Friday, January 21, 2022

Anastasia Lin: Unsilenced

Anastasia Lin was recently interviewed by China Uncensored about her role in the new documentary directed by Leon Lee called Unsilenced. We all know Anastasia Lin. She a famous movie star but we know her for her moral integrity. Anastasia Lin represented Canada in the Miss World 2015 competition but the Chinese Communist Party didn't let her participate for exposing China's forced organ harvesting of political prisoners.

In 2016 Anastasia Lin appeared in the documentary The Bleeding Edge which highlighted the forced organ harvesting of living political prisoners. This atrocity is very real and the architects of this modern day genocide now own Disney and control our media. I have two points to make.

The new movie explains the public defamation campaign the Chinese Communist Party launched against the Falun Gong to rationalize their crackdown against them. It was big news in mainland China but we didn't really hear about it here. There was a televised mock trial.

After arresting someone, torturing them and threatening them with the death penalty they came up with a plea deal where they would go on television and make outrageous claims about the Falun Gong. People there were like, oh it must be true. I saw it on TV. Sound familiar?

The Falun Gong ended up suing Zhao Zhizhen, the director of a local television station in Wuhan, China for launching a televised defamation campaign that led to torture and murder through forced organ harvesting. The US court ended up dismissing the case over his link to the torture but get this, he was with the Wuhan Broadcasting and TV Bureau. Hmmm...

There are two facts on the table. The Falun Gong were grossly misrepresented in that televised campaign. As a result of that public defamation campaign, members were rounded up and imprisoned, tortured and executed for their organs. That is all very real. Claiming they were not able link Zhao Zhizhen directly to the torture and executions is offensive. He was without question criminally culpable in that conduct. My point is, before the Chinese Communist Party launched a crackdown on the Falun Gong, they embarked in a public defamation campaign to justify it.

A few years ago I went out for dinner with an old friend. His son had just come back from Japan and the subject of the Falun Gong came up. He blurted out, those people are crazy. I have friends in China who know. I just about came unglued. He said they set themselves on fire. I was like, no they don't those are the monks in Tibet protesting the Communist persecution there.

That's the motive behind segregation and defamation. If you separate people from a group you can lie about them all you want and no one will know. I have been attending Falun gong activities in Vancouver for many years now and I can tell you they are wonderful people.

The Falun gong are Buddhists like the monks persecuted in Tibet. They believe in the truthfulness of Tao, the compassion of Buddha and the virtues of Confucius. They are very patriotic. They support Chinese culture. They are very peaceful. One of their heinous crimes is that they like to meditate. Communism doesn't like it when people start to think. That is dangerous.

They believe in exercise and a healthy diet. They have some exercises similar to tai chi. They are not a cult. Calling them a cult is like Joe Biden calling anyone who disagrees with him a domestic terrorist. Do you now see where this road leads?

Leon Lee also directed another documentary called Letter from Masanjia. That was a true story about how someone in a Communist work camp in China slipped a note asking for help in some Halloween decorations they were forced to make. A woman from Washington found the note in the decorations she bought from Walmart. People used to get all freaked out when Nike or some brand name company used a sweatshop to make their products. Now, the Communist Party of China uses slave labour all the time and no one seems to care.

The sad thing is, the main character of the movie who wrote the letter and was responsible for exposing the labour camp was murdered on the run after making the movie. The Chinese Communist Party is an Empire of Lies built with slave labour. Leon Lee also produced the documentary Human Harvest. This is where those lies lead.

The Communist Party of China employs medical doctors who perform organ transplants from living donors. They are murderers. We cannot trust their advice. Bonnie Henry works for them.

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