone calls intercepted for some reason.

    Here's a Russian word/concept the KGB by any other name (FSB, whatever) is well known for. "Dizinformatsia"

    1. If I’m not mistaken Putin represents the Russian federation which does hold elections and is a democracy. Stalin was the Commie with the death camps. The KGB are no better than the CIA. They are both one in the same.

    2. Elections? Seriously? Did you really just say that the Russian Federation has elections when Putin and Medvedev have been switching jobs so that Putin wouldn't have been President of Russia for the last 15+ years straight? They have elections in China too, North Korea also, The same guy always wins. LOL. Russia is not a fucking democracy, it's an autocracy with the "appearance" of being one.

    3. I have said that there have been concerns about rigged elections in Russia. Just like in Florida. Saying that Russia opposes regions turning to democracy however is imo untrue. Russia is not perfect but it is very different than it was before. We should be supporting the changes in Russia so they don't give up on democracy and return to Communism.

    4. Russia is really no different than it's ever been. People and their cultures are consistent, not widely variant. The Russian people have always been happiest with a strong leader. (This is a polite way of saying they are at their best with a tyrant's boot on their neck.) It's their history. They'd not know what to do with real democracy because they haven't the practice.

      Come on K, you can't seriously believe that Putin doesn't run that country within very tight limits. It's not as obvious as the old days, but then what would you expect, the guy is a trained intelligence officer with decades of experience. If anyone could do this it would be him. Look what happens to people who protest too loudly over there. Look what happens to journalists who investigate such things too deeply. They disappear or are assassinated in from of their families. Businessmen who get too rich or too powerful and don't "kick up" get framed and sent to prison.

      It's nothing to do with them giving up on democracy. Those who want freedom aren't going to give up any more than the dissidents did under Soviet rule. But they will continue to pay the price for demanding it if they squawk too loudly.

      "New boss, same as the old boss".

  5. Here's a real conspiracy theory for you all. Follow the money.......


    1. Trailrunner78 . Please be informed that there is way more information on operation Gladio than an old book by a Swiss author as you claimed earlier. Maybe you need to spend a bit more time behind a keyboard and less time being a shill for the CIA. I have communicated with Agent K regarding this matter and he informs me you are part of the military industrial complex. Yikes !
      Although you did not call me an idiot outright you did equate my way of seeing things with idiocy and therefore basically did it in a thinly veiled round about way. You also implied that speaking truth was a "conspiracy theory" a typical establishment response to lies being exposed. This is why the word treason was used. People who equate provable facts that are a matter of public record with "conspiracy theories" are labeling truth as treason and only paint themselves as delusional in doing so. Please stop being a CIA shill. It doesn't suit you. As far as the link you posted regarding Clinton/Pinchuk is concerned... Exactly is my response to that. Thank you for validating what I have been trying to convey all along while having to put up with your sense that I am somehow wrong.
      Take care .....

    2. You're right, K's book recommendations suck. :sarcasm: So, because you haven't read it, it's an "old book" which is somehow not a definitive source when in fact it's actually pretty exhaustive and won kudo's from everyone for the level of research involved. There's just no satisfying you is there? A CIA shill, LOL. See, now you DO sound like an idiot. And HTF do you know what suits me? If I WAS being one, maybe it WOULD suit me? Naw, just messing with ya. :biggrin:

      " a typical establishment response to lies being exposed." Wait, I'm the establishment now? WhenTF did that happen? News to me....

      "People who equate provable facts that are a matter of public record with "conspiracy theories" are labeling truth as treason and only paint themselves as delusional in doing so."

      You think too much of yourself. Anyone who even slightly disagree's with anything you say must be attacked as blahblahblah. Someone saying they agree with you on something passes unnoticed for the one little thread in your tapestry that they don't. Let's try an interesting, illustrative exercise.

