Monday, January 31, 2022

Justin Trudeau: Man of Hate, Man of Lies

The Truckers banned the CBC and the Toronto Star from their press conference because those outlets were lying about them. Making offensive cartoons and statements calling them racist white supremacists. They will not tolerate those lies. Nor will we. The thing is, everyone in that convoy, everyone who cheered them on and saw them in Ottawa, knows the media lied about them.

When you lie about someone you make them angry. All of those people who saw and participated in that convoy know the media lied about them. That means all of those people will never trust those media outlets ever again. Everyone knows if you want to know the truth about the truckers you go to Rebel News or True North. Independent media is on the rise in the digital world. Post Media News was never able to make the transition. Posting lies sunk their battleship.

Truckers Convoy Press conference

Learning from the Lies

While we wait to see the videos of the Truckers debate in the House of Commons I want to compare the media's misrepresentation of the truckers convoy with their misrepresentation of Covid. The media's misrepresentation of the Truckers convoy goes far beyond criminal insanity. It demonstrates criminal culpability as there clearly is a method to their madness.

Listing the lies to see the truth

Fox News North and falsified hospitalization rates

Ontario and Quebec Omicron Hospitalization Rates

Omicron Is The Vaccine That Big Pharma Could Not Make

The Magnitude of Organized Crime

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Words of Wisdom from the Wheelburner

When you see the fake news condemning elected officials for meeting with the Truckers you know their credibility is worthless. That is why we use alternate news sources. The fake news does not listen. They just cram a false narrative down our throats until we say enough. We do not want to listen to their lies any more. The elected officials need to stop talking and start listening.

Gangsters out supports Constable Erin Howard

Police on Guard is reporting that Constable Erin Howard was cancelled for expressing her political opinion. I support her bravery. I realize police officers aren't *supposed* to express political opinions but firing someone for expressing their political opinion is illegal. It violates the Canadain Charter of Rights. That is the whole point of this protest. She said, on behalf of Police on Guard, she supports the Truckers Convoy. She didn't say on behalf of the police department. She said on behalf of Police on Guard. That is her right. The freedom of association and the freedom of speech is protected by law. Firing her for that is illegal.

Soldiers aren't *supposed* to express political opinions either. Yet I can tell you right now, every soldier who volunteered for the First and Second World War held and expressed a political opinion. That is why they volunteered and risked their lives.

The current cancel culture is trying to cultivate soldiers who do not question illegal orders or think for themselves. That is exactly what our enemy did. If we fire our soldiers for doing that, then we are no better than our enemy. Canadian troops are not mercenaries. They have a moral conscience and fight for their beliefs. Her endorsement of the Convoy helped prevent any violence or animosity towards the police at the protest. She should be given a medal not fired.

I salute Constable Erin Howard's valor. That's what makes us Canadian.

Jagmeet Singh's Offensive Lie

While we wait to see the speeches delivered at the Ottawa Rally posted online, I want to address Jagmeet Singh's offensive lie. We all know the media's malicious misrepresentation of the trucker's Freedom Convoy has been ridiculous just like their misrepresentation of the recent massive rally in Washington. That's why I wanted to post videos from first hand witnesses so people can see for themselves what really happened and what was really said.

Someone just posted a link to a Tweet from convoytooattawa2022 showing how to spot someone planted within the convoy. They hide their face and look like ANTIFA while everyone else is smiling maskless. However, when I scrolled up I saw that it was replying to this really offensive tweet from Jagmeet Singh and want to address it. It is a really ofensive lie.

He equates the Freedom convoy with white supremacy and with terrorists who would bomb a Mosque. That is so ridiculous it is really offensive. That statement is racism and we need to rise above it. That is something ANTIFA would say. You know, the ones who built the Berlin wall to keep the Western Fascists out. The same Western Fascists who fought Hitler in the trenches.

It is reminiscent of the ANTIFA scum who were screaming at a little old lady with a walker preventing her from crossing a street yelling Nazi scum get off the street. Her husband fought the Nazi's in the war. The Communists claim everyone who disagrees with them is a fascist and that is exactly what Jagmeet Singh is now doing. He is the racist just like Communist China is.

