Sunday, August 14, 2011

Jonathan Bacon shot dead in Kelowna Larry Amero injured

Wow. Machine gun fire in Kelowna killed Jonathon Bacon dead and injured five others including Larry Amero full patch Hells Angel from Whiteropck Chapter. What on earth was Jonathon Bacon doing in Kelowna with Larry Amero? That pretty much confirms the suspected association.

We knew that Larry Amero was pals with Randy Naicker from the Independent Soldiers. We know that the Bacon brothers met Randy Naickers with several other gang members in the Castle Fun Park meeting in Kevlar. Jamie Bacon is being charged in the Surrey Six Murder. That previously showed an indirect connection between Larry Amero of the Hells Angels and the Bacon brothers who did the Surrey Six Murder. We knew Larry's friends were Bacon brother's friends and we heard rumors of Larry being friends with Jonathan Bacon but getting shot with him in Kelowna pretty much confirms the association.

The Surrey Six murder was committed because the Bacon brothers were trying to take over the leadership of the Red scorpions who were formally associated with the UN and had beef with the Haney Hells Angels. After the Surrey Six murder and subsequent shootings the leadership changed and the Red Scorpions became puppets of the Hells Angels who clearly are the driving force behind BC's gang war.

It said four others were injured. I wonder if Matt the rat was one of them. With this proven association all his UN ass kissing must look awfully suspicious right about now. Matt the rat was pals with that dirty former cop Rob Sidhu who fraudulently obtained the info about where the Bacon brothers were living after the were shot up in Surrey. Larry Amero's former girlfriend was in the car with the UN guys that shot at the Bacon brothers outside Tbars.

It sure would appear Larry Amero and Matt the rat have been lying to the UN all along and have been playing both sides by supporting the Bacon brothers while still trying to do business with the UN. Kinda makes Matt the rat being with Elliot in Mexico before he was killed there very suspicious. With friends like those, who needs enemies.

Kim Bolan reports that the niece of a Haney Hells Angel was present and wounded in the shooting. Fortunately she was just shot in the leg. We hear too many stories of pretty young girls getting shocked when they're out with their gang member boyfriend and a car pulls up shooting at their boyfriend. Obviously the girlfriends are innocent yet it's impossible to be in that association and not know where all that money comes from.

Haney Hells Angels were the ones that had the beef with the old Red Scorpion leadership that were affiliated with the UN. Weren't they the ones that ran the grow op on Pickton's farm and attended parties at Piggies' Palace? Not much to be proud of there.


Kim Bolan is reporting that James Riach fled the scene and is a member of the Independent Soldiers. Evidently James Riach has been with the IS ever since meeting with Randy Naicker and the Bacon brothers in Castle fun park. In 2008 Riach's Yaletown home was found to contain numerous firearms along with some cocaine and heroin.


Barry Espadilla was also with the Bacon brothers at the Castle fun park meeting representing the Independent Soldiers. Espadilla was living with and charged with Riach in the Yaletown firearm seizure. These are not new alliances.


  1. "Fat Tony, should we shoot him gangland style, or execution style?"

    Fat Tony: "Listen to your heart"....

  2. What happens now in the interior Agent K? The UN still strong?

  3. I don’t know, I guess we’ll soon see. It could have even been the Rock Machine. I know they do exist in BC, they just don’t advertise their presence. It’s even theoretically possible it was the Hells Angels themselves since word was out that Larry was next on the hit list after John Punko. Like I said, with friends like those, who needs enemies.

  4. Is he actually dead? Or his he on his way to some place nice to start over? Everyone is saying he's dead, but I haven't seen a confimation.

    Same with Amero... is he really critical, or is it a ploy?

  5. There's a million dollar bounty on John Bacon's head for last 3 yrs somebody just collected.

    If cops want to catch the hitman look for video last couple of days of shady gangsters scouting the place out, doubt they just showed up and killed this dude it was solidly planned


    "Police believe the general public is not at risk," said (RCMP) Holmes.

    "It appeared that all the shots fired were directed at one particular vehicle." (RCMP).

    NONE of those statements re-assure us ONE BIT!!

    Do the cops not even know that bullets fired en masse, can ricochet, or just travel anywhere they feel like going?? Anyone can get gunned down in one of these MAC-10 type machine-gun hits, yet we are ALWAYS told by the useless RCMP farm-boys from Brandon, that we're all safe all the time.

