Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Justin Trudeau reduces sentences for serious gun crimes

The Toronto Sun is reporting that "The mandatory minimum for both gun smuggling and selling illegal guns is three years but the PM thinks there should be none." It doesn't take a rocket science to do the math and see where Justin Trudeau is trying to take us.

When Justin Trudeau put a freeze on people without criminal records buying or selling registered handguns, we all know that had nothing to do with mass shootings or reducing gang violence. Absolutely nothing. Just like how decriminalization of hard drugs had absolutely nothing to do with reducing the number of overdoses. Absolutely nothing.

Now reducing the minimum sentences for serious gun crimes has nothing to do with reducing gun violence. Absolutely nothing. It has absolutely nothing to do with racism either because the perpetrators of the Surrey Six were all white. All these coordinated acts of insanity serve an agenda just like the Anarchists coalition with the Communists.

During the ANTIFA rights we saw black flags merge with red flags which represented an alliance between Communists and Anarchists. At first glance one would think that is a complete contradiction. Anarchism represents lawlessness while Communism represents so many laws it's a dictatorship. The unholy alliance is a means to an end.

Anarchists rebel against the law, in this case the Constitution which protects civil liberty by law. Once crime and violence run rampant and complete lawlessness has been achieved, the Communists come in to create order amidst the chaos - their order with their police.

In the United States we see Liberal sh*tholes like LA and New York where drugs, crime and violence run rampant versus Conservative strongholds where safe communities with low taxes thrive and prosper. Justin Trudeau is trying to turn the entire country into a Liberal sh*t hole so he can come in and create order amidst the chaos - his order where civil liberty is no longer protected by law and he can finally create his own dictatorship like the one he admires so much.


  1. Their "Own Nothing and be happy" doctrine requires the breakdown of the social order

  2. Truduea flip flops on gun control


  3. This Humpty Dumpty act isnt happening by accident .....


  4. "You will own Nothing and be Happy" ..... well, i'm not so sure about the happy part .....



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