Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Defending a Free Republic

The last post about Putin using a MC to invade the Ukraine has generated some very interesting discussion. I want to be very clear about the difference between Capitalism and Freedom. Many people today think they are on in the same but there is a huge difference. Capitalism is a condition that exists within a free market. The free market represents democracy not the greed of Capitalism. Greed in itself is not good. A Free Republic is good.

I do admire the Americans. They have a very high respect for their flag. They never let it touch the ground. They view it as sacred. They even say a pledge of allegiance to the flag and the Free Republic it represents. The US Constitution guarantees a Republican government.

The Founding Fathers were not referring to Capitalism or George Bush. They were referring to a Free Republic where civil liberty was protected by law not abolished by a manifesto. The movie Gladiator was about the struggle to establish a free republic. So was the Star Wars saga. Eddy Murphy was in a comedy called Distinguished Gentlemen which was about the corruption among the lobbyists in Washington. In Michael Moore's last documentary Capitalism a love story, he illustrated some of the corruption that plagues both parties in the senate. How senators get campaign contributions in the form of insider trading tips on Wall Street like what they threw Martha Stewart in jail for.

It was interesting to hear of the threats and the opposition Michele Moore received for exposing Senator Dodd and the insider trading corruption that plagued the Democrats as well as the Republicans. They told him to cool it. His position was that he would expose corruption on either side on the political fence not just on one side.

So without question the insider trading that is bribing US government officials is staggering but get this. It is nothing compared to the wealth among the politicians in Communist China which promises to oppose the greed of Capitalism. In reality they are far worse offenders.

The Business Insider is reporting that the 70 Richest Members Of China's 'Congress' Are Worth $90 Billion. This is more than the $7.5 billion net worth of all 660 top officials in the three branches of the U.S. government. History repeats itself. Corruption infiltrates both sides of the fence. Communism does not represent social justice and does not oppose the greed of the big banks. They are in reality funded by the big banks only to become much worse offenders. So you say you want a revolution? Just be careful the devil you don’t know isn’t worse than the devil you do know.


  1. Hi Agent K , Rhonda here . With all due respect and I do mean that as a follower of your blog and most often agree with your stance. However.... The constitutional republic that was founded by people of freedom has been usurped at every level. The founding fathers of the American Republic would and are rolling over in their graves as we speak at the desecration of what should and could've been the true bastion of freedom for people looking to live their lives free of the yolk of tyranny which at the time of its creation was imposed by European Kings and Queens which have no place in anyone's lives including mine and yours. These people have waged a systematic centuries long war against individual freedom through debt slavery as we have previously discussed. The American revolution was fought by people of a free mind wanting to live their lives without control from British royalty or any form of control over a good well doing persons life and they succeeded in driving the cunts back to the rock from whence they came. That is where they belong. Leave humanity alone and mind your God damn business is the message that was fought for and won. They are trying to reimpose their control and self entitlement and the American government has been complicit in this for a long time now. The "piece de resistance" of their horseshit was the illegal and fraudulent creation of the Federal Reserve which is privately owned and has enslaved the masses at the benefit of a very select few. Why is a privately owned bank allowed to print money out of thin air and lend it to the people who it belongs to at interest.? The western beacon of democracy is garbage controlled by banks and it is .its time to hang them . The people of the world need to reclaim what is rightfully theirs from the goofs who stole it from them. Mr. Putin is well within his right to flip his middle finger at these leeches. I fully support his defense of freedom and hopefully once again the cunts will driven back to the rock from whence they came and maybe even jailed for a very long time. I fundamentally appose the communist manifesto and it is the west and their bullshit that currently seeks to impose it through covert operations and debt slavery. "stop the greed , rat out a real rat" For example central bankers and fake western politicians. Peace out and take good care mate... buy some physical gold and silver if you haven't already. The snipers who shot the protesters in the Ukraine were agents of operation Gladio.... acting on behalf of "the west" and "democracy" fucking rats.... back to your rock. ....the time for the hanging is nigh .... real talks and bullshit walks. The Hell's Angels are terrible these people are far worse... off to the gallows with them all.

    1. When I see the difference between America and China I thank God for the Founding Fathers and the constitutional republic they established. Clearly the constitution now hangs by a thread and we must be vigilant in defending those principles. Yet we cannot do that by adapting a manifesto which throws all of those principles out the window along with any legal protection for them. As for Putin invading the Ukraine, it’s quite possible that snipers shooting at protestors were from Gladio. However, it’s also possible it was not. We know that Lenin used machine guns to cut down striking Trade Unionists when he high jacked the workers movement in Russia. I just think that the sovereignty of the Ukraine should be decided by the citizens of the Ukraine not by military invasion just like Northern Ireland.

    2. Putin is nekulturny Chekist scum and no defender of freedom.

      The snipers shooting protestors were Spetznatz, operating in advance of masked members of Russian Navy's 801st Marine Infantry (the guys without insignia guarding various facilities), they are now being supplemented with other forces such as elements of the Airborne Division "Cossack".

      This is about securing Navy bases, hence Marine/Naval Infantry as opposed to conventional Army units.Also, Spetznatz habitually operates in the same uniforms/gear of other more conventional units in whatever area they are in rather than ever being clearly identifiable as what they are.

      It's "yoke", not yolk.


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