It is no secret that Jagmeet Singh actively opposes the values of the Sikh Temple. He supports gender based abortion. I'm not sure how killing all your women is promoting woman's rights. If you kill all your women, in one generation who are your sons going to marry? Jagmeet Singh is a fake feminist just like Justin Trudeau. Leslyn Lewis is not.

Jagmeet Singh wants to legalize all drugs. The Sikh Temple does not.

Rebel News has a reporter covering the convoy that is Muslim.

Many of the truckers who left Vancouver on the Convoy are Indo Canadian. Jagmeet Singh's own brother in law donated to their cause. This truckers convoy in Canada is exactly like the Farmer's protest in India and Jagmeet Singh is opposing it with offensive lies.

I have spoken at great lengths how wonderful my Muslim neighbors are. Their kids are adorable. I support immigration because diversity makes us strong. I also support the truckers convoy for the same reason. This is a united movement that promotes freedom for everyone. It's about freedom in the face of oppression. That is what this is about and Jagmeet Singh is on the wrong side.
I will also say a word about false flags. There is not a snowball's chance in hell anyone from the Freedom convoy or any of it's supporters vandalized a Terry Fox statue. That was a false flag. No one in the movement had a reason to deface the statue. The only ones who had a motive to vandalize the statue are the Communists calling the Freedom convoy Fascists. When Conrad Black started buying up all the media outlets, the media became biased. When the Communist Party of China bought Disney and Conrad Black's media empire it became ridiculous.

Putting a fag on the stature like a cape is not defacing it. Terry Fox is a Canadian hero just like these truckers. The flag upside down is a distress symbol. It is a cry for help because our liberty is being stolen from us. "For hundreds of years, inverted flags have been harnessed as a signal of distress. Hoisting the ensign upside-down was also a potentially covert way in which sailors might share that their ship had been taken by hostile forces and was being manoeuvred nefariously." That is exactly what's happened to our country during Covid.

If someone had defaced a statue of John A MacDonald and tore it down, the fake news would be applauding it. Their hypocrisy is absurd. They are promoting lies to remove our civil liberty.

As Ezra Levant points out, CSIS founded and funded the Heritage Front.

One of the Communist news outlets erroneously claimed that the truckers were dancing on the tomb of the unknown soldier. That is an offensive lie. All of the truckers and all of the supporters support our war heroes. That is why we are here. To support the freedom they died for. Though poppies grow in Flanders Field. We're from the west side. West side of the wall. The Berlin Wall.

HART Group: Latest evidence on covid increasing after vaccination

COVID Deaths 5 Times Higher In Vaccinated Than Unvaccinated in India

Looks like the Calgary mayor needs to listen to his own constituents. Rebel News confirms that social media reports of a trucker crashing into barricades in Ottawa are untrue - False.

Saturday, January 29, 2022

Freedom Convoy 2022: Game Day

Canada Unity is collecting video footage for a documentary.

Emergency routes left open by the convoy

The Honourable Brian Peckford's personal declaration of opposition

Justin Trudeau is uniting the country against him and the fake news - Fire them.

Friday, January 28, 2022

T'was the night before the Convoy arrived in Ottawa

Police on Guard Website - Press Release

The Vaccines don't work - Convoy on Joe Rogan

Rebel News - Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson - Wheelburner Express

I guess since Justin Trudeau is self isolating because he came in contact with Covid, the truckers will have to stay there five days until he comes out of quarantine. Justin needs to step down.

Moammar Gadhafi on Vaccines and the Fish Flu

OK so I was watching Candace Owens' foreign affairs episode the other day and I heard she mentioned how she saw Gadaffi's speech to the UN. She didn't say what he said she just said she saw it so I checked it out. I posted a link to it in the other post but this is so significant I think it needs a post all to it's own.

I saw this YouTube clip from Gadaffi's speech and thought that can't be real. He was speaking another language and the English translation was on the screen. I though someone must have added those words in a fake translation so I checked to see what the fake fact checkers had to say. Their headline read no Gadaffi did not predict Covid.

Yet when you read the article and look at the actual transcript they admit he said "Today there is swine flu. Perhaps tomorrow there will be fish flu, because sometimes we produce viruses by controlling them. It is a commercial business. Capitalist companies produce viruses so that they can generate and sell vaccinations. That is very shameful and poor ethics."

When I read that I was like holy sh*t he did predict Covid. That's exactly what he did. He called it the fish flu instead of the bat flu but he said the pharmaceutical companies will send out new viruses to sell you their vaccine. He said it was shameful and poor ethics and he was right.

