Thursday, June 30, 2022

Fatal shooting in Port Coquitlam - ID

The Vancouver Sun is reporting that "Coquitlam RCMP say they received a call at about 1 a.m. about a shooting in the 2700-block of Davies Avenue. When they arrived, officers found one man dead. Police have not released any details about the victim."

CTV is reporting that the body was found inside the home. The TriCity News is reporting that "A 37-year-old man was identified was the victim of Port Coquitlam's first known homicide of 2022. Mehdi "Damien" Eslahian was shot and killed in the early hours of Thursday morning (June 30) along Davies Avenue and investigators say he was known to police."

Supporters join James Topp as he arrives in Ottawa

Police vehicle 'riddled with bullet holes' after drive-by shooting in Penticton

The Kelona Now is reporting that "An RCMP vehicle has been “riddled with bullet holes” after officers were shot at in Penticton during the early hours." GMAFB. This is starting to get ridiculous. How low can Justin Trudeau go?

If I was a police officer, I'd be concerned about Justin Trudeau's obsession about reducing the minimum sentence for gun crime. If he was against gun violence he wouldn't be reducing the minimum sentences when people commit a crime with a firearm. Shooting a police officer is very serious. So is shooting up a police car. When Justin Trudeau reduces the minimum sentences for offenders who commit gun violence against the police we can see which side of the law he is on.

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Two suspects dead, six officers injured after shootout at bank in Saanich, BC - Update

The Times Colonist is reporting that "Two suspects are deceased and six members of the Greater Victoria Emergency Response Team are in hospital after a shootout at a bank in Saanich today, police say. A shelter in place advisory remains in effect for the area of North Dairy Road to Cedar Hill Cross Road, and Richmond Road to Cedar Hill Road as officers search for a potential third suspect. Three of the injured officers are members of Saanich police and three are Victoria police officers, police said. A man in a camouflage jacket was seen lying motionless in the parking lot outside the Bank of Montreal at Shelbourne and Pear streets early Tuesday afternoon, after an exchange of gunfire following a report of people with weapons at the bank."

A shootout with the police following an armed robbery at a bank. That is very abnormal for here.

OK so I don't post pictures of dead bodies. That's not the way I roll. Yet this doesn't look like a dead body. When you enlarge the picture, it looks like a mannequin's head.
We know they used mannequins on ventilators in their Covid hospital coverage but that can be explained by the fact that they use mannequins to train people how to use the ventilators. There is no explanation for having a mannequin at a real crime scene.

Now I realize anyone can Photoshop a picture. The blood smear that was added to the scene could have been erased from the original picture. Yet that would be kind of had because the one cop's shadow is right when the blood smear should be. As we have seen from crime scene photos in Mexico, in real life when someone is shot there is a lot of blood. It's not like in the movies. When they bleed out on the street there's lots of blood.

It is possible the blood streak came after the person died since it is down hill from the body. It is also theoretically possible someone added a mannequin's head to the body with photoshop. Yet there remains one puzzling fact. Look at how calmly the police are causally standing around a dead body right after six fellow officers have been shot and wounded.

Usually, whenever there is a shooting, police are on high alert. We saw a gang shooting at the Vancouver airport when the shooter fired a couple of shots at a police car that was chasing them. The police car instantly backed off its pursuit. CTV posted a cell phone video of police running to the scene right before numerous shots were fired which has been taken down.

The video showed several police officers running to the scene in a big clump. They weren't in formation and they weren't tactical. They were frantic. As soon as they went out of view, a whole lot of shots were fired. Granted these weren't Emergency Response Team members.

The point is, they were frantic. I've seen a couple of female cops in Surrey lose their sh*t when the possibility of guns being used were mentioned. It's like Chris Tucker's observation in Rush Hour. The police officers standing around the dead body in the picture, look way too casual for the seriousness of the situation. Especially the female cop standing right beside the dead body with the mannequin's head. The body language is suspicious.

