Saturday, June 19, 2021

Alberta removes all COVID restrictions July 1st

Dr. Patrick Phillips - Dr. Donald Welsh - Dr. Byram Bridle - Dr Kulvinder Kaur

Canada Health Alliance - Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Dr. Simone Gold - America's Frontline Doctors - Great Barrington Declaration

Friday, June 18, 2021

Alberta Hells Angel found dead in Surrey - RIH

The Compromised BC Gang Task Force told Dr Spin that "The Surrey RCMP and the B.C. Coroners Service are investigating after a full-patch Hells Angel from Alberta was found dead in a Surrey RV park Thursday. Darcy Lee, 45, had been staying at the Brownsville RV Park, at 11940 Old Yale Rd., for about two weeks. Sources confirmed the deceased person was Lee, a member of the Westridge chapter of the Hells Angels, based in Edmonton. Sgt. Elenore Sturko said that Surrey RCMP has opened a file on Lee’s death, but that there is no indication of foul play."

No evidence of foul play. Of course not. This is coming from the Compromised BC Gang Task force. Drug overdose or suicide. Neither is plausible. This is another Hillbilly POS from Drayton Valley. Westridge and the Edmonton chapters are the scum bags that killed a father in Greece.

The Edmonton Hells Angels are the ones that were given the Surrey drug trade after the Wolf Pack took over the DTES from Redd Alert who were also led by the Edmonton Hells Angels just like the Brother's Keepers and the Driftwood Crips. This death reconfirms the Edmonton Hells Angels direct involvement in the Surrey drug trade. Don't Fear The Reaper - Much.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Derek Sloan holds press conference with Dr. Byram W. Bridle, Dr. Patrick Phillips and Dr. Donald Welsh

True North is reporting that "Appearing alongside Sloan were Dr. Byram W. Bridle, who is a viral immunologist and University of Guelph associate professor, Dr. Patrick Phillips of Englehart and District Hospital, and Western University physiology and pharmacology professor Dr. Donald Welsh." Second dose of AstraZeneca vaccine no longer recommended in Canada.

Update: This press conference is astounding. The presentations by the medical doctors are stunning. We need to collectively address this. At 9:04 into the video Dr. Byram W. Bridle speaks. He is a is a viral immunologist. Vaccines are his specialty.

Dr. Bridle states that normally, vaccines stay in the shoulder. The body detects the vaccine and fights the virus thereby building anti bodies to it naturally. Dr. Bridle states that the COVID vaccines are different. They don't stay in the shoulder, they travel throughout the body. The fact that the RNA was designed to treat diseases like Alzheimer's, it passes by the immune system undetected making the use of RNA in vaccines, counter productive and presents risks.

Dr. Bridle also states that the scientific censorship that exists around COVID-19 and the lockdown response is unprecedented. The scientific method involves formulating a hypothesis then testing and debating that hypothesis. When we ban scientific debate, we ban science.

Dr. Patrick Phillips addresses the video at 23:04. We are familiar with COVID treatments that have been banned to promote the billion dollar experimental vaccines. We know about vitamin D, Hydroxychloroquine & Remdesivir. The fact that these treatments are effective at treating COVID yet are banned is further evidence sinister forces are at work. Dr. Phillips explains about the effectiveness of Ivermectin in the treatment of COVID and the huge reduction in fatalities. Treatments need to be examined not banned.

Dr. Donald Welsh begins speaking at 28:40 in the video. Dr. Welsh is a pharmacology professor. He addresses the slander and banishment of scientific debate. He wants to reclaim science.

US Senate holds COVID Press Conference confronting Batgate supporting early treatment.

Update: Rebel News is reporitng that "Theresa Tam's Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) was found to be in contempt of the House of Commons after a vote in Parliament."

U.S. politicians fume over Canada's extended border restrictions

CBC is reporitng that "American politicians who are normally friendly to Canada are fuming over news that the border will remain closed to non-essential travel for at least another month. They decried the latest prolongation on Friday as overly cautious, unfounded in science and unclear. "I wish there was a more artful way to say this — but this is bullsh*t," said Rep. Brian Higgins, a Democratic congressman whose Buffalo, N.Y., district touches the border. "It's arbitrary. It doesn't follow the science, it doesn't follow the facts, it doesn't follow the data." A Parental Guide to COVID-19 Vaccination by Dr. Byram Bridle

Canada has fallen far behind the rest of the world.

The Billion dollar vaccine industry

Canadian Covid Care Alliance

Annamie Paul calls Justin Trudeau a fake feminist

Communism is fake feminism. Justin Trudeau is a Communist, therefore he is a fake femenist.

