Thursday, August 11, 2011

Harper's Internet Surveillance Legislation

Here it is. Canada's own Unpatriotic Act where the government creates a law that gives them the right to warrantless surveillance of the Internet. No big surprise but very concerning to say the least. If Michael Giest is concerned, so am I.

It doesn't take much effort to get a search warrant for a suspected drug dealer. Removing the need to get a search warrant to do surveillance on the public is not a step towards democracy. It is a huge concern.

Remember Harper has a history of lying and firing whistle blowers. They kicked out a student from one of his speaking engagements because she posted a picture of herself on facebook with one of the other candidates. Not only is that bizarre, it's creepy. How did they know she posted a picture of herself with one of the other candidates on facebook? Who cares if she did. These intrusive laws sounds like the Iron Curtain. Macleans refers to it as Harper's promise: a warrantless online surveillance state.

Let's pause for a minute and ask ourselves who it is that we are empowering to spy on us. The Scotland Yard just got caught lying about a murder they committed. They claimed a suspect they were following fired upon them so they shot him dead. Yet the ballistic report proved they lied. So if they lied about that, what else would they lie about?

Remember the Murdoch wiretapping scandal? The week after the whistlebower leaked out the fact that police were involved with the illegal wiretapping he was found dead.


  1. To avoid government spying:

    -use scroogle instead of google to hide searches from ISP

    -use CCleaner to wipe all history of searches and temp history 3x with 0s

    -get an encrypted VPN. Xerobank, EliteVPN, vip72, all OpenVPN vendors. you can also easily make your own VPN using openSSL and a cheap per month VPS in Europe or Russia

    -use Tor, it's free. For maximum Tor privacy download the Tails Amnesic live CD.. burn it to disc, boot and now you have a totally anonymous operating system that leaves no traces

    For anonymous email use a nym server. Whoever runs this blog, if you were serious about security you should sign up free to (German Privacy Foundation) and upload a GPG key to them. Forward emails to your regular provider, or for max security to a nym server and retrieve your encrypted emails from UseNET/newsgroups. No way to trace you

    For secure untraceable chat use Jabber w/OTR. This all comes on the Tails disc, or install Pidgin w/OTR plugin. Now you can use decentralized chat with informants or other people and it's completely encrypted. Jabber server logs will just show random garbage.

    Google 'jabber server list' and sign up for free with Pidgin.

    To send somebody an anonymous email sign up to or use the anonymizer chain remailers on the website.

    To protect your computer from spies or theft install Truecrypt and encrypt the entire HDD. Then make truecrypt containers to store your passwords, GPG keys and confidential emails and other things you want to keep secure.

    For extreme maximum privacy buy an Ironkey USB drive from netlink or apower computers. It has hardware encryption, and will automatically wipe itself if password entered wrong 8x.

    Place a truecrypt container on the USB drive. Nobody on earth will be able to break it, especially with a large 25+char password.

  2. Thanks for the tips. I knew someone in Moscow that was trying to teach me how to use pgp years ago but I wasn’t patient enough to figure it out. Cheers.


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