They found a potential explosive device. GMAFB. Was it another pressure cooker? Saanich PD has been dirty as f*ck since Chris Horsely sabotaged the Lindsay Buziak murder investigation.

Update: CTV is reporting that "A woman who was trapped inside a bank during a robbery and fatal shootout with police near Victoria on Tuesday says there is one question still plaguing her a day later: Why didn't the gunmen just leave with the money?"

"Fryer said she is still haunted by the eerie energy of the armed suspects, who she believes had managed to rob the bank but seemed in no rush to leave. 'I just don’t know what they wanted. What were they waiting for? she pondered. 'They had got all the money. They could have just taken the money and left right away. They would have been in and out before the police got there.'" They robbed the bank. They had the money. They could have left but they waited for the police to arrive. That is suspicious. Sounds like a prelude to more gun control legislation.

Semi automatic assault rifles are already restricted weapons. That means they are registered and pined at five rounds. No one commits a crime with a registered firearm because it is traceable. They use throwaways smuggled in from the US because they can't be traced. In this case, just like in the Nova Scota mass shooting, the guns were not registered and were not legally obtained.

FIRST READING: The Lucki affair just keeps getting worse

Monday, June 27, 2022

Canadian couple murdered in Mexican resort named

The UK Sun is rpeorting that "Raphaël Huppé, 44, and 38-year-old Fannie Lorrain, of Quebec, Canada, were found dead in a hotel or condominium in Playa del Carmen on Monday. It’s reported that they appeared to have died from stab wounds to the neck."

Previously the Natiopnal Post had reported that "A senior state official told Reuters the man, whose identity has not been made public, was wanted by Interpol. 'He was not a tourist,' the official said, adding that the man had been in hiding in Mexico for about four years. Local papers have identified the man as a Quebec native who first entered the country in 2016."

He had outstanding warrants for fraud. Sounds like he ripped off the wrong people. Nevertheless, slitting his girlfriend's throat was nasty. Why you gotta be like that?

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Hells Angels clubhouse forfeiture ruling appealed

Dr Spin is reporting that "A lawyer for the B.C. Civil Forfeiture director says a judge who rejected the government seizure of three Hells Angels clubhouses in 2020 made errors that should be overturned on appeal." I agree.

"Brent Olthuis told a panel of B.C. Appeal Court justices on Monday that there are grounds to reverse the findings of Justice Barry Davies and simply order the properties in East Vancouver, Nanaimo and Kelowna be forfeited to the government without a costly second trial."

"On June 11, 2020, Davies ruled that the director had not proven his claim that the clubhouses would be used for unlawful activity or that they play an important role in enabling and empowering members of the Hells Angels to engage in serious crime for financial gain. And Davies sided with lawyers for the biker gang that part of the B.C. Civil Forfeiture Act allowing for property to be seized based on possible future criminal use should be struck down because the section falls outside provincial jurisdiction."

That whole possible future criminal use argument was insane. The evidence that the Kelowna clubhouse was used for criminal activity was overwhelming. What they may or may not do in the future was irrelevant. Yet the Kelowna executive has changed and they now have a clean slate.

I told them they should have given back the Nanaimo clubhouse and seized the Kelowna clubhouse by way of consent. The East Vancouver clubhouse should have then be adjudicated on its own merit. Now they've lost everything. A corrupt judge along with a corrupt gang task force has empowered that criminal organization's drug trade.

The CFSEU don't care about the Hells Angels that sell drugs. They just want to stop the ones that don't sell drugs from going on rides. Michael Kramer and the ATF deja vu - Damion Ryan.

I don't care what the world does, I care what I do

In Vancouver we haven't had much of a spring. Every day has been cool and cloudy with no trace of the sun. One person said where is the sunshine and I said the sun is still shining. The problem is the clouds in between us and the sun. It didn't feel like June and you'd never know summer has begun. Then on Thursday that all changed. As I left for work in the morning the rising sun was just above the horizon and shone brightly. I thought to myself bright light. The unfamiliar sight was a refreshing change. I do like experiencing the seasons. It helps me keep track of the time.