Kelowna RCMP investigate death at house from hell

The Penticton Western News is reporting that "A Kelowna man has been taken into custody after another man was found dead at a Sycamore Road residence on Thursday (June 17). At around 1:30 a.m., Kelowna RCMP responded to reports of a man found dead in a residence located in the 1200-block of Sycamore Road." Castanet report.

Rudy Giuliani endorses Curtis Sliwa for Mayor

Maxime Bernier on Tucker Carlson

Secret ‘Project Cactus’ campaign targeting Maxime Bernier was billed to Conservative Party HQ.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Jon Stewart on Stephen Colbert - the Wuhan lab

The Toronto Star is reporitng that "Conservatives want to invoke a rarely used procedure to publicly rebuke the head of the Public Health Agency of Canada over his refusal to produce unredacted documents related to the firing of two scientists from Canada’s highest security laboratory." They are referring to the Canadian scientist arrested in 2019 for sending lethal viruses to Wuhan. They sent the Wuhan lab Ebola and Henipah viruses.

Éric Duhaime leads the Quebec Conservatives

The Canadain Press is reportuing that "The governing Coalition Avenir Québec has dumped one of its members over a political donation she made to a rival party. The party led by Premier François Legault announced late Tuesday it had removed Claire Samson from caucus over a $100 donation she made to the Conservative Party of Quebec, led by Éric Duhaime. Samson will now sit as an Independent for the remainder of her term, but she was unfazed when reached for comment, saying she rejects the governing party and no longer wants to be associated with it."

"Samson says she does not regret the donation and has the right to contribute to the party of her choice. But the Coalition party ruled it could not accept one of its members donating to a party that contests COVID-19 health measures, as Duhaime, a commentator and radio host, has done on numerous occasions." Right. Thinking is against the law.

Éric Duhaime is a Quebec conservative radio host that questions the covid narrative. Now that's what I'm talking about. When I first read the title of his book, I misunderstood. Turns out he is Gay but doesn't see himself as a victim. In his book "he proposes to put away the rainbow flag and instead take out the champagne to celebrate the victories acquired. For the author, acting as a martyr is from another era. In this book, he wants to testify that it is possible to be gay and happy in Quebec, living life to the fullest." Voici, c'est magnifique!

This guy could be the next Prime Minister. Unlike Erin the Fool, Éric is Conservative.

Meanwhile, back on the ranch, the cancel culture is trying to cancel the new leader of the Green Party. Evidently, the socialist take over of the Green Party only want women of colour who do as they're told. Fake feminists and fake environmentalists. We see through you.

Update: The Montreal Gazzette is reporting that "Ousted Coalition Avenir Québec MNA Claire Samson plans to sit as a member of the Conservative Party of Quebec when the legislature resumes sitting in September. Samson’s decision means Duhaime will have instant access to the legislature because only a sitting MNA can invite an outside political leader." That is progress.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Nova Scotia Fire Hall shot up by police during mass shooting

BTW where would Gabe get phosphorus Grenades from? That sounds like Blackwater.

In my last post about Gabriel Wortman and the leaked 911 calls, I came across some startling information. Saltwire reported that an RCMP officer visited a key witness impersonating a member of the Nova Scotia Mass Causalty Commission. He was in reality from the RCMP's response to that commission. In that article the witness said:

What I found really weird was when they shot up the fire hall and nobody even talked to us for a year,” McLellan said. McLellan is adamant the two RCMP officers who shot up the fire hall should be punished. “I want to see those two fired because the SIRT report is full of crap,” she said.

I'm like, what is she on about? I vaguely remember hearing that a Fire Hall was hit with a stray bullet but I don't remember hearing anything about the police shooting up the Fire Hall.

Well wait 'till I tell ye. CBC reported that "Sharon McLellan was standing in her Onslow, N.S., kitchen talking on the phone one Sunday morning in April when she saw two men with long guns get out of a nondescript vehicle. She said one ran into the ditch opposite her house while the second man crouched behind a wooden garbage bin in the parking lot of the Onslow Belmont fire brigade's hall across the street. Within seconds, she heard gunfire."

"But when shots rang out at the Onslow fire hall, the man responsible for those deaths wasn't there. Two Mounties fired at one of their own as well as a bystander who was close to the hall near a parked RCMP cruiser. The Fifth Estate has reviewed surveillance footage captured by cameras at the hall. It doesn't show the shooters but reveals a hunched-over man wearing a fluorescent safety vest darting into the fire hall at 10:21 a.m. local time."

"Surveillance footage shows that a few seconds later, an RCMP officer who was stationed in front of the hall was standing with his hands up next to his vehicle." The police were shooting at the police. Were they police officers or were they Blackwater? They came in an unmarked car.
This wasn't one stray bullet. They peppered the Fire Hall with semi-automatic rifles. The witness counted 32 bullet holes. "No one inside or outside the hall was hurt. But bullets peppered the hall's siding over a distance of several metres. The shots went through one of the big bay doors and punctured a fire truck's windshield, fender and engine. Shots also pierced an electronic welcome sign close to the road, which was more than 60 metres from where the cruiser was parked, as well as a granite monument by the building's entrance. A fire truck saved our lives."
CBC reported that "The fire hall was being used as a shelter." A shelter for what? Turns out they had evacuated residents during the mass shooting and they were inside that Fire Hall.

