Sunday, January 2, 2022

Candace Owens on Pedos and the CIA

This is a bit of a distraction but I'll throw it out there because it has merit. I realize Candace Owens has a show on the Daily Wire but I just clued in she posts clips from her show on YouTube. This one is about pedophilia and the CIA. I don't follow Pizza Gate or Qanon. I have no doubt Bill Clinton had a thing for underage prostitutes, but I do not believe he was raping babies.

In this clip from the Candace Owens show she cites a Buzz Feed article about pedophilia in the CIA. It's just the tip of the ice berg but it is real. The point is, the CIA is not our friend.

Gary Webb was right. The CIA was responsible for the US crack epidemic back in the /80's. Operation Fast and Furious showed us that Iran Contra never stopped. The CIA's control of the media means they support the misrepresentation of Covid and the destruction of the Constitution they swore an oath to defend. McCarthy was right about one thing - the CIA has indeed been taken over by Communists. Jeffrey Epstein worked for the CIA.

We've seen the fake woke freaks try to normalize pedophilia by calling them MAPs. Blair White was correct. Every time this insanity pops up it's head we need to strike it down like whack a mole. None of us want to walk down that road. Children need protection not exploitation.

Recently Candace Owens did an interview with Donald Trump on her show. One of the questions she asked him was why didn't he pardon Edward Snowden and Julian Assange? He was like Oh I dunno. Could have, should have would have but didn't. Exactly. He could have but he didn't. He caved into the swamp. Donald Trump could have made a difference but he chose not to. Actions speak louder than words. Edward Snowden is a straight up patriot. He reported illegal activity. Julian Assange reported military activity but it was illegal military activity. He should have pardoned both if he was sincere about draining the swamp. Tulsi Gabbard would have.


  1. Bang on! Tulsi should have been the first female president IMO.

  2. Wishful thinking!
    "They" have no use for any person that is not yet compromised in some shape or form. The demonrats would fold their corrupt vessel of a party before allowing that to happen.
    The status quo Republicans are not any better.

    1. Yes there is good and bad on both sides but right now there is more bad on the left which has become far left. Yet a Republican globalist is the same thing as a Democrat globalist.


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