    It's time for all of us to call the lying cops on their crazy statements!

  7. Nah, I once, (30 years ago) knew some of these HA guys from Kamloops. They own the Interior and if ya think different; ya know nothing! NOTHING!

    You're gonna sell yer weed to them or you're ded.

  8. Freddy please use some common sense and quit acting like a retard... EVERYONE knows bullets can ricochet, and that mac-10, ak, , bolt action rifle, regardless of gun used, these idiot "gangsters" can hit people in the area they didnt intend to. Obviously the public isn't "safe". The cops say this because they have good reason to believe this was a carefully targeted hit specifically for one or all of these criminal rival individuals. The cops are saying the public is safe so as to make it clear 2 everyone that a random family on their way to church isn't going to find a masked gun-man pumping rounds into their vehicle.

  9. actually it is confirmed,the other is critical,also was noted there was a full patch,an IS and Bacon this a new alliance to get rid of the rest of the UN? who really is in charge in the interior now?...

  10. Jen: I think if they were going to fake JB’s death, they wouldn’t have implicated Larry Amero along with him.

    Freddy: You’re right. Shooting one Hells Angel is like shooting one person infected with Aids hoping to stop the spread of the virus. The cancer is well entrenched.

  11. I think Freddy was saying bullets can ricochet. People please, this isn’t a new affiliation. Larry Amero posed with Randy Naicker. The Hells Angels took over the Independent Soldiers a long time ago just like they took over the Red Scorpions. The Independent Soldiers were with the Bacon brothers way back at the Castle Fun park wearing Kevlar. Sources claim Larry and Jonathon have been friends for a long time.

  12. it is a new order coming agent K
    the un and rm against the ha,is rs (whats left of them) and it will be a full war,you do know it was JR who bolted from the porche right?

  13. Time will tell. JR? I’m a little slow. Someone claimed it was a member of the IS.

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  15. James Riach. That’s the name that came to mind when I saw the initials JR but I didn’t realize he was with the Independent soldiers. He had a photo of Anthon in his bedroom when the seized firearms from his home. James and Anton were at one time close.

  16. I havent seen this in the press yet, but an eyewitness said the second SUV pulled up, two guys in balaclavas got out and hosed down the Porsche SUV with automatics (and the neighboring buildings.. Oops!).

    Then, a third dude in a balaclava came walking out of the parkade with a handgun, pulled up to the Porsche and made sure the job was complete. It would appear that definitly the job was only one of them.

    As for the girls in the car, living off the proceeds of crime, and thinking life is sooo cool... Whether these girls were gfs or just fluff for the day, this story should be read out loud to all the dumb girls who think hanging with these boys is sooo coool...

  17. "The police were reluctant to release other details of their investigation, refusing to say how many suspects they're looking for or what kind of weapon was used."

    Um, that would be two, right? As in the two who were seen at the scene? Possibly three, since they likely had a driver? Come on guys, when you can't/won't answer questions people already know the answers to, you are not projecting the kind of confident, "on top of things" image you want the public to perceive.

    Kind of weapon would be AK-47, according to a supposed eye witness who posted elsewhere on the internet. If cartridge casings at the scene were 7.62x39, that would be about a 95% correlation with that, since there are only 3-4 other guns chambered in that caliber and there are very few of them around compared to the number of AK's. Also, the "approximately 30 rounds fired" report would correlate to AK magazine capacity. Too bad bad guys don't block their magazines to 5 rounds as the law requires, oh wait that's right, they don't obey gun laws, they're CRIMINALS. Only law abiding citizens obey gun laws.....

  18. there was actually over 60 shots fired !!!!

  19. This was an "outside" contract hit by professionals for a new Organization. The masked men are many miles away from BC now.

    However the new OC is going to give the HA's and the other splinter groups (UN, IS, RS)'s all they can handle. All of which is bad news for the peoples of BC, as the level of violence is about to hit new highs (lows) as never seen before in Canada.

  20. the eye witness said the automatic was all black,that makes it an m16,which is chambered in 7.62 NATO,the AK is a wood stock and easily identifiable.easy to get also the m16 is capable of a 30 round magazine as well as larger,but very fast and easy to change.And there are a lot of them in BC here,unfortunately.

