Sunday, June 26, 2022

I don't care what the world does, I care what I do

In Vancouver we haven't had much of a spring. Every day has been cool and cloudy with no trace of the sun. One person said where is the sunshine and I said the sun is still shining. The problem is the clouds in between us and the sun. It didn't feel like June and you'd never know summer has begun. Then on Thursday that all changed. As I left for work in the morning the rising sun was just above the horizon and shone brightly. I thought to myself bright light. The unfamiliar sight was a refreshing change. I do like experiencing the seasons. It helps me keep track of the time.

When I was riding to work and the sun burst over the horizon, I could visualize the light illuminating everything in my life. It doesn't matter what everyone else is doing. It matters what I am doing. I am not responsible for what everyone else does. I am responsible for what I do. I live with the consequences of my decisions not everyone else's. Too many people worry about what everyone else is doing while they completely ignore what they themselves are doing.

Right now everyone is talking about the rising inflation and the pending recession. I don't remember getting such a dramatic warning of a coming recession before. Perhaps it's the new doom and gloom era we now live in where the media teaches us to be afraid of our own shadow. Yet as the sun rises, the shadows flee and disappear.

Nevertheless, right now we are all struggling. We're all picking up overtime shifts just to make ends meet and we're not getting any further ahead. Yet just as a small helm benefits a large ship during a storm, we can have faith that if we keep working and keep facing the waves, one day the storm will subside and the sunshine will eventually return. As Mother Teresa would say, behind the dark clouds the sun is still shining.

Although I oppose abortion, I don't think it should be illegal. I think we should discourage it but at the end of the day it is a personal choice we have to make and live with. We are responsible for what we do not what others do. If someone tells us to do something we are responsible for doing what they say. In this life we are all free to choose but we are not free to avoid the consequences of our choices. All our choices have consequences, good and bad. Not all consequences are bad. You make a good decision and you instantly receive peace of mind knowing you did the right thing. There is no joy in materialism or greed. Wickedness never was happiness.

They say prostitution is the world's oldest profession. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business. I am concerned with the exploitation and extortion that goes along with that industry. Forcing someone to do something against their will is human trafficking. Kidnapping someone's children to force them into prostitution is heinous. That's what Sonny Barger did.

Otis Garret was convicted of running a prostitution ring in San Fransisco for the Hells Angels called the Love nest. He wasn't acting on his own, he was on club business. Just like the Garden of Eden and the Swedish Touch. He kidnapped Margo Compton's daughters to prevent her from leaving the business. Then when she went to the police and was ready to write a book, Sonny Barger approved her murder and the murder of her twin seven year old daughters.

Sonny Barger is not an American hero. He is an American POS. Yet so are the ATF because they are just as involved in that exploitation. Sonny Barger approved Margo Compton's murder to hide that secret and prevent that book from being published. Yet when this life is over, her book will be an international best seller. Everyone will see him and see what he did. The same with the ATF.

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