Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Bonnie the Freak reopens gyms right after they defied

The National Post is reporting that " A group representing the fitness industry is hailing the reopening of gyms and other fitness facilities in British Columbia while the province’s top doctor described her decision Tuesday as a cautious step in lifting COVID-19 restrictions. Dr. Bonnie Henry said a proof-of-vaccination card will still be required to use gyms starting Thursday, and the facilities will need to operate under capacity limits and provide seven metres square for every person who is exercising." Cautious step. You made a mistake you lying freak.

The Squamish Chief is reporting that "West Kelowna gym owner Brian Mark says 50 businesses owners across the Okanagan met Sunday afternoon to discuss what he calls "operation green light." Mark says roughly 30 people met in person at a Kelowna business, while 20 joined in over Zoom. "Everybody is on the exact same page. We are ready to stand up for our freedoms. We are ready to stand up for our right to exercise and we are ready to make fitness essential." Mark says on January 18 businesses that gathered will be opening their doors regardless of if the closure order is lifted or not." Bonnie Henry's approval rating is in freefall. Resign.

CTV is reporting that "As many British Columbians waited to find out whether the current public health orders would change, some businesses decided to reopen regardless. A social media movement called Operation Green Light called on gyms, fitness centres and dance studios to open Tuesday morning, even if B.C.'s COVID-19 restrictions didn't change. And as it turned out, they didn't change – at least not immediately. Gyms will be allowed to open, but not until Thursday. New guidelines will be in place when that happens."

We need to remember that closing the gyms down for Omicron was a mistake. Omicron is 80% weaker than Covid and is less severe than the seasonal flu. Closing down the gyms for that was a criminal act. This is why everyone is so upset about. These lying freaks are stealing the bread off our tables and we must stand up to them. We did not fight a war in the trenches on foreign solid to bend over for the exact same tyrants here at home. Bonnie Henry needs to step down just like the Quebec Health Minister did. Now. Lets Go Brandon.


  1. England Ending All COVID Passports, Mask Mandates, Work Restrictions ......


    ..... what is it they know - that the globalist puppet Commie Henry doesn't know.

    1. Yes, big breaking news. Boris flips again. This time he's on the right side.


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