In the article the witness said the SIRT report is full of crap. Indeed it is. The officers were exonerated of any wrong doing because they claimed they were shooting at the suspect. Gabe was not wearing a yellow safety vest. They lied. They knew the police officer out front was stationed there to protect the residents in the shelter. They caught Blackwater agents red handed.

European soccer full of fans

Last Friday was the opening ceremony for the European soccer finals. They are all palying in stadiums full of fans. Sportsnet is reporitng that a Greenpeace protester parachuted into the stadium before France’s game against Germany at the European Championship today. It doesn't look like he was wearing a mask.

Canada leads the world in pandemic debt and pandemic stupidity. We have the highest vaccination rates and the most restrictions in the world. Use your brain and do the math. The media is lying. Canada has fallen behind the rest of the world in common sense.

Golden Knights beat the Montreal Canadians in another packed stadium

The Vegas Golden Knights beat the Montreal Canadians 4-1 in the game opener before yet another packed stadium. Meanwhile back on the ranch, Global and MSN are still lying to us on a daily basis about the Covid numbers. No one is getting tested every day and no one is dying every day from Covid. They are lying to us on a daily basis. The overwhelming success of all the US States that have opened have made their lies statistically impossible.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Gabriel Wortman and the leaked 911 calls

Update: Nova Scotia Fire Hall shot up by police during mass shooting

Global is reporitng that "The RCMP’s near-blanket refusal to provide information about its investigation into the shooting spree that terrorized Nova Scotians in April of last year may be to blame for a series of leaks to a Halifax magazine, policing experts told Global News.

CBC is reporitng that "The public inquiry examining the circumstances of the Nova Scotia mass killing is calling for Frank Magazine to remove highly sensitive audio of 911 calls."

Why would a public inquiry call for evidence to be withheld from the public? Is it because the public inquiry is a cover up and members of the inquiry are married to RCMP officers?
What I found really weird was when they shot up the fire hall and nobody even talked to us for a year,” McLellan said. McLellan is adamant the two RCMP officers who shot up the fire hall should be punished. “I want to see those two fired because the SIRT report is full of crap,” she said.

"The recordings make it clear that 911 operators were told the gunman was driving a police vehicle when he went from house to house in Portapique killing his neighbours and lighting homes on fire." Most of the witness simply saw a man dressed as a police officer driving a police car shooting people. Locals are very concerned that fact was not released to the public as it is an important detail to reveal to protect innocent lives. He had a cop car but did he have a uniform?

Two of the callers identified the gunman, either by name or by indicating his profession. That is significant IF true. However, there are a lot of shady things going on in this case. Covering up the fact that the gunman was dressed as a cop driving a cop car is one of them. Makes it kind of easy for a Blackwater contractor to impersonate him.

False information can be leaked to the press just as easily as true information.

Earlier MacLean's stated that "The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation. Police sources say the killer's withdrawal of $475,000 was highly irregular, and how an RCMP ‘agent’ would get money." Initially the RCMP were trying to portray the mild-mannered denturist as having ties to organized crime by claiming he had a huge sum of money deposited into his bank account. Turns out that money came from the RCMP.

Tragically, I don't think we will ever find the truth. If this was an undercover operation like MacLean's implies, the cover up will be complete and the disinformation never ending. My point is this: the guns he was alleged to have used were not legally obtained and there is no motive for the murders. Any mass shooting without a motive is suspicious.

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Prosecution of a prostitute and two Hell’s Angels for kidnapping and extorting a millionaire

TBM Nation is reporitng on a "Prosecution of a prostitute and two Hell’s Angels for kidnapping and extorting a millionaire." The thing is, the two Hells Angels are former British soldiers. That is so MI6. You know, the ones hacking into large corporations and extorting them.

The UK Sun is reporitng that "Ex-British Army pair Benjamin Norman Stridgeon and Karl John Boorman were caged for nine years each after admitting to taking part in a robbery and extortion plot hatched by the wealthy businessman’s high-class Bulgarian escort." I doubt it was her idea.
"Sex worker Mima Petrova Ivanova was also handed the same prison sentence after pleading guilty in a plea bargain deal ahead of the trio’s one-day trial on Friday at a court in the Majorcan capital Palma." That's the same place the German Hells Angels president along with 25 members were charged with human traficking. Kinda like how Mesa Mike and the ATF run Humaniplex.

