Friday, August 5, 2011

US Debt Fraud

I'm having a little bit of trouble with the math. The US's national debt is in the news of late and I'm trying to pinpoint just how much of that debt was stolen from fraud. The day before 9/11 Donald Rumsfeld said the Pentagon can't account for 25% of what it spends and has lost $2.3 trillion. That is mucho dinero.

We're told that the US debt has now hit $13 trillion. The reason people are concerned is because it's starting to over take the GDP. So $2.3 trillion missing is a large chunk of that debt.

The invasion of Iraq was based on a lie. Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction. Another $3 trillion later Bush said "Mission Accomplished." That's another $3 trillion stolen from fraud. Add that $3 trillion to the mission $2.3 trillion and we get $5.3 trillion which is an even bigger chunk of the $13 trillion debt.

England is also reeling from over expenditures and much of their debt has result from what John Rees from Stop the War Coalition refers to an addiction to war. England spend a lot of money on the invasion of Iraq and their bank bail out. Now they are scrambling to pay for that by stealing pensions and recking havoc on public programs.

John Rees pointed out that on the very first night of the attack on Libya, over 100 cruise missiles were fired. Those missiles are $100 million worth of resources blown up in one night. It doesn't take a great deal of imagination to calculate how many places at University that would mean. How many libraries that would mean. How many hospitals that would mean.

The rebels in Libya were not peaceful protesters. They took up arms against their government and have killed their own leader and two top aids. Funding that rebellion is not cost effective.

Back to the US debt. The War in Afghanistan is more of a grey area since we were told they were responsible for 9/11. Even though Bin Laden was found in Pakistan not Afghanistan and even though Unicol was wining and dining the Taliban prior to 9/11 trying to win the contract for the oil pipeline in Afghanistan. The US troops in Afghanistan, aside from cultivating and harvesting opium are also defending the oil pipeline now that the Taliban's decision to give the contract to Bridas has been reversed.

So we'll give them the benefit of doubt and we won't include the money spent on the invasion of Afghanistan as being directly related to fraud. But we will include the money spent on the Invasion of Iraq as contributing to the fraud debt as well as the $2.3 trillion Donald Rumsfeld claimed was missing before 9/11. I will however say privatizing the military is dangerous.

Now let's look at the money spent on the bank bail out. The Greek financial crisis was created by investment fraud. Just as the US and the British Bank bail outs were. The pattern of defrauding a bank then bailing out out with tax dollars has been tried before. It is a scam. BCCI was a scam tied to money laundering and arms smuggling. Bailing that out with tax dollars is wrong.

OK so how much did the US bank bail out cost? $700 billion. So Iraq, the missing $2.3 trillion and the bank bail out cost $6 trillion. That is a large portion of the 13 trillion national debt that has everyone so concerned. Some claim the Wall Street bailout is much larger. My point is, stealing pensions and closing schools and hospitals to pay for white collar crime is wrong. Controlling that debt by reconsidering the mission in Libya and safeguarding ourselves from pump and dump investment fraud is crucial for our own sovereignty.

Once again Michael Moore points out the obvious.

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