Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kelowna mayor pleads for help

In an appeal to save her city, the Kelowna mayor pleads for help as fears mount that more violence will erupt after notorious Bacon brother slain. Thankfully the Provincial government has pledged more funds for the Gang task force in Kelowna. Unfortunately, Stephen Harper has cut funding to the RCMP and the Gang Task force after he received his coveted majority.

All we're hearing from the Harper government is how the hated Gordon Campbell got the High Commission post in the UK. That is criminal injustice. Someone wrote in to the Province and asked that Basi and Virk think about gordo now. Indeed.

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  1. Yeah, well, we're pleadin' for help down here on the coast too, with this BS that has riled up the public:

    "Premier Christy Clark says she is frustrated and angry at the length of time it is taking to press charges against Stanley Cup rioters, even as Vancouver’s police chief defended the pace of the investigation."

    "More than two months after the outbreak of arson, looting and assaults that followed the Vancouver Canucks seventh game loss in June, not a single riot-related charge has been laid, and Police Chief Jim Chu said Wednesday that it could be months more before any arrests are made."

    She TOLD US on TV, just after the riots, that swift justice would be forthcoming! Another Liberal lie, and before an election, and this public lie's on HER not GC.

    What looks SO goddamned BAD is the juxtaposition w/London riots, where Courts work 24 hours/day if necessary, to do the job the public demands. And over 1,000 arrested, AND hundreds already in jail there big time.

    The public's just had it on this; there's like 400 comments to this story in the G&M in 1 day.

    AND get rid of the worthless Jim Chu, making excuse after excuse (I count at least 5 different ones he's come out with). Worthless ethnically-correct hire there.


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