When I was riding to work and the sun burst over the horizon, I could visualize the light illuminating everything in my life. It doesn't matter what everyone else is doing. It matters what I am doing. I am not responsible for what everyone else does. I am responsible for what I do. I live with the consequences of my decisions not everyone else's. Too many people worry about what everyone else is doing while they completely ignore what they themselves are doing.

Right now everyone is talking about the rising inflation and the pending recession. I don't remember getting such a dramatic warning of a coming recession before. Perhaps it's the new doom and gloom era we now live in where the media teaches us to be afraid of our own shadow. Yet as the sun rises, the shadows flee and disappear.

Nevertheless, right now we are all struggling. We're all picking up overtime shifts just to make ends meet and we're not getting any further ahead. Yet just as a small helm benefits a large ship during a storm, we can have faith that if we keep working and keep facing the waves, one day the storm will subside and the sunshine will eventually return. As Mother Teresa would say, behind the dark clouds the sun is still shining.

Although I oppose abortion, I don't think it should be illegal. I think we should discourage it but at the end of the day it is a personal choice we have to make and live with. We are responsible for what we do not what others do. If someone tells us to do something we are responsible for doing what they say. In this life we are all free to choose but we are not free to avoid the consequences of our choices. All our choices have consequences, good and bad. Not all consequences are bad. You make a good decision and you instantly receive peace of mind knowing you did the right thing. There is no joy in materialism or greed. Wickedness never was happiness.

They say prostitution is the world's oldest profession. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. I am concerned with the exploitation and extortion that goes along with that industry. Forcing someone to do something against their will is human trafficking. Kidnapping someone's children to force them into prostitution is heinous. That's what Sonny Barger did.

Otis Garret was convicted of running a prostitution ring in San Fransisco for the Hells Angels called the Love nest. He wasn't acting on his own, he was on club business. Just like the Garden of Eden and the Swedish Touch. He kidnapped Margo Compton's daughters to prevent her from leaving the business. Then when she went to the police and was ready to write a book, Sonny Barger approved her murder and the murder of her twin seven year old daughters.

Sonny Barger is not an American hero. He is an American POS. Yet so are the ATF because they are just as involved in that exploitation. Sonny Barger approved Margo Compton's murder to hide that secret and prevent that book from being published. Yet when this life is over, her book will be an international best seller. Everyone will see him and see what he did. The same with the ATF.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Roe v. Wade: the rise of abortion hate

Everybody is freaking out about Roe v. Wade in the States and I would like to clarify that the Supreme Court has not made a ruling on abortion. They simply said they don't have the jurisdiction to decide the matter for every State. They said every State has to right to make that decision for themselves which makes sense. Abortion is such a controversial issue and American politics is so fiercely divided, letting each State decide the matter for themselves is fair and just.

Communists support abortion because they support depopulation and genocide. We'll take a look at how that's working out for them in a moment. Before we do that I would like to clarify that this is not about religion. All our laws are based on morals. It's against the law to steal. That's a moral judgement. It's against the law to commit murder. That's a moral judgement.

I don't need a religion to tell me that stealing and murder is wrong. I am quite capable of making that judgement all by myself. No one likes religion crammed down their throats. Communism and secularism are indeed religions. They both carry the same extremism that religion does. It's like forced organ harvesting from living political prisoners. I don't need a religion to tell me that's wrong. Anyone with a brain can clearly see that.

I will say that the pro abortionists look like an army of Orcs from the Lord of the Rings. They are filled with hate. I did see a red and black banner in their crowd representing the Communist and Anarchist alliance. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." That is the motto of Satanists and Anarchists alike. They don't want any laws.