Gadaffi went on to say "Vaccinations and medicine should not be sold. In The Green Book, I maintain that medicines should not be sold or subject to commercialization. Medicines should be free of charge and vaccinations given free to children, but capitalist companies produce the viruses and vaccinations and want to make a profit. Why are they not free of charge? We should give them free of charge, and not sell them."

OK so Gadaffi was a socialist and he thinks everything should be free. We get it but listen to what he's saying. He's saying that if we make the vaccinations free so the pharmaceutical companies don't make any profit from it, then all of a sudden we'll see a stop to all these new viruses. IE the pharmaceutical companies will lose their incentive to create them. That is freaking brilliant.

The "official" transcript omits some key words found in the live translation. No wonder they killed him. He made several other interesting points but I want to pause and highlight his comments on vaccines and manufactured viruses at this time. Previously I made a post about the Desecration of Moammar Gadhafi after we saw how he was screwed over by Sarkozy.

Perhaps his final words will linger with us: "Do you know right from wrong?" On that note I just want to reiterate an important point. Susan Lindauer claims the CIA were accused of heroin trafficking in Lebanon. She claims the Defence Intelligence Agency filed a complaint about it and had conducted an investigation gathering evidence in Lebanon to prove their case. They boarded Pan Am flight 103 with the evidence and it was subject to a "terrorist" bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. She claims the real person responsible for the Lockerbie bombing lives 8 miles from her house, in Fairfax County, Virginia with asylum and protection from the CIA.

Turns out it was indeed Major Charles McKee, of the Defence Intelligence Agency, who filed the complaint and gathered evidence in Beirut. McKee, Gannon and three other members of the team decided to fly back to CIA HQ and expose the COREA unit’s deal with al- Kassar. They booked seats on Pan Am 103. In his book, Lockerbie: The Tragedy of Flight 103, Scottish radio reporter David Johnston described how CIA agents helicoptered into Lockerbie shortly after the crash. They were looking for McKee’s suitcase.

Immediately after the Lockerbie Bombing, a quantity of heroin was found on a Lockerbie golf course and a suitcase full of heroin was discovered by a farmer a couple of miles to the east. (The Lockerbie trial: a top-level cover-up? The Guardian)

Major Charles McKee was aboard Pan Am flight 103 along with four other members of his team with evidence of the CIAs drug trafficking in Lebanon. Moammar Gadhafi had no motive to kill him and prevent him from testifying against the CIA. The only ones that had a motive to kill him was the CIA. Gadaffi was innocent. He paid reparations to get them off his back but he always denied responsibility. I salute him for his integrity and sincerity.
Gadffi referred to the pharmaceutical company as Capitalists. He was right. They are greedy Capitalists but they are in bed with Communist China. That makes them Corporate Communists. Xi Jinping and Moammar Gadhafi are polar opposites. One walks the walk, the other is a compulsive liar. This is why Communism never works. It's always hijacked by greedy Capitalists like Bill Gates and George Sorrows. They have no desire of sharing their wealth. They just want to increase their wealth and their power by making everyone slaves.

Fake Environmentalists want to bring nuclear power to BC

Post Media Trash is reporting that the fake environmentalists are considering bringing nuclear power to BC in response to climate change. AYFKM? Nuclear power is not green. Hydroelectric power is green. Nuclear waste is very hard to dispose of. Unless you put it on a rocket and aim it at the sun, that shit will always come back to haunt you.

The Hanford Waste Management Site in Washington has been leaking radioactive waste into the Columbia River. The storage tank began rusting out and one of the tanks had been leaking about 640 US gallons per year into the ground since about 2010. The site is right on the Columbia River. So take your fake environmentalism and cram is up your a*s.

Nuclear power is not green. Hydroelectric power is. The problem with the site C Dam isn't hydroelectric power it's SNC-Lavalin. Everything they build they underbid and over charge. Everything. Politicians from every political party are on the take. It's just too much money to say no to. Just like the Pharmafruad. It's too much money in the politicians pocket to turn down.

Burning industrial coal to generate electricity is not green either. That is batsh*t crazy. Industrial coal is the largest CO2 contributor on the planet and the Chinese Communist Party is the world's worst offender. Micheal Moore's latest documentary Planet of the Humans exposes the fake environmentalist for what they really are. The Chinese Communist State run media says their fake experts call Micheal Moore's documentary dangerous. Go f*ck yourself. No really.