Canada’s Border Agency to Create Biometric Identity Office

The National Observer is reporting that "Canada's border agency has an "urgent need" to hire a global technology firm to help develop a biometric strategy in response to rapidly evolving issues including COVID-19. The Canada Border Services Agency issued a notice of procurement Monday inviting 15 firms to submit proposals for immediately setting up an Office of Biometrics and Identity Management."

"The agency also wants a strategy and road map for digital solutions using biometric-related technologies to address issues flowing from the pandemic and other priorities. Biometric information — a unique identifier such as an iris scan or a fingerprint record — is considered useful in managing the passage of people across borders, though it also poses privacy risks."

"It also plans to look at options for greater use of technology that relies on voice recognition and geolocation to confirm the identity and location of people required to report to the agency."

"The experience from other jurisdictions has been that, once in place, reliance on these technologies tends to expand rapidly beyond its initial objectives and frequently facial recognition technologies are repurposed for use beyond the border."

"Biometric recognition and identity can be highly intrusive, and we have seen significant pressure to adopt facial recognition technologies in particular at border crossings."

"Canada's privacy commissioners recently said respect for laws and principles governing personal information must guide introduction of digital or paper proof-of-vaccination certificates that could smooth the transition to post-pandemic life."

"The Office of Biometric Identity Management provides biometric match, store, share, and analyze services to DHS and mission partners. The need for biometrics continues to grow among DHS Components; interagency stakeholders (e.g., the Departments of State, Justice, and Defense); State, local, tribal and territorial entities; the Intelligence Community; and international mission partners."


OK so I've got a bit of time on my hands and I hate TV so I've started watching Charmed on Amazon Prime Video. I've distanced myself from Netflix after that child porn fiasco but recognize Amazon Prime Video has its leftist propaganda as well. Nevertheless, I've picked up this series called Charmed and find it entertaining. It's fantasy escapism but I give it a thumbs up.

I can't stand Twilight. I'm not into vampires and werewolves. That ridiculous drama has been well over played. Yet this one is like a comical remix of Bewitched. It's modern and has many hidden plots that reveal themselves along the way but the underlining theme is good versus evil.

A quote from Season 1 episode 12 states "When those in power repeat lies long enough, the people start to believe them. Just turn on the news." How true. We need to think for ourselves.

Season 1 episode 13 has a shot of the Vancouver Planetarium in it. I guess it was filmed here.
It's also filmed on UBC campus. It's kinda like Harry Potter.

BC government seizes grow

The Vancovuer Sun is reporitng that "The province is seeking to have forfeited a $711,000 rural property near Powell River allegedly linked to an illicit cannabis operation and money laundering."

"In April of this year, the RCMP raided a five-acre property with a house at 2632 Maywood Road, just south of Powell River. According to a claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court on June 7 by the B.C. Civil Forfeiture Office, the police discovered illicit cannabis plants in six rooms in the house. The forfeiture office seeks to have the property forfeited as “proceeds and instruments of unlawful activity.” April of this year? Pot is legal now.

There's no such thing as illicit cannabis just unlicensed. This shows us that the BC NDP are just as screwed up as the BC Liberals. Nobody cares about pot. The intent of legalization was to free up the legal system for violent offenders and hard drugs like crack, crystal meth and fentanyl.

Seizing the home of an unlicensed grow after pot has been legalized is excessive. It once again shows that the BC NDP don't want to stop crime, they just want to profit from it. That is shameful.

Justin Trudeau gives away 3.6 billion tax dollars

Post Media Trash is reporting that "Canada is set to share 100 million COVID-19 vaccines with the world, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says." OK so let's do the math. If it cost $9 billion for 250 million doses, then 100 million does costs $3.6 billion. That clown just gave away $3.6 billion for a vaccine that the Canada Health Alliance and the American Frontline Doctors said isn't necessary.

This is just like SNC-Lavalin. They give the politicians millions of dollars in campaign contributions and receive billions of tax dollars in return. Oh the cunning plan of the evil one. Justin Trudeau is a glutton. It's not his money. Creating that much debt will enslave our grandchildren for years.

Saturday, June 12, 2021

The Billion dollar vaccine industry

The Canadian Press is reporting that "The specifics of what Canada paid for the 250 million doses of vaccine it pre-purchased have been hard to come by. The 2021 budget released in April said the total was somewhere around $9 billion. The Pfizer contract was one of eight quietly shared with the health committee Friday." That was just the first splash.

This multi-billion-dollar industry murdered the Shermans because they were undercutting their profits through the introduction of generic drugs. The double dose scam was simply a way for them to double their profit at the taxpayers expense. Johnson & Johnson's Covid simulation.

The billion-dollar vaccine industry lobbies the government through campaign contributions. They control the media through advertising dollars. They are not objective nor do they care about your health. They care about making money. That's why the Canada Health Alliance was formed and created their own website to counter the false information the media is bombarding us with.

