Friday, June 10, 2022

KidsPlay Foundation World Cup Soccer Tournament

Kal Dosanjh is reporting that "The KidsPlay Foundation World Cup Soccer Tournament was a huge success! We hosted over 700 youth from across the Lower Mainland in BC Place Stadium for a fun game of soccer. Hundreds of volunteers participated in making this event happen. We are grateful to each and every one of them. Heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, parents, sponsors, community partners, Law Enforcement Departments, Media sources, the Whitecaps organization and BC place staff. Each one played a critical role in the success of this initiative."


  1. It's good to see some of the Gill's, Johal, Grewal and Sidhu keeping themselves out of trouble. 700 is nothing to be bragging about considering every school should have been invited.

    1. Kal does great work. His group in non-profit. That means the powers that be don't want to give up their monopoly in the schools so they can keep banking the overtime.


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