Thursday, June 2, 2022

Taliban bans opium in Afganistan - prepare for an invasion

South Carolina Public Radio is rpeoritng that "Afghanistan's Taliban rulers have begun a campaign to eradicate poppy cultivation, aiming to wipe out the country's massive production of opium and heroin, even as farmers fear their livelihoods will be ruined at a time of growing poverty." Notice the spin. Instead of jumping for joy, the American news outlet is complaining and implying banning opium will hurt the poor farmer. Like they give a sh*t about the farmers.

Likewise, the ASPI is reporting that "Taliban opium ban could lead to increase in organised crime and terrorism." AYFKM?! They admit that "The Taliban’s recent ban on opium cultivation in Afghanistan, a repeat of previous attempts under Taliban rule up to 2001."

That's right folks. In 2001 the Taliban brought opium production in Afghanistan to a grinding halt. Shortly after that they were invaded and opium production resumed. Now they're going to try to do it again and the CIA are going to try to stop them. Again.
After the invasion of Afghanistan, the CIA did openly what they did secretly during Vietnam. NATO troops began protecting the opium fields claiming if they didn't do it, the Taliban would. That was a bold-faced lie. The Taliban stopped opium production and they restored it. The CIA were the ones that created the Golden Triangle during Vietnam. George Bush Sr was the one that got the CIA addicted to drug trafficking. The movie Air America was a comedy based on a true story.
The ASPI - Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a CIA think tank left over from the Nugan Hand bank in Australia that crashed because of CIA drug dealing, arms dealing and money laundering (just like the BCCI) goes on to claim that the Taliban's opium ban could could lead to an increase in organised crime and terrorism. In reality, the current opium production promotes organized crime. You want to launch another false flag attack just because the Taliban shut down your profitable opium lifeline again? Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.


  1. This time Russia will send heavy arms to Afghanistan. There's not a chance the USA will be able to invade another country without Russia and who knows who else sending lots of weapons.

  2. No invasion this time around ..... the globalist are busy dismantling the US and the free world - they've gone "all in" on their Great Reset project ..... besides; the US couldn't beat the poorly armed cave-dwellers before - now the cave-dwellers are armed to the teeth with aprox. $75 Billion in advanced weapons ..... they'll make up the short-fall elsewhere and in other ways, imo.

  3. It won't be long until the US Military doesn't even have enough Fuel to power their war machine - China probably moves on Taiwan then ..... the US falls when China takes Taiwan because Taiwan is the epi-center of Semi-conductor manufacturing for US high-tech industry ..... the US currently doesn't enough have domestic Semi-conductor manufacturing infra. yet to support it's current self.

  4. NATO is owned by the globalists. They are the ones behind the drug trafficking. NATO is in bed with the WEF. The WEF is in bed with Communist China. NATO wants China to join NATO. China doesn't have to invade us. They already own us. The CIA are supporting the globalists.

  5. With the current popularity of fentanyl, and similar drugs, I really don't think that opium production is as crucial to supplying current drug markets as it once was.


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