Naramata murders linked to the drug trade

Update: 1 of 2 men charged with murder of B.C. brothers is on the run

Son of Naramata homicide victim arrested on warrants

The Vancouver Sun reported that "B.C. RCMP believe the murder of a woman whose body was found Wednesday inside a Naramata home may be linked to a double homicide that occurred in the area last month. Police discovered the woman’s body around 5 p.m. while checking on a residence as part of the investigation into the May 10 murders of Kamloops brothers Erick Fryer, 29, and Carlos Fryer, 31. The RCMP believe the woman’s death and the deaths of the Fryer brothers, whose bodies were discovered in a remote location around Naramata Creek, were targeted acts related to the drug trade. "Mounties confirmed Friday the victim is 57-year-old Kathleen Richardson, who operated a hair salon in her home and was a volunteer firefighter.

Mom and Dad replaced with Birthing People

Candace Owens talks about the left's assault on the family. Destroy the family, you destroy the society. Well now the crow shocking geriatric is embracing that and running with it. Good old Tucker Carlson pointed out how not only has the Biden Administration banned the pronouns he and she but now they have banned the terms Mom and Dad. Those sacred terms have been replaced with the term birthing parents. This is the realms of inter galactic space.

Friday, June 11, 2021

Boat runs aground before going over Texas Dam

The Sea to Sky Gondola has reopened

The Sea to Sky gondola reopened today so I rode up to check it out. It's right between the Chief and Shannon Falls. It's a bit pricey but a seasons pass is worth it.
You can hike in the summer and snowshoe in the winter.
It makes Shy Pilot accessible and helps people appreciate the outdoors.
Now is a good time to talk about fake environmentalists. The criminals who cut the cable twice are deranged. They should go to jail and pay the costs of their vandalism. This facility does not harm the environment at all. It helps people appreciate the environment.
It makes the outdoors more accessible and helps people get in touch with nature. The Gondola on Grouse has been there for years. It does not harm the environment. These whack jobs that cut the cable are freaks and need to be held accountable. People need consequences.

Straw Lies, Dirty Cops and Fake News

Before I move on to other things, I just want to pause and point out two more bold faced lies coning from Dr Spin and the Compromised BC Gang Task Force. Gang members do not use registered firearms to execute gang hits. Dr Spin admitted that Francois Gauthier was a hired hitman from out of province that left his gun at the scene of the crime. This professional hitman left the gun at the scene of the crime because it was not registered and was untraceable.

Notwithstanding that fact, this unholy alliance is still pushing the straw purchase fallacy. If someone with a gun license buys a handgun that gun is registered in their name. They are only allowed to take it to the gun range and back home. That is all. If they alter the serial number and sell it to a gang member, that firearm is still registered in their name and always will be until they file the proper papers to legally transfer its ownership. The police will say where is this gun?

The vast majority of illegal guns are coming in from the US. They are unregistered. The term straw purchase came from Operation Fast and Furious where the ATF were selling the Mexican Cartel guns in exchange for tons of cocaine which they brought back into the US. El Chappo had a .50 cal sniper rifle from Operation Fast and Furious.

Dr Spin's lie has a motive. The motive is not to reduce violent crime. The motive is to take legal guns away from law abiding citizens without criminal records. That is the first thing a Communist government does before they commit murder.

After the Kelowna Summer Jam in 2012 that took down David Giles and the stolen car ring in Kelowna, the BC Liberals disbanded the OMGU and stopped arresting Hells Angels associates for drug trafficking. Since I have been hammering that fact over and over again, Dr Spin throws out a couple fake token arrests that don't target anyone so the CFSEU can pretend they are doing their job when they clearly are not. The fake news has become ridiculous.

Thursday, June 10, 2021

People are scared as gang activity fuels Portland violence

The Canadian Press is reporting that "When Oregon’s most populous city had a rampant gang problem 30 years ago, Portland detectives were stunned if they found more than a few dozen bullet casings after a shooting. Now, police are recording multiple shootings a week with 50 to 70 shots fired, and in one case more than 150, as gang attacks and retaliatory shootings again spiral into a vicious cycle." I guess that's what happens when you defund the police, idiots.

5 counties in Oregon vote to join Conservative Idaho

Systemic Racism: Canada, China or India? Update

Recently a 20 year old man driving a pickup truck jumped a curb and ran over a Muslim family in Ontario. This horrific event is a complete tragedy. Yet so is the political exploitation of the event. Does racism exist in Canada? Of course it does. That's like saying does crime exist in Canada. Crime and racism exist in Canada but we shun both. My neighbors are Muslim.

