Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wade Belak found dead

A Nashville Predators spokesman has confirmed that former Toronto Maple Leafs enforcer Wade Belak has been found dead in an upscale Toronto-area hotel, he was 35. He is the third NHL tough-guy to die in the last four months. Both Derek Boogaard and Rick Rypien passed away this past summer after hard-fought personal battles. Third NHL enforced dead in four months. That is strange.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, another human foot washed on shore in Vancouver on Tuesday. The eighth foot to wash on shore since August 2007. An autopsy has confirmed it's another human foot and they have no idea what caused it. Despite not knowing how it got there, no foul play is expected. Yeah people drown and cut off their feet all the time.


  1. This could be a remain from a suicide jumper. After so long in the water, the body falls apart. I've also heard people say that this is about the time when victim parts from the Japan tsunami could start washing up on our shores.

  2. I just find it highly unusual that entire bodies or random body parts aren’t showing up it just feet. People have committed suicide for many years. Now all of a sudden human feet are washing up on shire. It’s very strange.

  3. I agree with the concerns about Japan tsunami debris and remains washing up. There will be grim and personal things washing up. I hope respect rather than trophy hunting is the norm.

    The country of origin has likely already been established for the shoe. That would deal with the tsunami issue.

    But as for why feet wash up... i think it would be because the foot is the only protected part of the body that is wrapped/sealed with something not easily "removed" by sealife and shore rocks.

    Its also the only thing we wear that floats.

  4. Also looks like there was a lot of press back in April about the debris. Google "tsunami debris"... Predicted to arrive in 2014.


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