For the record, natural gas is way better than industrial coal. It's like night and day.

Thursday, January 27, 2022

Foreign Affairs with Candace and Poso

Mitt Romney and Joe Biden's Ukraine China Collusion - Gadhafi on Vaccines and Viruses

Putin orders apparent new system for banning internet content. It's called Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. The Desecration of Moammar Gadhafi - Ukraine's 2010 election results

Police incident in Surrey

Update: The question is, why was a grenade left in a park on 102nd?

104th Avenue in Surrey is blocked off at 148th Street due to a police incident. Seemingly someone brought a grenade into the cop shop on the corner. I don't know if it was real. Someone else seemingly said someone threw the hand grenade into the cop shop. That is unconfirmed. If it is true then obviously the pin was still in it because none to my knowledge reported hearing an explosion which would imply that it wasn't real. Why would you throw a real grenade into a cop shop and not pull the pin? Unless they found it and wanted to turn it in without being named. Yet there are cameras everywhere around there.

OK so the police said on Twitter it was brought in by a concerned member of the public. So why close 104th down??? Even if it detonated, it wouldn't come close to 104th and why would it detonate if a concerned citizen brought it in? Nobody is going to pull the pin out.

Although the concerned citizen meant well, that's probably not the smartest thing to do. I've sometimes wondered how I would return an illegal firearm I encountered. My first thought would be to do exactly what this concerned citizen did and bring it to the cop shop. Yet when you think about it, that's probably not the smartest thing to do. As soon and you walk into the cop shop and tell them you'd like to turn in a gun, they will sh*t their pants and overreact.

It's probably smarter to call the police and let them come to the firearm. They're going to overreact no matter what you do but when you think about it, bringing it to the police station would be the illegal transportation of a firearm. If it's your handgun and it's registered you can only take it from your home to the gun range and back again. No side trips in between. If you bring someone else's unregistered illegal firearm to the cop shop that would be the illegal transportation of a prohibited weapon. A grenade would be worse.

I remember one time I was driving my daughter home late at night after her work. Right before I turn into my complex a female cop jumps out and puts her gun in my face screaming I can't go in there. My daughter was in the car. I said I live there. She said there's a police incident and I'm not allowed in. I was skeptical and said what police incident? She was panicking and said there has been the report of a gun. I said what, the screamer? I know them, let me talk to them. She would not let me and we had to wait it out. I told her you've gotta calm down and point your firearm in a safe direction. Her panic is going to get someone hurt. It was shall we say, unprofessional.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Fake News attacks truckers convoy

Breaker breaker good buddy. Looks like we got oursleves a convoy.

Laura-Lynn joins the convoy. [BC] [Calgary] [Brandon] [Midway]

Canada Unity has a list of dates and contacts

The organizer of the Truckers GoFundMe is Metis

Many of the truckers are Indo Canadian. We support them.

Police on Gurard - Mounties 4 Freedom - This is NOT a violent protest. OK there are two fake news stories that are off the hook. The first one reads "Far-right groups hope trucker protest will be Canada’s January 6th." That is ridiculous and offensive. First of all, we all know the January 6th fiasco in the States was a misrepresented set up. Second of all, no one wants that to happen here. No one. Except for CSIS of course.

Thirdly, this has absolutely nothing to do with far right groups. Well I suppose if you are a Communist, then compared to you I am far right but compared to reality, I am not. This is about common sense. This is about protecting the Canadian Charter of Rights that Justin Trudeau's father gave us. This is about Trade Union rights. The right to collective bargaining. This is about a fake femenist stealing strike pay from workers.
Global is worthless. Unsubscribe. Subscribe to Rebel News instead. That is money far better spent. Mandating a vaccine with known side effects and removing the pharmaceutical company's legal liability for those side effects is organized crime. That is what this is about. Confronting crime and confronting lies. That is all. Don't let them misrepresent this.

