Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Drunk with a gun

A Kelowna drunk with an outstanding warrant in Edmonton was arrested last night on various weapons charges. Witnesses claim he was standing outside a bar in Kelowna "waiting" for someone and someone noticed a bulge in his pants that was indeed a .45 pistol.

His name is Grant Victor David Lewis and is due back in court 9:30 AM August 26 2011. Police claim he is affiliated with organized crime in Edmonton. Isn't being in possession of an illegal firearm while drunk like a DUI?


  1. I’d say so. Standing of the street drunk showing off your gun isn’t very bright.

  2. Excellent point! Our "law-and-order" conservatives could make Canada a hell of lot safer if they would enact legislation making alcohol or other drugs an aggravating factor in the commission of a violent or weapons related offence. Mandatory minimum sentences should be for violent offenders, not non-violent offenders. The vast majority of assaults and murders are committed by people under the influence of alcohol, not cannabis.

  3. True. People don’t do a home invasion and rob a senior citizen with an axe for five dollars to buy another blunt. But they have here to buy crack to be used in their free crack pipe. Being drunk with a loaded firearm is an aggravating factor. Unfortunately, Harper’s government is anything but law and order. They’re just fraud and scam. After getting their coveted majority they cut funding for the RCMP and the gang task force. All they’re going to do is cut red tape so criminals can commit investment fraud more readily.


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