Friday, January 28, 2022

Fake Environmentalists want to bring nuclear power to BC

Post Media Trash is reporting that the fake environmentalists are considering bringing nuclear power to BC in response to climate change. AYFKM? Nuclear power is not green. Hydroelectric power is green. Nuclear waste is very hard to dispose of. Unless you put it on a rocket and aim it at the sun, that shit will always come back to haunt you.

The Hanford Waste Management Site in Washington has been leaking radioactive waste into the Columbia River. The storage tank began rusting out and one of the tanks had been leaking about 640 US gallons per year into the ground since about 2010. The site is right on the Columbia River. So take your fake environmentalism and cram is up your a*s.

Nuclear power is not green. Hydroelectric power is. The problem with the site C Dam isn't hydroelectric power it's SNC-Lavalin. Everything they build they underbid and over charge. Everything. Politicians from every political party are on the take. It's just too much money to say no to. Just like the Pharmafruad. It's too much money in the politicians pocket to turn down.

Burning industrial coal to generate electricity is not green either. That is batsh*t crazy. Industrial coal is the largest CO2 contributor on the planet and the Chinese Communist Party is the world's worst offender. Micheal Moore's latest documentary Planet of the Humans exposes the fake environmentalist for what they really are. The Chinese Communist State run media says their fake experts call Micheal Moore's documentary dangerous. Go f*ck yourself. No really.

For the record, natural gas is way better than industrial coal. It's like night and day.


  1. Nuclear power in BC. What a monumentally stupid idea. And "because climate change". LMAO. No.

    1. Has anyone ever heard of Fukushima? That's why we have glow in the dark sushi:,that%20is%20even%20more%20radioactive.


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