In 2017 thousands of Canadians showed up in the rain at a Mosque in Vancouver to show support after a deranged criminal shot 6 people dead at a Muslim Mosque in Quebec.
At that rally, the head of the Mosque invited his friend, a Jewish Rabbi to speak. The Jewish Rabbi spoke out against racism and blew a ram's horn as a wakeup call for Canadians to be vigilant in defence of their values. That does not represent systemic racism.

Justin Trudeau is a complete hypocrite. There is no question systemic racism permeates Communist China where Muslims are rounded up into prison camps and executed for their organs like the Falun Gong. Justin Trudeau admires China's dictatorship because he is a lunatic.

Recently Jagmeet Singh launched a scathing attack on Canadian values saying that Canada is a horrible place to live and is full of racism. He wouldn't be the leader of the NDP if it was. Jagmeet needs to look in the mirror. My daughter dated a brown guy in Surrey. He told her that if his parents found out he was dating a white girl they would freak but if they found out he was dating a Muslim, they would murder him. Literally. There's a lot of racism in India too. The question is, are we going to promote the good or are we going to promote the bad?

Candace Owens and Rob Smith have both spoken out about the media's obsession with the term systemic racism and the need to teach children to hate America. The mainstream media is trying to do the same thing here. The US had a black president. Now they have a black vice president. That does not reflect systemic racism. Candace Owens wrote a book called Blackout referencing the Democrats long history of being plantation owners and KKK members. That is why the media keeps trying to rewrite history to promote their insane globalist agenda.

Jagmeet Singh is a fake feminist just like Justin Trudeau. Jagmeet is obsessed with promoting gender-based abortions. This is something India has a problem with. For some crazy reason, many families in India are so desperate to have boys, if they find out the mother is carrying a girl, they kill it. That is not progressive. That is regressive and repressive.

India has many wonderful traditions we now celebrate here: Vaisakhi, Diwali, Holi. Killing their women is not one of them. Not only is it immoral, it is also stupid. If you kill all your women, who are your sons going to marry? As always, we need to promote good and shun evil.
Update: Dan Dicks is reporitng that "New evidence has emerged that directly contradicts the narrative that 'Islamaphobia' was the reason for an 'attack' on a muslim family, yet Justin Trudeau, Jagmeet Singh and others have already emphatically stated that this was indeed the work of hatred and a terrorist attack. An eye witness stated that the suspect asked him to call the police, he also asked him to film the arrest, meanwhile his close friends (one from the Middle East) say he is NOT an Islamaphobe and in fact he contacted one of them 3 days prior stating that he was having issues with the steering in his new truck!"
Seeing this family walk down the street it would be hard to identify them as Muslim. They're not wearing hijabs and they're from Pakistan. The scarf looks more like a sari since her hair is exposed. There's nothing wrong with that. I'm just saying if I saw that family walking down the street, I wouldn't know they were Muslim. Kinda makes ya wonder if the kid did have problems with his steering after all.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Hydrogen plant in Edmonton

Castanet is reporting that "The federal and Alberta governments are signing an agreement that could lead to a plant to produce hydrogen built near Edmonton. The governments say they're working with Air Products Canada to build the $1.3-billon plant, which would produce the clean-burning fuel from natural gas. They say the plant would produce hydrogen-fuelled electricity and liquid hydrogen for transportation and could be running by 2024."

"Hydrogen releases no carbon when it burns. Using hydrogen instead of fossil fuels is thought to be a significant way to reduce Canada's greenhouse gas emissions."

This isn't bad it's just kind of redundant. Why don't you use natural gas for natural gas - heating homes as well as fuelling trucks and ships? If you want hydrogen, why don't you just get it from water through electrolysis? When I was a kid I wanted to build a car that ran on hydrogen. You fill the tank up with water and get the hydrogen through electrolysis. Extracting the hydrogen from the water at a power plant and filling the car with straight hydrogen would be more viable.

Texas and Florida lead the way

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Clay Roueche Rising

I saw a recent YouTube video about Clay Roueche that pretty much remixed the old article in the Rolling Stone magazine referring to him as the King of BC Bud and I thought it was time to give an update as a lot has happened since then.

The video starts off with a quote from Susan Roe the US District Attorney involved with his illegal arrest stating that "He is an accomplished businessman. He did have a sophisticated business plan and had he been a legitimate businessman he could have been very successful."

That sounds more like a letter of reference than a complaint. Marc Emery was a famous Canadian incarcerated in the US for selling pot seeds online. He was referred to as the Prince of Pot. Now pot is legal in Canada and law enforcement have gone out of their way to prevent Marc and his brand from getting licenced.

Likewise, Dr Spin and Andy Richards successfully pushed Hal Porteous out of the legal pot industry. Why? Because Andy Richards' security firm is now dealing in legalized pot. Dirty deeds done dirt cheap. The Hells Angels have just as much right to sell legal pot as Andy Richards does. So does Clay Roueche when he eventually gets out of prison for doing what they are now doing. Yet that is all past history. It is time to turn the page.