Abortion is a very private and personal matter. Yet it also presents a very real moral concern for two reasons. Killing babies is not a nice thing to do but neither is killing all your women. In India, gender based abortion is popular. Everyone there wants a boy to carry the family name so they will often abort the child if it's a girl. As I have previously said, that is not only immoral, it is stupid. If you kill all your women, in one generation who are your sons going to marry?

This has become a real problem in Communist China. China had that one child policy so many people decided to abort the child if it was a girl to carry on the family name. As a result, China now has 37 million more men than women. That's why Winnie the Pooh is the brothel king. There just isn't enough women to go around in that system.

The other moral question is when does the fetus become a baby. Before we had lethal injection, late term abortions were quite brutal. They would induce labour and kill the baby right before it was born. Some claim the baby doesn't become a baby until it leaves the womb and takes its first breath. However, that defies the science. At six weeks after conception ultrasounds show a beating heart. Abortion stops a beating heart. It's a living organism that grows.

Many years ago there was a brutal video called the silent scream showing an abortion on a living fetus. You could see the baby fight off the scalpel before it died. Now we have lethal injection so it's not nearly as gory yet we are still left with the moral question as to when the fetus becomes a living being. Some would ask when does the spirit enter the physical body - at conception, at birth or somewhere in between. Other would claim there is no spirit. I beg to differ. When you die and you are conscious of what's going on, then you will know there is a spirit and this life has a purpose and a bigger meaning than you previously thought.

However, for the sake of argument, I will refrain from using the term spirit and I will simply use the term life spark. Surely we can all agree that there is a difference between a living organism and a dead organism. A plant or tree is living and growing then it is cut down and is dead. The living tissue becomes dead tissue. A cat or dog is alive wagging their tail, then it is dead. The living tissues stop growing and stop living. Every living organism has a life spark. So, when does the life spark enter a fetus? I don't know. That's an esoteric question. All I know is that at six weeks there's a beating heart and when a fetus fights off a scalpel, it's alive. It's a living organism.

Friday, June 24, 2022

Police name victims in Richmond double shooting

The Richmond News is reporitng that "The victims of last week’s double shooting homicide in Richmond have been named. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) announced on Tuesday that 23-year-old Kevin Allaraj, and 22-year-old Jeevan Saepan were shot and killed on Ackroyd Road on Saturday. Both, say police, were from the Lower Mainland and known to police, who added that it appears that the shooting was targeted and connected to gang activities.

I think I reported on this at the time, but I missed it when they named the victims. This one is relevant. It's tied to BK and RS who work for the HAs. Since Jamie Bacon is now working for the police, one has to wonder who BK are capping now to take his place.

Joshua Boden sentenced for murder

CTV is reporitng that "A former professional football player who was convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend will not be eligible for parole for 14 years. Joshua Boden, who once played with the Canadian Football League as a wide receiver, learned his sentence in a Vancouver courtroom on Friday. Second-degree murder convictions come with an automatic life sentence in B.C., so it was up to the judge to determine when Boden would be eligible for parole. The Crown asked for 15 years, while Boden's legal team suggested 12 years."

"Boden, 35, was found guilty last year of the second-degree murder of Hallgarth. The 33-year-old was killed in 2009 in the Burnaby, B.C., home she shared with her three-year-old daughter. During Boden's sentencing hearing, the B.C. Supreme Court heard that Boden viciously beat his ex-girlfriend, choked her and then staged the scene in an effort to make her death look like an accident." He viciously beat the mother of a three year old girl to death. He is a POS.
It gets worse. He was pimping her out and she wasn't the only one. Before I continue I want to say one thing to the ladies out there. If a man asks you to have sex with another man so he can make money, he does not love you and never will. That's all there is to it. He doesn't want to marry you. He doesn't want to be with you. He wants to use you and exploit you. That is all.
As I said before, this brings us back to Sonny Barger and Lenny the Pimp. The sad reality is that despite the fact that Joshua Boden was pimping out two women, he was what we consider small time. Organized crime represents the same deplorable exploitation on a much larger scale.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

James Topp meets with members of parliament in Ottawa

Rebel News is reporting that "After marching more than 4,000 km in protest of COVID mandates, James Topp met with members of Parliament today." Livestream is on Canada Marches website. James' Video Message: "Due to the inaccuracies that are being reported about the events for June 30th, James has taken the time to reiterate his message of what June 30th will be, A celebration of the completion of the March."

