Sunday, June 19, 2022

Gustavo Petro Elected President of Colombia

The New York Times is reporting that Gustavo Petro has been elected president of Colombia today. That is shocking. It's not shocking that he won the election as he overwhelmingly had the popularity vote. What's shocking is that they didn't rig another election in favor of the Narco president. The fake news is billing him as a leftist guerilla. Yet the narco candidate was videotaped partying on a yacht with cocaine and prostitutes hosted by Pfizer. Pfizer is part of the World Economic Forum's Communist take over.

Petro was a member of a paramilitary organization just like Bobby Sands was at a time when every patriot joined a paramilitary organization. Petro was a member of a very sensible one and worked to create peace during his tenure. This election is a step forward for Colombia. As long as the CIA doesn't sabotage them like they did Venezuela. It's all about the oil. Maybe the poor areas will finally get garbage collection now. ESMAD are the most ruthless paramilitary organization Colombia has ever seen. Disbanding those Blackwater mercenaries is a good thing.

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  1. It’s a shocking turn of events indeed, and I’m sure that the war in the Ukraine played a role in his victory. The CIA has shipped most of their kill squads to the Ukraine, and Syria where they’ve been ramping up operations again. They’ll circle back around I’m sure especially if he doesn’t play ball with them


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