Friday, August 26, 2011

The Conservatives are coming

Don't look now but the BC Conservatives are coming. BC Conservatives leader John Cummins said "Conservative-minded people are fed up with the lack of choice in provincial politics."

"One of the reasons the Liberals and the NDP are out of touch with so many people is that they owe everything to the special interests. They fund their campaigns with money from big corporations and big unions. They do not have to listen to the people."

The BC Conservatives oppose the Carbon tax and support small business. They're not PC as in Regressive Conservatives returning to pork barrel tax and spend politics. They are TC - Traditional Conservative. They believe in the old ways and the old morals the Neo Cons have apostatized from. Looks like BC voters will have a choice next election. Let's hope we can learn from Gordon Campbell's arrogant deviation from democracy and move forward with a positive spirit of hard work and fiscal accountability.

Paul Forseth has stepped up to the plate. He's a credible candidate.

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