Documents reveal RCMP Commissioner colluded with Justin Trudeau after the NS mass shooting

CTV is reporitng that "a document released Tuesday by the Mass Casualty Commission cited notes written by Nova Scotia RCMP Supt. Darren Campbell after a meeting between provincial RCMP commanders and the head of the force."

"In those notes, Campbell details how Commissioner Brenda Lucki expressed disappointment that information on the weapons used by Gabriel Wortman during his 13-hour rampage hadn’t been made public in the days after the shootings. Campbell describes, in his own handwriting, how Lucki explained she had made promises to the federal public safety minister and the Prime Minister’s Office that the information could be tied to the Liberal’s pending gun control legislation. Shortly after the documents were made public by the commission, Lucki released a statement denying the accusations."

There are three main problems that arise. First is the obvious. None of the guns use were legally obtained so this suspicious tragedy has absolutely nothing to do with registered firearms. Legally obtained firearms aren't relevant here. Illegal guns smuggled across the border are.

The second problem is the fact that Justin Trudeau was trying to use this tragedy to gain support for his gun control legislation as soon as it happened. It's as though he had the legislation ready waiting for something like this to happen. That is suspicious.

The third problem is the fact that the $475,000 deposited into Gabe Wortman bank account was deposited there by the RCMP. That is suspicious. Add that to the fact that two police officers riddled a firehall with bullets where civilians were being protected makes for one astounding reality. Every crime has a motive. Yet gun control is the only motive for this heinous crime.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Gustavo Petro Elected President of Colombia

The New York Times is reporting that Gustavo Petro has been elected president of Colombia today. That is shocking. It's not shocking that he won the election as he overwhelmingly had the popularity vote. What's shocking is that they didn't rig another election in favor of the Narco president. The fake news is billing him as a leftist guerilla. Yet the narco candidate was videotaped partying on a yacht with cocaine and prostitutes hosted by Pfizer. Pfizer is part of the World Economic Forum's Communist take over.

Petro was a member of a paramilitary organization just like Bobby Sands was at a time when every patriot joined a paramilitary organization. Petro was a member of a very sensible one and worked to create peace during his tenure. This election is a step forward for Colombia. As long as the CIA doesn't sabotage them like they did Venezuela. It's all about the oil. Maybe the poor areas will finally get garbage collection now. ESMAD are the most ruthless paramilitary organization Colombia has ever seen. Disbanding those Blackwater mercenaries is a good thing.

Love is Love but is it really?

OK so today I rode over to Guildford Mall and notice they painted a rainbow mural on the stairway beside the water fountain. Personally, I find it offensive and I'll tell you why. I understand the original intent. I just disagree with the absurd direction extremists are now taking it.

Originally it meant if a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender couple are in love, then so be it. I get that. I totally support LGBT. It's simple, straightforward and I can understand it but that is where I draw the line. It's the alphabet soup I have a problem with and I'll explain why.

Queer and questioning are redundant. They are covered by LGBT and don't need a separate class. Two spirited nonbinary are tootie fruity whack jobs. We should not cater to mental illness. Then there's the MAPs - minor attracted persons. That is not acceptable. If a 40 year old man loves a 12 year old girl or boy, that is not acceptable. That is not OK.

Yet that is exactly where the rainbow flag and the alphabet soup are trying to take us. They are trying to normalize the abnormal. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. The key words are consenting adults. Giving sex ed to kindergarten children is child abuse. If an adult has sex with a 12 year old boy or girl, that is not OK. That is not love. It's not even lust. It's a deranged perversion that needs to be stopped.