The National Post is reporting that "A GoFundMe campaign for a massive transport truck protest convoy has reached almost $5 million — but there are conflicting report the money may have been frozen. On Tuesday, the Canadian Press reported that the Freedom Convoy 2022 campaign had been put on hold by the online crowdfunding platform. But the fundraiser’s website appears to be running as normal and accepting new donations — sitting at just shy of $5-million by Tuesday afternoon. The Canadian Press reported a GoFundMe spokesperson said they halted the campaign until organizers could provide a plan on how funds would be disbursed."

That is theft. The fake news lied about Rebel News and got them kicked off PayPal. Now they are lying about the truckers convoy. Unsubscribe from the fake news and support the truckers.

COVID-19 vaccine booster drive is faltering in the US

The North Shore News is reporting that "The COVID-19 booster drive in the U.S. is losing steam, worrying health experts who have pleaded with Americans to get an extra shot to shore up their protection against the highly contagious omicron variant. Just 40% of fully vaccinated Americans have received a booster dose, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And the average number of booster shots dispensed per day in the U.S. has plummeted from a peak of 1 million in early December to about 490,000 as of last week. Also, a new poll from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research found that Americans are more likely to see the initial vaccinations — rather than a booster — as essential." No kidding.

Omicron is 80% weakerthan Covid. It is less severe than the seasonal flu. That makes it the ideal vaccine the pharmaceutical companies were unable to make. One, sho, two shot booster shot, even the double vaxxed have had enough. The vaccines don’t work. Vaccine passports should be abandoned because they can take them away if you miss a booster. Yet many doctors claim too many boosters can cause immune system fatigue.

People are fed up: Quebec follows Ontario's lead and loosens COVID-19 restrictions

Monday, January 24, 2022

Attorney Thomas Renz blows the whistle on Vaccines

HART Group: Latest evidence on covid increasing after vaccination

Brandon Straka receives his fake sentence

OK I haven't heard from Brandon yet but he did mention in his email forum that his sentencing was today so I had a peak at what the fake news had to say. Buzz Feed News is reporting that "Conservative influencer Brandon Straka was sentenced on Monday to three years of probation after he admitted to enthusiastically joining and encouraging the pro-Trump mob that stormed the US Capitol just over a year ago." January 6th insurrection. What an absolute joke. The fake news is ridiculous. For over a year the fake news was condoning and encouraging the ongoing violence at the ANTIFA riots. They should have been charged for that.

We all know that the January 6th protest was a complete set up. Dan Dicks posted videos of police opening the barricades and waving the protesters in. We all saw videos of protesters being let into the Capital Building. The few that did anything unruly were discovered to be plants from ANTIFA. The way the media has consistently misrepresented what happened that day is absolutely ridiculous, Kinda like how they completely misrepresented the protest in Washington yesterday. If you watch the videos you can see what happened for yourself.

I just want to say that Brandon Straka is a really good guy. I admire him and I respect him. I love the T-Shirt he's wearing in that picture. It says Not a Racist. Not a Bigot. Not a Homophobe. Not a DEMOCRAT. His heartfelt testimony of why he left the Democrat party has inspired millions. Now that this nonsense is behind us we can all move forward together. Let's Go Brandon.

In Defense of Rebel News

Yesterday I was browsing through some articles and I came across a ridiculous campaign of hate perpetrated by a leftist lobbyist group against Rebel Media. It was a successful campaign that got Rebel News banned from PayPal. This brings us to Drea Humphrey and Ezra Levant.

I first met Drea in Surrey when she was an independent media outlet covering the lockdown protests. Then I learned about Candace Owens, Leslyn Lewis, Rob Smith, Melissa Tate and the Hodge Twins. An army of Black conservatives who are champions of justice. I was like wow, these people are going to save the planet. Drea told me she had the opportunity to work for Rebel News and she asked me what I thought about it. I thought about it and smiled. I said well, I've heard some things and you can't believe everything you hear. She agreed.

Then I said they did endorse Leslyn Lewis. I think it would be good for you and it would be good for them. Drea kept getting kicked off youtube and Facebook like everyone else for expressing conservative views. That was when she was with Hungry for Truth. I said having a big outlet behind you will give you a bigger audience and it certainly has. Her videos get way more views now. I said it would also help Rebel deal with their defamation.

The leftist extremists say all conservatives are racist. That is a hateful lie. Candace Owens posted a funny coming out video where she did a skit telling her parents she was Gay and Conservative. They were fine with her being Gay but freaked out about her being Conservative. Her mother exclaimed how can we tell our friends our daughter has joined the KKK? It was a joke but it illustrated the absurdity of the leftist defamation against Rebel News and conservatives.

