Thursday, August 18, 2011

Former cop charged with murder

A Penticton man has been charged with murder in his common-law wife's death after she was found shot to death in their home. That Penticton man is a former police officer. Castanet has a video clip of the arrest.


  1. The amount of police misconduct in Canada is staggering for a country that used to have a pretty clean reputation years ago. I guess times change...

    Seriously, just go back over a 20 year period in the newspaper archives at VPL. There's a book in there, and most of it's already written.

    The two incidents that always spring most readily to mind are the RCMP D.A.R.E. co-ordinator out on Vancouver Island who was found dead of an OD with the spike still in his arm (stealing dope from the evidence room) and the female member (pun intended) RCMP out in the Maritimes who had sex with a 14 year old girl she met when giving a "The Policeman is Your Friend" lecture at a local school. Her punishment was limited to resignation, no charges, no registering as a sex offender.....

    You can't make this shit up....

  2. Wow, you’re right. Corporal Barry Schneider from the DARE program died of a heroin overdose. I couldn’t’ find a link to the other one. Any more key words to search for it?

  3. It was reported in the Province at the time, I don't know if there's any reference to it online.

  4. Yeah, I guarantee you if some lesbian cop seduced my 14 year old daughter, I'd be hunting her on the street like it was deer season....

  5. No doubt but I’m sure it goes both ways. If it was a heterosexual cop going after a young girl it would be equally tragic.

  6. In both cases (age of consent Canada wide was 14 at the time, since raised to 16) it would have been a criminal offense, due to the "position of authority" thing. There were a couple teachers back then who wound up charged. But a police officer for the same offense? Guess not.

    As for the rest, we'll just have to disagree.

    People are free to pursue their own vision of life, liberty, etc. as long as it doesn't affect me or my family and vice versa. Bring that freak shit to my door or attempt to target my kids and there will be drama. Don't bother calling me out for 'hate speech' here, I've heard such folks use their own derogatory terms for normal(95%+ = "the norm")people. 'Breeder', 'redneck' etc., it's OK because they're the 'oppressed minority'. A lot of those folks aren't just satisfied not to be persecuted. They want the rest of society to be forced to approve of their lifestyle. That ain't happening here.

    They bring a lot of the disapproval and rejection they suffer on themselves. I really don't care to know other people's preferences any more than I walk around as a billboard for my own.

    A little discretion goes a long way, and courtesy is a two way street. Be loud and proud all you want, just be prepared for more of the disapproval and rejection which you say don't want in the first place.


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