Man and woman injured in Coquitlam shooting

The TriCity News is reporting that "Two people are injured and a suspect is still missing as Coquitlam Mounties investigate a shooting (last) night (June 18). RCMP confirm there were no fatalities from the Burquitlam incident before 7:45 p.m. after officers responded to reports of shots fired at 565 Clarke Rd. - a business lot at the Hobbis Way intersection. A man and a woman were taken to hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds."

It was no doubt drug related and they didn't use a registered firearm. Justin Trudeau legalizing possession of hard drugs and reducing the minimum sentence for violent gun crime means this is what he is promoting. His actions promote violent crime because that promotes his agenda.

Saturday, June 18, 2022

Trump predicted Biden's failures

Claws of the Panda

Fatal shooting in Toronto

CTV is reporting that "A man is dead and another has serious injuries following a shooting in Etobicoke Friday night, Toronto police say. Emergency crews were called to the area of Scarlett Road and Scarlettwood Court, south of Lawrence Avenue West, around 10:40 p.m. Friday for reports of someone being shot. When they arrived, officers located a man suffering from gunshot wounds. Police said he was pronounced deceased at the scene. A second victim walked into a hospital with gunshot wounds, police said. He has serious injuries."

The homicide unit is investigating but Justin Trudeau is reducing the minimum sentences for gun crime. Kinda makes you wonder which side he's on. Well I guess no one is wondering any more.

Friday, June 17, 2022

Hire back our Heroes signs are in

I picked up my hire Back Our Heroes lawn sign today. I'd forgotten they had come in. It's somewhat timely since the Federal government finally caved in and hired back all the airport and via rail staff. It only makes sense to do the same with health care workers to address that staffing manufactured emergency. This is Canada not China. Justin Trudeau wants to turn Canada into a Communist state but he's still bound by the Charter of Rights his father gave us.

Thursday, June 16, 2022

Fatal shooting in Calgary, suspect in custody

CTV is reporting that "A Calgary man faces multiple charges after a shooting Tuesday in southeast Calgary that left one person dead. At around 8:10 a.m., police responded to reports of a shooting on the 2200 block of 45 Street S.E. There, they located an injured man who was transported to hospital in life-threatening condition. On Wednesday, the man passed away. Officers were able to locate a suspect they believed was responsible for the shooting in the Erinwoods area and took him into custody." Sam Frank Barbera, 35, has been charged.

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

James Topp arrives in Ottawa June 30th 2022

Police on Guard is reporting that "Join James Topp as he arrives in Ottawa at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, after his 4,293 journey from BC. We are proud to not only call him a member of ours, but to stand alongside him after his long march. Thank you James and the Canada Marches Team for standing for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. To find out more details, click here to visit the Canada Marches website. Veterans4freedom also support Jame's march.

Veterans4freedom do not support Marcus Ray and neither do I. I'm sure Marcus Ray meant well at one point but he has lost the vision. The preamble to the Canadian Charter of Rights states that "Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law.” Peaceful protest is lawful assemble. We do not support violence. That crosses the line. That's what the Anarchists and Communists do. That's their MO. Canadians take the higher road.

Self defence is protected by law. If the Communists or the Anarchists use violence we are legally permitted to use reasonable force to defend ourselves. However, we do not fight with the police. Ever. When the police break the law, we appeal to the law. We do not take the law into our own hands. That is what we believe. That is the standard the Canadian Charter of Rights sets.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Oil Fraud is tied to the Ukraine Fraud

Ottawa set to announce end to vaccine mandates for domestic travel, outbound flights

Justin Trudeau's State run media is reporting that "The federal government is set to announce Tuesday an end to the COVID-19 vaccine mandates for domestic travel on planes and trains, as well as outbound international travel, CBC News has learned."

