Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pat Fogarty: Which side is he on?

For someone who is in charge of the BC Gang Task force, this guy is making some pretty outrageous statements. He told the Kelowna Daily courier that "There is no Wolf Pack. I don't know where people get that type of information. Probably the real truth is they were holidaying up there."

We know where that information came from. Kim Bolan doesn't report something unless she is confident in the reliability of the source. The denial is puzzling. That's not the only outrageous statement Pat Fogarty has made.

Patman claims "The Hells Angels chapter has almost dismantled now. They don‘t even have club status any more. Our biggest fear here in our province is actually the ones that aren‘t named."

"We‘ve pounded them here (Lower Mainland). Most of the RCMP resources initially were here and that was coupled with more competition, less market share. It‘s almost like the big wigs survive in Vancouver area and push out other ones or factions of bigger groups start up field offices elsewhere because they can make additional money."

The Gang Task force has done absolutely nothing to curb or curtail the Hells angels drug trade in East Vancouver. Nothing. Last night I saw two Harley's parked in from of the Black Door and the Bulldog cafe which the police let the Hells Angels operate freely. The Hells angels are taking the profits they make in East Van and live the good life in Kelowna as a result.

They also expand their drug trade into smaller communities like Vernon, Kamloops, Prince George and Dawson Creek. The drug trade in these smaller towns is controlled by the Hells angels. This leader of the gang task force is lying. It reminds me of that retired police officer from Vancouver Island who kept sending in letters to the editor saying what wonderful people the Hells angels are. They just beat Dain Phillips to death with baseball bats and hammers for God's sake.

If we are going to pay the gang task force with tax dollars to stop the gangs in BC, we need a new leader of that task force. Either that or change the members of the gang task force who are giving him that false information. If we don't, we're never going to make a dent in the gang war.

You don't solve the gang war by going after all the hells angels competition and let them control everything. Letting them torture addicts for drug debts is wrong. No wonder the VPD thought the security of the AG's office was compromised.

The Jones brother's indictment and the Robert Shannon conviction show that the Hells angels control all the grow ops and all the crack dealers in the cross border pot for cocaine drug trafficking ring. Focusing on the ones who are not named will not stop the ring because they will just find another mule. It's the Hells angels who control and profit from it.

One blog reader pointed out that J Edgar Hoover said there was no mafia. Turned out he was being blackmailed by them.


  1. Washington Times journalists Robert Farago and Ralph Dixon cite a “CIA insider” to make the claim that Operation Fast and Furious was a Central Intelligence Agency-orchestrated program to arm the Sinaloa drug cartel, a group that was also given the green light to fly tons of cocaine into the United States.

    “In congressional testimony, William Newell, former ATF special agent in charge of the Phoenix Field Division, testified that the Internal Revenue Service, Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were “full partners” in Operation Fast and Furious. Mr. Newell’s list left out the most important player: the CIA. According to a CIA insider, the agency had a strong hand in creating, orchestrating and exploiting Operation Fast and Furious,” report Farago and Nixon.

    The program, with its designated cover of tracking where guns went so drug lords who purchased them could later be arrested downstream, was actually a deliberate effort to prevent the Los Zetas drug cartel from staging a successful coup d’etat against the government of Felipe Calderon by arming rival gang Sinaloa, according to the Times writers, a relationship that extended to “(allowing) the Sinaloas to fly a 747 cargo plane packed with cocaine into American airspace – unmolested.”

    “The CIA made sure the trade wasn’t one-way. It persuaded the ATF to create Operation Fast and Furious – a “no strings attached” variation of the agency’s previous firearms sting. By design, the ATF operation armed the Mexican government’s preferred cartel on the street level near the American border, where the Zetas are most active,” states the report.

    The notion that Fast and Furious was used as a cover through which to arm the the Sinaloa cartel would explain why the feds showed little interest in following up where guns ended up once they left the United States.

    The Obama administration and the ATF claim that the Fast and Furious program was part of a sting operation to catch leading Mexican drug runners, and yet it’s admitted that the government stopped tracking the firearms as soon as they reached the border, defeating the entire object of the mission.

    It would also account for the fact that the federal government failed to prevent Sinaloa importing tons of cocaine into the U.S.

    Back in April, Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, the “logistical coordinator” for the Sinaloa drug-trafficking gang that was responsible for purchasing the CIA torture jet that crashed with four tons on cocaine on board back in 2007 told the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois in Chicago that he had been working as a U.S. government asset for years.

    This is the great "Borderland Beat" blog, the best & most complete blog on the web on the Mexican cartel wars. A must bookmark.

  2. Wow, thanks for the link. CIA corruption? Freddy are you coming over to the dark side : )

  3. Operation Fast and Furious was big. The thing that gets me is the part about “the ATF operation armed the Mexican government’s preferred cartel.” Preferred cartel. I suppose one could interpret that one of two ways.

    Since the CIA has regularly armed right wing dictatorships to help them overthrow left wing dictatorships, perhaps preferred cartel means the one who’s politics they support the most. Or rather the ones who could feasibly support their politics the most. After all the CIA did use the Mafia to help them in Cuba with Operation Mongoose.

    The other way to interpret it is preferred cartel could mean the one that was giving them a cut of the profits. I’m gonna have to add this to another thread. That is a great blog. The Mexican drug war is so horrifically violent. It reminds me of the two Kamloops kids that were brutally murdered in Mexico doing drug deals for the Hells Angels there.


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