Leftist extremists also claim Conservatives are Fascists which is another hateful lie. Ezra Levant is Jewish. Calling him Fascist is ridiculous. Brandon Straka is a Gay Conservative who launched the Walk Away Movement. People leaving the Democrats because of the leftist hate.

This is why I redrew the political line. I took the normal horizontal line and turned it vertical showing how Communism and Fascism are the same thing. Conservatives believe in less government, more freedom and less taxes. There is nothing hateful or controversial about that. When we see the persistent lies in the mainstream media it is time for us to put our money where our mouth is and financially support Rebel News.

Paying for a subscription to Post Media News is a waste of time and money but paying for a subscription to Rebel News can help save the planet. I support their campaign to sue PayPal because cutting them off was a hateful act of censorship. Rebel News is one of the only independent news outlets that is willing to tell the truth. Hear them.

Sunday, January 23, 2022

Mission Shooting

CTV is reporting that "Mounties in Mission are investigating a shooting after two people with gunshot wounds were dropped off at the local hospital in the early hours of Saturday. The injured people - a 61-year-old man and a 52-year-old woman - were dropped off at Mission Memorial hospital just after midnight, according to a news release from Mission RCMP. The shooting took place in an industrial area where the majority of businesses were closed at the time."

Defeat the Mandates American Homecoming

RFK Jr - Defeat the Mandates DC - Part 1

RFK Jr - Defeat the Mandates DC - Part 2

RFK Jr - Defeat the Mandates DC - Part 3

Dr. Fynn & Dr. Gessling - Blocking Treatment

Dr. Alexander - Remove Liability Protection

Dr. McCullough - Scientific ReAwakening

Dr. Kheriaty - Medical Ethics

Dr. Parks - Vax Hesitancy

Dr. Kory - I See You

Ontario clinic accidentally gives people six doses of COVID-19 vaccine in one shot

CTV is rpeoritng that "A 75-year-old man is among multiple people in Ontario who say they were accidentally given the equivalent of six doses of the COVID-19 vaccine while getting their booster shot. CTV News Toronto has spoken with multiple people who received their booster shot at the Schomberg Medical Clinic near Newmarket on Jan. 8 and were affected by the vaccine mix-up."

"A 28-year-old woman and her husband, who asked not be identified, are among those who were notified about the dosage error a few hours after they got their shot. She said they were told by the receptionist that the doctor didn’t dilute the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, meaning they had received six times the proper dose."

"According to health officials, each Pfizer COVID-19 vial contains 0.25 mL of product, which saline is added to and is enough vaccine for six doses. In this case, the vaccine was not diluted and people were given the full vial." (We don't need more testing of asymptomatic people.)

Telling the clinics they're supposed to dilute the doses is kind of an important detail to remember. If they had half a brain they'd be dangerous. Well, they are dangerous even with half a brain.

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Doctors on Tour in Langley BC

Tonight I attended the Doctors on Tour presentation in Langley. It was very informative but it was also very personal and heartfelt. You can rewind and fast forward through their livestream.

Dr Elizabeth Bastian began speaking at 43:00 in the video. Dr Stephen Malthouse began speaking at 50:10 in the video. Dr Ana Kindy began speaking at 1:02:52 in the video. Dr Rachael Murray began speaking at 1:18:20 in the video. Dr Charles Hoffe began speaking at 1:36:08 in the video. Questions began at 1:58:22. When Youtube takes this down, we'll repost it on Rumble.

I recognized Dr Stephen Malthouse from the Canada Health Alliance video and Dr Charles Hoffe from the Heroes no Longer video. It was inspiring to hear them speak in person. Looks like they are brining back the old school town hall meetings. I admire all of their courage in the face of adversity. They all face persecution for speaking the truth. In Ontario 40 doctors are being investigated for exposing flaws in the narrative. It's nice to see Canadians with moral integrity.

I spoke with a young man in attendance before the presentation. He said he saw Global's coverage of the truckers convoy to Ottawa. Global said the truckers were protesting road conditions not vaccine mandates. That is ridiculous. When you see what Global does and does not report we can all see how Postmedia News has completely destroyed their credibility.