  21. m-16s aren't automatic unless you modify them, American troops too dumb to be allowed to use full auto wheres in Canada the military teaches fire discipline and let's them use full auto

    m-16 is a garbage rifle, jams all the time nobody would use that for a hit

    you can buy all black Ak-47 rifles, tho they would've made much bigger holes in everything, also would've traveled half way across town if they missed. you can't hold an AK waist level like these guy's did and hit anything, so they used something else

    witnesses said they walked around the vehicle spraying it indiscriminately, then some guy showed up and finished off JB with a handgun.

    amazing you can do this in freaking Kelowna, and the cops with nothing to do couldn't chase these guy's down. not like Kelowna is Chinatown with a maze of streets to navigate

  22. The M 16’s the Israeli soldiers used to carry in Israel were fully automatic. I wouldn’t call them garbage guns. You can but an AR 15 from the local sporting goods store. It’s legal because they sell it with a small clip but there is nothing stopping you from buying a banana clip on e-bay after you bought it with the small clip locally.

  23. These guy's were familiar with kelowna well enough to have a well thought out escape route, so were obviously locals or they did a few dry runs before (security tapes anybody from a few days ago?). they knew which road would be empty where they could go burn the car, where they obviously had another car waiting.

    cops claim these 3 guy's were meeting up to either plan a takeover or other business... nonsense they wouldn't bring girls with them to do biz. they were probably just hanging out, hence the 'Wolf Pack' term from the movie the Hangover.

    JB may have assumed since Kelowna is solid HA turf he'd be safe from the neverending train of assassins in the lower mainland that have tried to get him for years and could go out in public without a vest.

    I.S. is an alleged HA puppet gang ever since they killed the leaders and took it over.

    RS also an alleged HA puppet gang, Bacon bro's nuked the old leadership for them.

    Everybody in the car very HA connected. What crew has no qualms about killing girls and spraying the streets recklessly to get at some HA members and associates who also would have inside knowledge of them all being there and planned ahead of time?

  24. Speaking of mail order gun parts, you can now mail order any weapon you want and specialty ammunition from hidden sites on Tor totally anonymously. If you have $550 worth of Bitcoins or Liberty Reserve, an American will ship you a Glock in pieces with any size mag you want and the ammo in different shipments no questions asked.

    They also anonymously sell modified fully automatic weapons. That M10 w/suppressor the RCMP dug out of the water and linked to dozens of hits? Can get it on from underground mail order vendors for $5k. Maybe these guy's mail ordering their guns now instead of risking driving it across the border

  25. yes agent K,the m16 is a European gun,all black and fully automatic as well as 3 round burst or single shot semi-auto,it carries a 30 round clip as well as extended clips. They are easy to obtain here through nefarious means the ammo is 7.62 Nato which is as powerful as the AK,they are also lighter as they have a composite stock as well they break down for easy concealment.both guns are based on the 308 cartridge and are 180 grain. the m16 you can shoot from the hip with little up push if you hold it right,being gas blow back the kick is reasonable,the AK on the other-hand has a hell of a kick and it is very hard to take it down for transport in a smaller case. just info...

    1. you know absolutely nothing about guns man. m16 is american. made by gene stoner. get it right buddy.

  26. "m-16s aren't automatic unless you modify them, American troops too dumb to be allowed to use full auto wheres in Canada the military teaches fire discipline and let's them use full auto"

    First of all there is no use for a full-auto rifle in combat. Secondly, you are an idiot if you think US troops are not taught fire discipline. The m16 was changed to 3 round burst due to the lack of discipline of the stoned draftees in Vietnam. Professional soldiers don't have the same problems. Full auto is not useful in a rifle, if you need surpressive firepower, that is what a SAW is for.

  27. this looks like a straight case of follow and kill. it could have happened any where.. it's just likely that an opportunity presented it's self at this hotel.lots of people not from kelowna know how to get around it. the van that was found i hear it was burned out in a drive way that doesn't sound prearranged to me.

  28. The M-16/M-4 that the United States Military deploys is not a garbage rifle. Futhermore it is not solely a semi automatic weapon, it is a select fire weapon system. Select fire meaning that the rifle has a selector switch and you can select between safe, semi automatic and full automatic fire modes.

    In Canada you can easily purchase 20 and 30 round magazines that have been pinned to only allow 5 rounds. It doesn't take a machinist to drill out the rivet and change the magazine capacity.

  29. re:Guero
    your absolutely right they are select fire weapon,and are not garbage rifles,the Canadians are trained in them and they are easily changed from 5 round to whatever you want,and no no gunsmith is needed


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