Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Vladimir Putin addresses the world

Update: As a recall, there was a video posted online of Ukrainian UFC fighter Maxim Ryndovskiy being tortured by Ukranian soldiers for training with the Russians. Then the media lied and made false allegations against him to rationalize his torture. No lie can live forever.

This is an English translation of Putin's speech that hackers posted on the Ukraine versus Wales soccer game. The fact that the mainstream media refused to play it and they had to get hackers to post it shows what kind of insane misrepresentation is going on with the Ukraine conflict.

In his address Putin states that they exchanged 50 Russian prisoners with 50 Ukrainian prisoners. The Ukranian prisoners were fed and received medical treatment. The Russian prisoners came back with cut fingers and reproductive organs. I believe this to be true because I have seen videos of Russian prisoners who were tortured. When Hitler was gassing the Jews no one believed it because he controlled the media. We are seeing the same media censorship today on a global scale in support of the globalists.

When the translation mentions circumcision of the reproductive organs, I believe a more accurate translation would be castration. Supporting the Azov Nazis torturing prisoners is a shameful disgrace on a global scale. History will remember this because no lie can live forever.

Communists are using Fascists in the Ukraine just like they are using Anarchists in North America to achieve their objectives. At the World Economic Forum's recent summit​ in Davos, they built a Russia House to showcase Russia's war crimes in the Ukraine. They are liars and false accusers. They are the ones committing war crimes. The World Economic Forum are Globalists. Globalists are Communists. Communism is slavery built with lies and maintained by lies. Buyer Beware.

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