Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kelowna shooting victim left paralyzed

The Calgary Sun has reported that friends of the victim claim one of the two girls with Jonathon Bacon and Larry Amero in the brazen daytime shooting has been left a paraplegic. The names have been released but we're still not sure which Hells angel one was the niece of and which Hells Angel the other was the girlfriend of.

The Vancouver Province is reporting A 21-year-old Maple Ridge woman, who is related to several Haney Hells Angels members, was paralyzed in the brazen hit that killed notorious gangster Jonathan Bacon.

It is tragic the girl is paralyzed. Just like it was tragic when Louise Russo was caught in the cross fire at a Toronto sandwich shop when Toronto Hells Angel Paris Christoforou teamed up with mobster Peter Scarcella in a drug related gang hit.

One person commenting on the article pointed out that the police did issue a public warning not to associate with the Bacon brothers because there was a gang hit on them. It is a tragedy these two girls were wounded, one seriously. Yet they were wanted not to associate with them and did so anyways. They also knew where the money from that boat and everything else was coming from. The mother they shot in Toronto was a completely innocent bystander.

Again, I think it is terrible these two girls were shot one chronically. Yet that is something the Hells angels do. The Hells angels are quick to kill a spouse along with a target just because. The Hells angels are the first ones to threaten someones family. I'm certainly not saying they deserved it. I'm saying that is what they do but we need to take the higher road. The solution is simple. It involves implementing the New York model not the Amsterdam model.


  1. Yeah, pefect; exactly, agent K.

    I read a great deal about the New York model from the great mag., The New Yorker. It WASN'T Bill Bratton what did it; he just picked up on the "broken windows" ideas, and the CompStat system, to make Police Stations actually ACCOUNTABLE in real time, from a guy who figured all this, after a lifetime with...the NYC Transit Police, the subway guys. That person is the un-heralded hero.

    CompStat meant that all crimes in a given precinct were put up on the big board, just as they were called in, or reported; and the Chief of that area was made personally responsible, every morning in a conference-call, for sending Police right to those *hot-spots* which quelled the activity there, real-time intelligence. It worked, because the response was so fast & over-whelming. And of course, rigorous street-control; gatherings of three or more got a squad-car, etc., no boom-boxes, no noise, no drinking or drug-use; no begging, no aggression towards citizens without instant jail. Fixed every street light, every stop-sign or any other signage, and a plethora of new sign-warnings. Good plan, by basically calling out the Precinct Captains, right away, every day, for ANY problems that now showed up, big & bold on the computer-screens. Screw up, they just lost their jobs, like right NOW.

    That'll happen in Vancouver any moment, real consequences for Police Officers, won't it...? Heh...

  2. The woman who is now a quadriplegic is the niece of Spike, the president of the Haney chapter. Her name is Leah Hadden-Watts. She is a very nice girl who didn't deserve this. In case you don't know Hadden is Spike's last name. I won't give you his first. He also has a son in the chapter.

  3. Thanks. CTV is now reporting her uncle is Michael Hadden. I am told his son Jesse is also a member of the club. It’s so tragic. Family members should not be dragged into this.

    1. Um... In your heading you state Buziak? I havnt heard any conection to gangs and her murder.. Ive knew her for 15 years and have followed pretty closly whats going on.

      Her loser BF at the time is a mummas boy spoiled brat, he is employed thru his PARENTS family bizzz. Jason is a clown at best..

      So how is it her name, shows uup in the list of victims of gangs???

    2. Her murder was targeted. It was her loser boyfriend, who she was in the process of leaving, that had all the drug dealer friends. I don’t think she did rat anyone out in Calgary. I think her loser boyfriend did then blamed it one her.

  4. Why is Buziaks name in the list of victims by gangs?
    Known her since we were tiny fawqers, and gfollowed this pretty closley. Im stillwaitng the day someone is found responsible.
    Theres no evidence, or proof that her death had anything to do with the events in Alberta, or im sure there would be charges all these years later!!

  5. Her murder was targeted. It was her loser boyfriend, who she was in the process of leaving, that had all the drug dealer friends. I don’t think she did rat anyone out in Calgary. I think her loser boyfriend did then blamed it one her.


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