These Doctors on Tour are educated professionals who genuinely care about people and the country. They are speaking the truth in the face of great opposition for no financial gain. Donating to their cause to help promote their tour is the right thing to do.

We have seen that the FDA does not test the vaccines they rely on the pharmaceutical companies data then set up a VAERS to keep track of adverse reactions. Dr Hoffe pointed out that VAERS is for the US. Canada does not have a functioning adverse reaction recording system in place. He said he submitted 14 adverse reactions and they all came back saying oh that couldn't be from the vaccine. We have also seen how the pharmaceutical companies misrepresented their data to the FDA. Canada Health Alliance put out a video with supporting documents about how the pharmaceutical companies misrepresented their data on testing.

Dr Kindy pointed out that even though some of the adverse reactions to the vaccine are severe and can be fatal, they are still relatively rare. Over 90% of BC has already been vaccinated. She wanted to dissipate the fear on both sides. When you honestly examine the correct data, the vaccines are more harmful than Covid especially for youth. Yet Dr Hoffe reiterated that the Covid RNA vaccines don't stay in your arm like other vaccines. He said the spike proteins from the vaccine enter every organ of the body including the brain. That's not a good thing. Yet that is the real science. They also explained how to detox from the vaccine.

HART Group: Latest evidence on covid increasing after vaccination
Doctors on Tour Roadshow Schedule - CHA Roadshow Brochure

Saturday 22nd January • Vancouver Freedom Rally

Saturday 22nd January • 7pm Langley

Sunday 23rd January • 7pm 100 Mile House

Monday 24th January • 6pm Prince George

Tuesday 25th January • 7pm Terrace

Wednesday 26th January • 11am Terrace

Wednesday 26th January • 7pm Smithers

Thursday 27th January • 7pm Quesnel

Friday 28th January • 7pm Kamloops

Vancouver Freedom Rally

I went to the Freedom Rally at the Vancouver Art Gallery today. There was one in Kelowna too. There was a lot of people there but Postmedia News was nowhere to be found. Drea Humphrey from Rebel News was there. I spoke with her at 3:18:29 in her livestream.

Druthers had a booth set up and I said it was so nice to come to a rally in Vancouver and not get handed a copy of the Marxist Leninist Weekly. There were lots of food trucks on site as well. spoke and had a booth on site. I saw Dan Dicks in the crowd but I didn't see him filming. He was waiting for the Doctors on Tour to speak. I left before they were up. Dan Dicks filmed the march and the doctors came on at 1:06:53.
A coworker told me about the rally but I also ran into another coworker there. They said Hi and I was like Oh, Hi. Then I thought to myself, you're here. I had no idea. I know a few people I can speak with at work but usually keep my head down and my mouth shut because I don't want to get into debates at work. Most people just like to argue whether they're right or wrong.

She told me who else at work was supportive of the cause and I was shocked. She said she had tried to post flyers about the rally at work but they wouldn't let her because it was political. It's just so nice to see so many people waking up. She was double vaxxed and has had enough. That's the problem with vaccine passports. If you stop taking the boosters they can take your vaccine passport away. Many doctors say that too many boosters can cause immune system fatigue.
I am so tired of people saying they beleive the science when they don't. They don't know anything about the science. Drea Humphries was interviewing the father of that four year old with cancer that was kicked out of Ronald McDonald house for not being vaccinated. He's from Kelowna.

I said I had heard Ronald McDonald house had reversed their position. He said he heard something to that effect but they were kicked out and went to the Easter Seals. He said they didn't have as much funding so it's more out of pocket but the GoFundMe page really helped. Drea said GoFundMe and private donations helped keep Rebel News alive after YouTube and PayPal cut them off. The crowd was very supportive of the truckers convoy to Ottawa and the GoFundMe page had raised a considerable amount to hep them complete their journey.
Many people were very articulate about their feelings for Bonnie Henry and Justin Trudeau.
Laura Lynn Tyler Thompson gave another rousing speech.
The website simply links to a copy of the Charter of Rights.
Dr Alan Mordue states that "a confirmed case is someone presenting with symptoms of the disease in question with a positive test identifying the presence of the infectious agent. Either symptoms or a positive test alone is insufficient, both must be present to be counted as a confirmed case. It follows that there is no such thing as an asymptomatic case."
There are a lot of attractive women out there that have a brain and know how to use it.