      The Fed. TRUE
      Fiat Currency. TRUE
      One World Government'ers. TRUE.
      Gladio. TRUE
      Northwoods. TRUE
      Gary Webb's story. TRUE
      The Clintons being corrupt POS. TRUE
      Same for Bush 1/2, Obama, etc TRUE
      Soros the puppetmaster. TRUE
      Gulf of Tonkin TRUE
      WMD scam Iraq as an excuse for war TRUE

      Now, after all that....

      9/11 inside job. NOT TRUE
      Gladio snipers. NOT TRUE.

      :hoppingupanddown: CIA SHILL!! ESTABLISHMENT HACK!! BLAHBLAH!!

      And I'll bet you still don't get my point do you? Like I said before, can't take yes for an answer, anyone who doesn't believe in all of it gets demonized, attacked, labeled. My overall point is this: People like you do the overall cause of spreading awareness of everything marked TRUE above as much harm as you do good. And if someone says this, they are a "CIA SHILL!! TRUTH DENIER!! ETC ETC"


    3. The CIA is a criminal organization. Their drug trafficking in Operation Fast and Furious goes back to Iran contra out of Mena and heroin out of Vietnam. The third tower fell at free fall speed.when no planes hit it. Engineers claim it was just like a controlled demolition. Because Gladio and Northwoods were real, we are morally obligated to reexamine 9/11. It's nothing to laugh about.

    4. Well said Agent K . It is obvious to me that trailrunner78 is an agency tool. Anyone who believes the "official" story of what happened on September 11th 2001 is in very serious denial of the some very basic scientific principles and general common sense. WTC 7 is a huge smoking gun but the 2 main towers have major questions that have not been answered attached to them as well. The towers that were hit by planes were engineered to withstand multiple planes hitting them never mind 1
      3 steel framed buildings collapsed due to fire for the first time in the history of structural engineering in the same city on the same day. That's a little odd to say the least. My personal favorite is the "magic passport" . A paper document that somehow survived. Interesting that the black boxes from the planes didn't though ... lmao ! Anyway those are things we already know but thought I'd mention them yet again in the hopes of it finally sinking into the heads of people like trailrinner78.
      It is a well known and documented fact that Gladio is still very much alive and well trailrunner78. Your old book by a Swiss author certainly didn't predict the future or did it come with a tarot deck ? ;) ... You also forgot to include Sandy Hook and The Boston Bombing on your list by the way.
      Maybe you should listen to what Sibel Edmonds has to say about Gladio involvement in the Boston false flag. Its available on youtube and a little more up to date than your old book by a Swiss author.

  6. I don't see the associations as tightly as you do, but that's OK. The guys who ran H out of Vietnam are long out of the loop/in a nursing home/dead, it would be a stretch to think any of them are in any way connected to present day.

    I've always felt it's more a case of 1) People with ability/opportunity taking advantage and 2) Higher Ups making use of "plausible deniability". ("Get the funds to do this anyway you can, and I don't want to know how you do it". I'm pretty sure they'd know who to say something like that to who would make it happen. Put "need to know" which is absolutely the most basic principle of intelligence and security work into the mix and it's pretty easy to see how unsanctioned activity could continue undetected for a while. It's not like the folks doing it have no talent for that, this is pretty much why they were hired. Dark side and all that. But that's just my sense of it.

    I would certainly agree that seeing major events thought the prism of a potential false flag op is a valid concern. It's not like they haven't done it before, right? I'm just not quite as fast to attribute things to that when there is a simpler explanation that fits the facts and would involve a lot less folks having to keep their mouths shut, 'cause people are bad at that. But that's just me. But the other side of that coin is, anything's possible. It's not that truth isn't often stranger than fiction, we all know it often is, but not every single time. It's just as likely to be something very simple that's obvious once you think about it that way, yet a mystery until you do.

    The third tower. I plan to do a bit more reading on that. My issue has always been with those who think that flying jetliners with a full load of fuel into towers 1 and 2 had nothing to do with them collapsing. And those folks ARE out there.

