Sunday, June 5, 2022

Speaking of gun violence, today I saw a bumper sticker advertising It's an excellent website that cites the facts not the misinformation. In the picture above we see a cache of illegal handguns that were smuggled into Canada the from the US. These are unregistered. That's how gang bangers get their guns. No one uses a registered gun to commit a crime.
If I sell a registered gun to a gang banger it gets traced back to me. Even if they file off the serial number. The police still have a record of me owning it. If I sold it illegally, they simply ask me, where is it? You didn't apply for a permit to transfer it. Justin Trudeau's gun freeze has absolutely nothing to do with stopping gun violence and everyone knows that. It's about Communism.


  1. Yet they want to go lighter on illegal gun, gun crimes. 🤷‍♂️

    1. Exactly. They create another manufactured emergency then exploit it to achieve their original agenda. It's the ongoing problem, reaction, solution paradigm.

  2. Gang losers don't care about gun laws, in fact they vote for JT blackface because he is lient on crime and crimes committed with illegal guns...

  3. How does a gun that has the serial number filed off, get traced back to you?

    1. The police have a record of me buying it but no record of me selling it. All they have to do is say where is this gun you registered? If I don't have it and I didn't transfer it, I'm in trouble.

    2. Unless someone broke into a house or car and stole it from you, then you would not be in trouble.

    3. If someone genuinely stole it and I filed a police report, right. However, that only works once. If I bought 40 handguns that would put a red flag on my file. If I reported a theft more than once, that would put a red flag on my file. I would then be put under surveillance. No one's going to steal it from my car because I'm only allowed to transport it to the gun range and back with no side trips in between. Long guns are different. If someone stole a handgun from my car, that would be another red flag.

    4. Filing the serial number off a firearm doesn't "remove" it.
      The serial number impression is still in the underlying metal and can be retrieved using a chemical process to reveal the compressed areas of the metal when the number was stamped into the metal. The barrel, the slide and the body of a firearm are all usually stamped with the same number.
      The Canadian Firearm laws require a registered LEGAL firearm owner to record the sale of their firearms to any other registered LEGAL firearm owner.
      It's like the transfer of a used car, serial numbers are recorded on a govt form with names, makes, models, people and their firearm registration number ( a govt issued photo ID like a drivers license)
      All that info is required to be sent to the RCMP.

      This new law Trudeau is ramming through Govt to hammer legal firearm owners will do absolutely nothing to stop the illegal import, sale and use of illegal guns.
      Smoke and Mirrors and the uninformed public lap it up like the sheeple they are.

    5. It will be interesting to see what happens as an entire generation of hunters and gun enthusiasts start to die off from old age.
      If those guns are quietly given away before they die who is left to punish?
      There was a story a year or so ago in Vancouver of an elderly veteran who was visited by the police for a simple wellness check because he was showing signs of dementia.
      They entered his house to talked o him and noticed improperly stored firearms.
      Rifles and shotguns leaning against the walls in almost every room. Firearms on beds in spare rooms, firearms in closets, ....basically firearms ...everywhere.
      They seized them under the "improper storage" clause of the firearm act and got the man some help.
      No charges laid.
      The firearm Laws give the police the right to enter a premises WITHOUT A WARRANT "if they believe firearms are improperly stored, illegally obtained, etc etc etc."
      Essentially, some of the most onerous Laws on the firearm deaths drop all across Canada.
      There were more deaths ( 161 dead ) by drug overdose in BC in April than firearm deaths, suicides, drowning, work related deaths, car accidents....combined.
      The result?
      BC is legalizing small amounts of hard drugs...
      Almost like legalizing a small handgun to help fight crime?

      Trudeau is shovelling another "billion dollar baby anti gun Law" smoke and mirrors PR campaign at the voters.....and they love it.


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