Let's take a look at what Clay has done since then. As I have previously said, Clay's arrest was illegal. They didn't charge him and extradite him. They rerouted his plane and arrested him on American soil when he was not scheduled to be on American soil. They didn't bother extraditing Randy Jones. They just removed his competitors for him.

Clay was placed in solitary confinement for two years. He didn't rat anyone out and he didn't join the rat out your rivals program. Unlike the local Cub Pack, that's not the way he rolls. He faced that challenge head on. While in solitary confinement, he wrote an inspiring book about Indominable Virtues. He also received a 6-year reduction in his sentence.

After he was finally released from solitary confinement he began painting. Then he had associates sell prints of his painting online. Some of which were sold at the Blue Lotus here in Guildford Mall. I bought prints of the Pheonix and the Dragon because I found them very inspiring and the colours were magnificent.

While in prison Clay met and befriended George Martorano, the longest-serving first-time non-violent offender who served over 32 years for pot. Pot is now legal in Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Illinois, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Jersey, Oregon, South Dakota, Vermont, and Washington. While in prison Clay met and befriended Allen Strong.
While in prison Clay met and befriended heavyweight kickboxing legend Dennis Alexio and had the opportunity to train with him and interview him. Clay has an extensive martial arts background. He first obtained a blackbelt in Taekwondo. He then studied many other styles and continued to work with other boxers and martial artists in prison. Clay even formed his own style of martial arts called Combined Combat Systems or CCS.

Clay hired someone to revamp his website and put his inspiring artwork on T-shirts.

Clay has been very busy with a lot of positive things since his arrest and more news is on the way. Locally, Dr Spin is trying to blame Clay for the recent spike in gang violence. In reality, the spike in gang violence in his absence proves that Clay wasn't the problem. Someone else is.

People who ride

People who ride in BC don't sell drugs. The people who sell drugs in BC ride SUVs not motorcycles. One of the reasons there aren't any rival MCs in BC is because the people here who ride see the HAs as the real deal and see the others as wannabees or trouble makers. People here don't like wannabees and they don't like trouble makers.

That's not to say people here agree with killing Brandi or with gang raping sex trade workers on the Pickton farm because they don't. The HAs don't even agree with that. That's why they have to cover their tracks with lies. "We didn't kill Brandi, she committed suicide." No, she didn't. We all know what. "The HAs would never have anything to do with Robert Pickton." That's simply not true. Dave Pickton was an associate. Big Tony ran Piggy's Palace.

Nobody likes a liar. In the same way they don't like wannabees or trouble makers. It's the same thing. Liars are trouble makers. They create violence then try to hide it with lies. Usually, they get sorted out by the club. For example, Larry Mizen deserved what he got but so should have Lenny because Lenny hired Mizen. Letting drug dealers take all a sex trade workers money when she goes on a date is messed up. That is not acceptable. Enforcers were supposed to protect the ladies from abusive Johns. They're not supposed to brutalize the ladies who work for them.

Jesse used to run an afterhours across from the Pickton farm for when Roosters closed at night. It was high end. Piggy's Palace wasn't. It was a predatory cease pool of depravity. Jesse wasn't involved with that. Big Tony was. Jim Brown was a sexual deviant with the Coquitlam RCMP. Not all cops were gang raping sex trade workers with drug debts on the Pickton farm but some were. Dianne Rock was gang raped on the farm by bikers and cops.

Not all HAs were gang raping sex trade workers with drug debts on the farm either but some were and we need to face that. The Hells Angels ran the Surrey House of Horrors. We need to stop the lies. Lies create more violence. Confront the lies and you confront the violence.

As I previously said, now the violence is all about greed. That's all it is. We don't need to create more violence. We need to walk away and withdraw our support for the lies. That's all we need to do. Withdraw our support for the lies. Confront the lies and you confront the violence. Everyone wants the violence to stop. It's time to turn the page.

Monday, June 7, 2021

A Proclamation of Peace

I have three posts to make. One is about the current gang conflict, one is about people who ride and the other is about Clay Roueche. The other day I was feeling somewhat grateful. No matter how bad things get, they could always get worse so we always have something to be grateful for.

Today I'm feeling kind of humbled. Ya meet people who ride and they know people who ride and you share something. You recognize that this is a nice guy, who knows people and those people aren't bad people. In many ways they're just like everyone else. From a distance there is peace.

From a distance, there is harmony. I've been recognized a few times at the gym over the years. A while ago a really buff brown guy comes up to me and says I know who you are. It's OK I won't tell anyone. I kinda look at him like WTF and he says you do that blog. You're Kim Bolan's brother. That's when I had to laugh. I said yeah I do the blog. Everyone knows that. I don't advertise it but I'm not in hiding. Then I clarified, but I'm not Kim Bolan's brother.