Update: They got rid of vaccine mandates for flying withing in Canada but they still require them for entering the country. Idiots. Canada, China and North Korea are the only countries that still require it. Canada isn't the problem, Justin Trudeau is. At least they can hire back the Airport and Via Rail staff they laid off for their manufactured emergency. Fly - Be Free.

Fatal shooting in Oliver, BC

Castanet is reporting that "The RCMP Southeast District Major Crime Unit has been called to assist Oliver RCMP after a man was shot to death at a property on Osoyoos Indian Band land. Just before 4 a.m. on Sunday, officers from Oliver were called to reports of a shooting in the 1000-block of Pine Ridge Drive. Despite the life-saving efforts of an associate of the victim, the 61-year old man had died by the time officers and BC Emergency Health Services paramedics arrived."

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Fatal shooting in Niagara

The Niagara Police are reporting that "On Sunday, June 12, 2022, at approximately 3:40 am, 1 District (St. Catharines) uniform officers responded to the area of Pleasant Avenue and Lake Street in the City of St. Catharines for reports of a shooting. Upon arrival, officers discovered three victims as a result of this incident. One victim was pronounced deceased at the scene. Two other victims were transported to hospital. The second victim suffered serious injuries and was transported to an out-of-town hospital for treatment. The third victim is currently being treated for non life threatening injuries." No one commits a crime with a registered handgun.

Fatal shooting in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

CTV is reporting that "Halifax police are investigating the suspicious death of a man in Dartmouth. Police say they responded to a weapons complaint Saturday at a home on Viscaya Place around 2 am. A man was found deceased when officers arrived." Yeah the shots fired and the bullet homes in his body would indeed make his death suspicious.

The Toronto Star is reporting that " Halifax police are seeking the public’s assistance in a homicide investigation after a 34-year-old man was killed in a shooting in the city. The medical examiner’s office says Nelson Tyrelle Beals’ death early on Saturday was the result of gunshot wounds."

Friday, June 10, 2022

Colion Noir sets the record straight on the Spew

KidsPlay Foundation World Cup Soccer Tournament

Kal Dosanjh is reporting that "The KidsPlay Foundation World Cup Soccer Tournament was a huge success! We hosted over 700 youth from across the Lower Mainland in BC Place Stadium for a fun game of soccer. Hundreds of volunteers participated in making this event happen. We are grateful to each and every one of them. Heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, parents, sponsors, community partners, Law Enforcement Departments, Media sources, the Whitecaps organization and BC place staff. Each one played a critical role in the success of this initiative."

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Vladimir Putin addresses the world

Update: As a recall, there was a video posted online of Ukrainian UFC fighter Maxim Ryndovskiy being tortured by Ukranian soldiers for training with the Russians. Then the media lied and made false allegations against him to rationalize his torture. No lie can live forever.

This is an English translation of Putin's speech that hackers posted on the Ukraine versus Wales soccer game. The fact that the mainstream media refused to play it and they had to get hackers to post it shows what kind of insane misrepresentation is going on with the Ukraine conflict.

In his address Putin states that they exchanged 50 Russian prisoners with 50 Ukrainian prisoners. The Ukranian prisoners were fed and received medical treatment. The Russian prisoners came back with cut fingers and reproductive organs. I believe this to be true because I have seen videos of Russian prisoners who were tortured. When Hitler was gassing the Jews no one believed it because he controlled the media. We are seeing the same media censorship today on a global scale in support of the globalists.

When the translation mentions circumcision of the reproductive organs, I believe a more accurate translation would be castration. Supporting the Azov Nazis torturing prisoners is a shameful disgrace on a global scale. History will remember this because no lie can live forever.

Communists are using Fascists in the Ukraine just like they are using Anarchists in North America to achieve their objectives. At the World Economic Forum's recent summit​ in Davos, they built a Russia House to showcase Russia's war crimes in the Ukraine. They are liars and false accusers. They are the ones committing war crimes. The World Economic Forum are Globalists. Globalists are Communists. Communism is slavery built with lies and maintained by lies. Buyer Beware.

