Sunday, January 30, 2022

Gangsters out supports Constable Erin Howard

Police on Guard is reporting that Constable Erin Howard was cancelled for expressing her political opinion. I support her bravery. I realize police officers aren't *supposed* to express political opinions but firing someone for expressing their political opinion is illegal. It violates the Canadain Charter of Rights. That is the whole point of this protest. She said, on behalf of Police on Guard, she supports the Truckers Convoy. She didn't say on behalf of the police department. She said on behalf of Police on Guard. That is her right. The freedom of association and the freedom of speech is protected by law. Firing her for that is illegal.

Soldiers aren't *supposed* to express political opinions either. Yet I can tell you right now, every soldier who volunteered for the First and Second World War held and expressed a political opinion. That is why they volunteered and risked their lives.

The current cancel culture is trying to cultivate soldiers who do not question illegal orders or think for themselves. That is exactly what our enemy did. If we fire our soldiers for doing that, then we are no better than our enemy. Canadian troops are not mercenaries. They have a moral conscience and fight for their beliefs. Her endorsement of the Convoy helped prevent any violence or animosity towards the police at the protest. She should be given a medal not fired.

I salute Constable Erin Howard's valor. That's what makes us Canadian.

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  1. We are all like natives living on a giant reservation now ... where your only "perceived" ticket out is an experimental medial injection (that some doctors say has a aprox. 1-in-200 chance of a negative medical reaction) ... plus, on top of the experimental medical injection - is the stealth GPS/QR tracking technology put on your smart phone - so you can eventually be managed like livestock - so eventually at some time in the future; when you do something the tyrannical govt. doesn't like; your digital cash & mobility rights get dialed down or removed completely.


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