    1. Trailrunner78 - Jet fuel (AKA kerosene) does not burn at a temperature anywhere close to what is required to weaken the steel the twin towers were made of. This is a provable scientific fact not a "conspiracy theory".... have you ever wondered why the only people allowed to fly in US airspace in the aftermath of 9/11 were members of the Binladen family as they fled the country ? I have. It doesn't quite sit right. I'd like to think that maybe the FBI should've and could've asked them a question or 2 about Osama before they left. Its fairly standard investigative procedure to ask relatives of a murder suspect a few questions , especially if they are suddenly planning to leave. Then there is also the long standing Bush/Binladen business relationship coupled with the fact that Osama was on the CIA payroll in the 80's (provable fact not conspiracy theory) and his hospitalization at a US Military hospital in Dubai In July of 2001 while on the FBI's most wanted list. (provable fact not conspiracy theory) .... getting the picture ? Food for thought and definitely begs a few questions to be answered that haven't been. I will finish by saying that the New York Times reported him dead years before the alleged raid on the compound in Pakistan that finally "caught him" but I digress. ... Also a point of interest worthy of noting is the "exercises" that were taking place on 9/11 2001 and 7/7 2005 ... oh yeah and on the day of the Boston bombing too ... just saying. Its a slightly bizarre common denominator.

  7. I’m going to have to call the thread to order. Trailrunner you are really becoming obsessive. This thread isn’t about 9/11 but the majority of Canadians question the official version of 9/11. The reality of Operation Northwoods and Gladio validate those concerns. The Surrey Pressure cooker scam was a compete fraud. That’s all there is to it.

    Jet fuel does not explain the melted cars found at the base of the towers. Thermite does. The third tower is the smoking gun. It fell at freefall speed just like a controlled demolition although no planes hit it. Larry Silverstein claimed they pulled the building. A plane hitting the twin towers would not make it collapse at freefall speed into it’s own blueprint. A plane hitting the towers is not able to knock out the load bearing beams. That’s all there is to it. You’re free to run your own debunking web site just not on my dime. I just can’t stomach that kind of nonsense.

    This thread is about the Crimean Secession. There is a huge amount of wrong information being spun in the media around this. Both sides are using the Fascist reference. Russia’s annexing of Crimea is nothing like Hitler’s invasion of Holland. We helped liberate Holland because they didn’t want to be invaded. It’s pretty obvious the Ukraine does not want to return to Russian rule. However, the majority of people in Crimea do. That is a huge difference. Over 70% of them voted for the Russian supporter in the last election.

    Russia annexing Crimea but not touching the rest of the Ukraine is a fair compromise to the crisis. Canada and the US’s objection to that is very suspicious when they are supporting the bankers in the EU which helped cause and cover up the Greek Financial crisis. Goldman and Sachs is a criminal organization.

    As for Russia, right now Communist China and North Korea are far greater threats to world peace yet instead of opposing China thanks to Stephen Harper we are now funding their military expansion every time we fill up with gas at the pump. That needs to be addressed.

  8. Agreed, it got off topic with Rhonda and I, a bit of a derail. Your blog. Rock on.

    1. Well said Agent k. I must apologize for being sucked into trailrunner78's steering of the issue being discussed into a topic that has already been well covered. It started with him/her taking exception to my well founded opinion that operation Gladio is in fact alive and well and has been a factor in the Crimea/Ukraine debacle whether he/she likes it or not. There is plenty of new evidence to support that claim and my mentioning it directly ties to the topic at hand. I understand a Swiss author wrote a well referenced book about Gladio some time ago. There is LOTS of information that has surfaced about it since that book was written and is therefore relevant to the current events in Crimea and the Ukraine. How come no sanctions and declarations of illegal proceedings are being leveled at the Venetians who want to secede from Italy ? Perhaps because they are already under the yolk of the EU/IMF and considered conquered by way of fraud masquerading as democracy....

    2. I agree Gladio and Northwoods are very well documented. I personally think snipers in the Ukraine could have been either side. It's impossible to tell without more information. Yet the media spin on what's going on there is a concern. Crimea wasn't invaded against their will.


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