Sunday, June 19, 2022

Man and woman injured in Coquitlam shooting

The TriCity News is reporting that "Two people are injured and a suspect is still missing as Coquitlam Mounties investigate a shooting (last) night (June 18). RCMP confirm there were no fatalities from the Burquitlam incident before 7:45 p.m. after officers responded to reports of shots fired at 565 Clarke Rd. - a business lot at the Hobbis Way intersection. A man and a woman were taken to hospital to be treated for gunshot wounds."

It was no doubt drug related and they didn't use a registered firearm. Justin Trudeau legalizing possession of hard drugs and reducing the minimum sentence for violent gun crime means this is what he is promoting. His actions promote violent crime because that promotes his agenda.


  1. In 20 years every criminal will be 3D printing all their firearms for free. The law abiding citizens will be the victims of the government. Sad. Banning registered, replica and paintball guns will surely not help solve anything. It's actually laughable how ignorant the government is.

  2. Next thing is all MPs will allowed to carry hand guns as protection they claim they will need. Hypocrites

    1. Naw, they'll just insist on armed guards like AOC.


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