Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Sydney Watson on Ghislaine Maxwell's suicide watch


  1. Breaking; Dutch Farmers Start Fighting Back Against the Tyrannical WEF Plans to Cut Nitrogen/Farms Drastically - Which Will Send Food Prices Further Skyrocketing .....

    1. Holland closes dozens of farms to reduce nitrogen. Now that is fake environmentalism.

  2. Klaus Schwab. Interesting guy. Dad was a Swiss Nazi who moved to Germany in 1936 to run a company right next to the Ravensburg Concentration Camp. Used slave labor. Never arrested or even investigated by the Allies. Was the Managing Director from 1936-1982 when he died, even AFTER he immigrated to Brazil for a couple of decades before going back to Europe. The fallout from the Shoa didn't even make a dent in this guy's life. Schwab was raised in Nazi Germany until age 9 when the war ended. No surprise he has some interesting idea's about "human management". He's "ubermenschen", you are "untermenschen". It's what he believes because it's how he was raised.


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