Saturday, August 13, 2011

Police in Winnipeg protect a Hells Angel

Police in Winnipeg heard about a hit on a Hells Angel and set up surveillance on his house. When the Rock Machine tried to shoot him, the police rammed their vehicle and intervened. Stopping violence is a good thing but offering the Hells Angels private security and protection to sell crack is not.

Maybe we should be offering protection to the judges and crown prosecutors that prosecute the Hells Angels. You know, the ones the Hells Angels threaten. Hells Angel Ian Grant was found with a confidential RCMP file in his home. The police have a leak. Ken Houston is a retired Winnipeg police officer who was caught in the same SUV as a Winnipeg Hells Angel charged with manslaughter named William Bowden. Both men faced numerous weapons charges as well as possession of a controlled substance.


  1. 3 police vehicles trashed, 3 officers injured such that they required treatment in hospital. (wanna bet they weren't wearing seat belts?)
    HA member, not a scratch. Genius level police work/tactical planning if I've ever seen it.

    Charges limited to possession of a restricted weapon. Wow, bust of the century. Here's how you do it next time guys. You let the shooter engage his target,("you didn't have time to stop him") then you engage him. If the target dies, one less HA and all 3 go down for murder. (if shooter survives your efforts) If he lives, his ability to function, sell meth/crack to kids, etc. is ideally not what it was before and the perps all go inside for attempt murder. (if shooter survives your efforts) Give the chick accessory after the fact, she's obviously not too bright anyway if she's dating one of these "loser's in training".

    If target is equipped to respond/carrying himself, or if he runs back inside, you do a search of the residence incident to the incident without needing a warrant. Maybe bonus charges for him too.

    You guys really are bush league, which would go halfway to explaining why these guys operate with near impunity. The other half of the reason is the judiciary, so I'm not saying it's all your fault. You guy's need to up your game a few notches. And if you're gonna make ramming people's cars the mainstay of your bag of tricks, start carrying a mouth guard with you, staged for easy deployment.

  2. It is a rather bizarre case. Kinda like how we had TV surveillance outside the Bacon brother’s house in Abbotsford when the police realized they were part of a gang war and others wanted them dead. That’s kind of like offering Al Capone security at the taxpayers’ expense.

  3. it's an all out war here in the interior now,they got Bacon! and HA is right in the thick of it,more to come

  4. Wow. It looks like the UN finally did the math.

  5. If anyone of us got death threats, and was to be targeted at any time, ya know what, the cops would not help us like they helped this HA guy.

    I got my education about the RCMP by reading into one of my history specialties, Intelligence Agencies. Best to read John Sawatsky's books on the RCMP Security Service; (pre-CSIS); "The Men In the Shadows", and "For Services Rendered."

    What you'll find is shocking; the worst possible lack of any basic professionalism, in their war against the Russian KGB.

    The RCMP hire only kids from small-town prairie Provinces, because these high-school edu. kids wouldn't be *tainted* by any of that awful big-city life. No reading, no study is ever required, the kids of course, no fault of their own, can't even SPELL *KGB.* The Russians can spot 'em one hundred miles away, and they were just laughing at us, as they ran any old spy-ring they felt like, totally un-hindered.

    Can't we just rid ourselves of the hopeless RCMP? Nothing has changed, just listen to the drivel they put out after the Bacon shooting.


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