She's in bed with the police I said. She hates me, the police hate me, the Hells Angels hate me - everybody hates me. I stand alone. He used to be involved in the life back in the day and starts expressing some of his concerns about how the new generation don't share the same values he had when he was in the game. We shared a lot of common beliefs.

Right now, we're witnessing greed. Greed kills. Like a forest fire buring out of control it consumes everything in its path include the host. There's no L&R. Just greed and betrayal. That all there is.
That's why I encourage people to leave the life. That's my mission. The reason I tell people who left the life not to cooperate with the police isn't because I hate cops. It's because I want them to have a legitimate chance at a fresh start. Don't walk away mad, just walk away. If you keep your mouth shut, they have no reason to kill you. It costs money you kill you and they rather keep the money. After all, it's all about the money. That's all it's about.

Naseen had a fist full of cash. It burned a hole in his pocket and it's all gone. Everyone knows that life is a dead-end street. Some people don't care. Others see the light and move on. They grow up. They become responsible. That is where the respect is - self-respect. That's something money can't buy. After all, a poor man is better than a liar. Mark my word.

Jason Kenney gets caught breaking his health rules

CTV is reporting that Jason Kennyy is coming under fire again from his own cabinet for getting caught breaking his own stupid Covid rules at a wine and dine on top of the Sky Palace in Edmonton. He should be coming under fire for making those stupid rules in the first place. Jason Kenney is not a Conservative. He's a fraud. Time to bring more accountability in the next leadership race to address voter fraud. Todd Loewen calls on Jason Kenney to resign.

Tucker Carlson: Why did they lie to us for so long?

Vanity Fair: The Lab-Leak Theory: Inside the Fight to Uncover COVID-19’s Origins

Jury Selection for Larry Amero's trial has begun

Jury Selection for the Alkahil, Wiwchar, Amero conspiracy to commit murder trial is scheduled for today in Vancouver Supreme court. Ironically enough, their pals Cody Haevischer and Matthew Johnston are scheduled today in Vancouver Supreme court to fix a date to have their Surrey Six murder conviction thrown out because of an abuse of process. This is why Jamie Bacon was tried separately. I have to sort this out. It sounded like the Crown set their convictions aside like in the Bobsy twins who cooperated with the police. I don't know if this is a cover up yet.
Madam Justice Wedge dismissed the stay back in 2014. The 2018 decision isn't posted.

A 2021 decision has been posted. How do these clowns afford 7 lawyers? If legal aid is paying for 7 lawyers to appeal and appeal, that is an abuse of process.
Neil Cantrill's sentencing is still continuing in New Westminster today. Final decision July 16th. Gang colours are OK. Requesting court transcripts is not.
Tragically June 9th the Hadden-Watts case agsinst Kling Klung is in Kelowna.

Man known to the police injured in Langley shooting

CTV is reporting that " Mounties in Langley are investigating after a shooting that sent a man to hospital Sunday afternoon. Langley RCMP told CTV News Vancouver the call came in around 5:30 p.m., reporting shots fired in the 26200 block of 60th Avenue, a rural stretch of road north of Aldergrove. When officers arrived, they found the victim yelling and screaming in a ditch, police said, adding that he is a 50-year-old man who is known to police."

Police shootout in Merrit

City News is reporting that "A child, believed to be under the age of 12, and an adult have been seriously hurt after a dramatic police chase and shootout involving the RCMP in Merritt, according to B.C.’s police watchdog. The events unfolded Sunday at around 3:50 p.m. when Mounties tried to stop a white Ford F350 and trailer, which were believed to have been stolen. Both the child and adult were inside the vehicle." Why did an adult have a child with them in a stolen vehicle?

“The vehicle reportedly did not stop,” the Independent Investigations Office (IIO) of B.C. says. A short while later, at around 5:30 p.m., the IIO says police once again spotted the vehicle, this time on Highway 5 and without its trailer. “Police deployed a spike belt and eventually the vehicle stopped, but then continued travelling again before coming to a stop on Highway 8 near Snake Road and Highway 97C,” the RCMP says."

"Mounties say gunshots were fired or exchanged between the suspect vehicle and officers throughout the incident. Both the child and adult were taken to the hospital with serious injuries. The extent of those injuries is unclear at this time. Investigators say no one else was hurt."

"Gunshots were fired or exchanged between the suspect vehicle and officers throughout the incident." Fired or exchanged? Which is it? If someone is shooting at the police that is freaking serious. If the police are shooting at a vehicle, that's probably gonna want to make him run more. He should have stopped. I'm not disputing that. It just very sad a child was involved. They had no way of knowing a child was in the car. It's just very tragic.