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Justin Trudeau reduces sentences for serious gun crimes

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "The mandatory minimum for both gun smuggling and selling illegal guns is three years but the PM thinks there should be none." It doesn't take a rocket science to do the math and see where Justin Trudeau is trying to take us.

When Justin Trudeau put a freeze on people without criminal records buying or selling registered handguns, we all know that had nothing to do with mass shootings or reducing gang violence. Absolutely nothing. Just like how decriminalization of hard drugs had absolutely nothing to do with reducing the number of overdoses. Absolutely nothing.

Now reducing the minimum sentences for serious gun crimes has nothing to do with reducing gun violence. Absolutely nothing. It has absolutely nothing to do with racism either because the perpetrators of the Surrey Six were all white. All these coordinated acts of insanity serve an agenda just like the Anarchists coalition with the Communists.

During the ANTIFA rights we saw black flags merge with red flags which represented an alliance between Communists and Anarchists. At first glance one would think that is a complete contradiction. Anarchism represents lawlessness while Communism represents so many laws it's a dictatorship. The unholy alliance is a means to an end.

Anarchists rebel against the law, in this case the Constitution which protects civil liberty by law. Once crime and violence run rampant and complete lawlessness has been achieved, the Communists come in to create order amidst the chaos - their order with their police.

In the United States we see Liberal sh*tholes like LA and New York where drugs, crime and violence run rampant versus Conservative strongholds where safe communities with low taxes thrive and prosper. Justin Trudeau is trying to turn the entire country into a Liberal sh*t hole so he can come in and create order amidst the chaos - his order where civil liberty is no longer protected by law and he can finally create his own dictatorship like the one he admires so much.

Battle in Ukraine's east rages as Zelenskiy vows to retake territory

Update: Vladimir Putin addresses the world

During a recent soccer game between the Ukraine and Wales, Russian hackers interrupted the coverage with evidence of Azov troops bombing civilians in the Donbas. The fake news spins the event with a headline that reads Battle in Ukraine's east rages as Zelenskiy vows to retake territory. In other words, yeah, he's bombing civilians in the Donbas again just like he has been doing since his coup they rejected.

The Azov are Nazi's who want to cleanse the Ukraine of all Russin speaking and Russian ethnic citizens. They came right out and admitted it. They feel the Ukraine is only for people of Ukrainian origin. It's a good thing all the other countries accepting Ukranian refugees don't feel that way. So how does the fake news spin the Azov ties to Fascism? They compare them to the Spartan 300. In reality the Spartans fought against military coups and ethnic cleansing.

Remember, China controls NATO now - Communist China. NATO is trying to recognize China as an active member. That is insane. We haven't been hearing much about the US biolabs in the Ukraine any more but we are receiving reports that the Wuhan lab in China conducted experiments on Monkeypox just like they did with coronaviruses found in Chinese bats.

Great Game India is reporting that "Dr. Benjamin Braddock, an independent investigator, stated on Twitter that an unknown source at the ECDC informed him that initial investigation of the monkeypox virus revealed that it emerged from a lab and could be linked to US biological research in Ukraine." As a result, two American vaccine companies are cashing in.

The conflict in the Ukraine also relates to how soaring gas prices are a manufactured emergency promoting the Worl Economic Forum's Communist agenda. Shelling the Donbas after their coup wasn't good enough. They had to provoke a conflict by insisting on putting nuclear missiles on Russia's border. The conflict in the Ukraine as well as the soaring gas prices could have easily been avoided and could end today if they wanted it to. The thing is they don't want it to because soaring gas prices are part of their agenda.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Fatal shooting in Vernon, BC

The Vernon Morning Star is reporting that "A 38-year-old man is dead after being shot Friday night in Vernon. RCMP was called to a building in the 5300-block of 25th Avenue just before 6 p.m. after a report of shots fired. Once on scene, officers found a man suffering from gunshot wounds, who later died at the scene. The victim is known to the police."